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Oracle card reading 17th – 23rd May 2021

Oracle card reading 17th - 23rd May 2021

Mon 17th – Tue 18th : Third Eye

Now this is an interesting card as colour wise all the cards are of a similar hue – blue, lilac and purple. Which for me are colours I associate with the third eye – for some people this is the throat.
For me this is a nudge that for some you may find your intuitive powers getting a bit stronger. In that you may simply know or see things a little differently from before.
Allow this to come up if you can. As it may be something that will continue to develop as time progresses.
It may even be what you currently practice is about to deepen or change in some way.
It may make life easier, it may make it more complex but it will come in regardless. And you may discover it’s not just you. We have a lot of inbound energies that don’t require other peoples facilitation or attunement – they come in direct. These may cause a small “upgrade” or shifts in energies.
For some others this may be confirmation that things have changed for you – and you’re not going crazy. It’s just a shift into where you go next.
Focus and clarity I’m being told as I look at the card again

Wed 19th – Thur 20th : Fearless

Now we had a similar card last week and it’s popped up again.
This is not about feeling the fear and rushing in and doing it anyway but IDENTIFYING where you have fear currently. Looking at it and doing a deep dive. And THEN moving forwards – step by step if need be.
Fears can massively hold us back. And many may feel huge when in fact they can be broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. Which can be worked on a section at a time. This takes patience but can reveal so much depth and scope you may never have seen in yourself before.
So have you had a look at what currently makes you fearful or anxious? If not why not? Is it the fear of even looking? If yes ask yourself is it your fear , someone else or even Collective.
Be brave and LOOK at it.
Get support if need be but do this step as it’s important.
Uncertainty can sometimes be repackaged as fear and when we break it down we realise what/who has been holding us back and it wasn’t what we thought or believed.
And I am not down playing legitimate fears due to experience – we all have different ones.
Sometimes the things we fear most are the exact medicine we need.
For me it was taking a massive leap of faith away from a long term secure job for life that was making me ill, into the complete unknown with no plan or direction. Almost 7 years later I’m doing pretty well and it’s what I was meant to do. But it took many, many, MANY years to take that initial leap. So I get it
In hindsight I can see it for what it all was – and I have come to terms with and indeed am at peace with it.
Sit with it ask yourself what you fear or are fearful about and see what pops up. That alone may be surprising. Then observe it fully and see what solutions or ways forwards you can discover for yourself.
The card itself feels gentle and supportive – work with that energy.

Fri 21st – Sun 23rd : Freedom

This may seem a strange card after fearless but it makes sense. Once you have the ability to understand yourself in more detail it becomes second nature to embrace that.
to be who you are without the need for a mask or persona that suits other people. As quite honestly that’s exhausting.
Being yourself is truly liberating.
But it can be quite a big consideration.
If being yourself seems to big try authenticity instead.
Being true to who you are.
For me what you see very much is what you get and if you don’t like well, it’s not really any of my business. Your feelings and emotions are outside of my control – mine are within my remit.
So long as I like and can live with myself, actions and beliefs then that’s ok with me. I am open to saying where I’ve made mistakes and taking action to change what doesn’t make me feel so comfortable about myself.
And if I can, you can.
Be honest with yourself first and then take it further.
Allowing people to see what makes you tick, your strengths and your weaknesses is a big thing. Yes it takes time and practice but when it starts to flow there really is very little effort to it. And I will agree as I get older it flows more………
Let that light of yours shine and be seen – even if just a sliver.
Extra card for 17th - 23rd May

Extra heads-up for the week : Manifest

Now this is a bold flash of colour and form. And may feel a little jarring after the cool muted tones of the other cards for the week.
But it’s important to note that we have very potent energies this year. And as we build up to the lunar eclipse at the end of the month a lot is building with it.
And we can manifest in a heart beat.
So be careful where you place your attention. It will take a bit of action on your part to get the ball rolling. Wishing for it won’t be enough.
For example if you wish the world to change what are you doing to bring in the change you wish to see?
Action speaks louder than words………


Start of the week: if your intuition, gut instinct, discernment feels to be getting stronger or more present – it is. Use it, build on it and trust it.
Mid week: we all have fears – are you aware of what yours are? Take some time to dig into this. As the more you understand yourself to more quickly you can do the work to move out what is holding you back.
End of the week: freedom is a big word and can be off-putting or halt you in your tracks. Swap it for authenticity and see if that sits better for you. Be true to yourself without the need to scream and shout (do it if you need to by all means) and it’ll start to flow. The relief of no longer wearing others expectations or beliefs is a liberating thing.
Extra for the full week : with all this potential for deep self work it’s a reminder that we are in potent energies right now. So be aware of where your attention is focusing. Be sure this is what feels right for you. Then commit to it. Take step to bringing it into being. Change doesn’t just happen by wishing it so.

Decks used:

Path of the Soul
Return of Spirit
Divine Guidance
all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies