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Oracle card reading 24th – 30th May 2021

photo of cards drawn for oracle reading 24th to 30th May 2021

Mon 24th – Tue 25th : Follow the White Rabbit

Now I’m not going to say what you might think I am with this card so bear with me.
We are in a VERY potent eclipse window till approx 2nd June so we have all sorts of energies stirred up which reach their height on the 26th (will cover this on the next card). With this may come a desire to escape from your current reality.
Which in many cases I utterly understand – I read a lot of fiction to do this and trust me I’m hitting it hard.
However you may have the temptation to jump down a rabbit hole of two. A word of caution if you decide this is what you NEED to do. Make sure and attach a bungee cord to the back of yourself before you set off.
Why? So your team can haul you back up when you go too far, or too deep that you are in danger of getting stuck. Rabbit holes right now can f&ck with your head. So take a precaution or two and when things no longer resonate on that thread use the bungee cord to come back up for air.
For those stuck down a rabbit hole cut your losses and climb back up – by your finger nails if you need to. If you stay stuck down there on the 26th you’re going to add energy and fuel to it and start manifesting things into YOUR reality.
I’ve felt as if I’m in an alternate reality all this week. Some of it I’m being shown is complete and utter nonsense and some is a dangerous slippery slope so working on bringing in something else in it’s place. As an alternative to what I’m being shown playing out.

And that’s the rub.

If you do wander off path into something it’s very easy to get pulled in to someone else belief/narrative/story and feel it is your truth also. And then you feed it. Come back into the centre of who you are and ask :
“Is this what I actually believe or feel?”
“Have I gotten pulled into something that just isn’t me?”
“why does this feel like complete and utter BS?”
If it is yours then carry on. But if it’s not what are you going to do about it?
The white rabbit lead you in, it can also lead you OUT.
These energies are very much about going within and sense checking what makes you tick. What makes you who you are. And how you progress from here.
Having someone else’s voice or agenda running the show is perhaps not the best of ideas. The person/energy running it will be happy – you not so much.
It’s time to make a choice – before the eclipse kicks in and you get stuck till the next one.

Wed 26th – Thur 27th : Worthy

Moving on we have the exact point of the lunar eclipse on the 26th. Now I’m not going to go into the lunar side of this as quite frankly it doesn’t resonate. I work with solar energy not lunar. There will be LOADS of others talking about this who you can turn to.
For me this is the eclipse that’s more important. It’s a potent time and one to go within. Of turning off reflected or false light/ideas/beliefs and seeing into the depths of who you are at your core.
Do you feel comfortable with who you are?
Does it feel right being in your own skin?
Are there aspects popping up you don’t like or wish to change?
This is a moment in time, a window if you will ,where you have the opportunity to see and feel into it all.
To look at the path you are on and double check it is still correct. To sense check with your guides/guardians. Is this what you signed up for and if not what can you do to re-write the terms.
If you are feeling unworthy for what you are being asked to do or feel there are others out there more equipped than you.

Stop. Take a breath.

This comparison to others, while human nature, isn’t helpful. It lets others ideas/expectations and beliefs slip into our unconscious. To be picked up as “ours” when they never were.
Instead look at what you do – are you walking your talk? If not why not? What is stopping you. And I mean really look at what is stopping you from being who you truly are.
If you were shown someone who does what you do – and what you give to others in support, guidance or any form of help would you see them as unworthy? I very much doubt it.
Understand we are ALL worthy.
If this all seems to much sit with the statement “I am worthy” and see what comes up for you.
Some may be surprising, other parts may feel difficult.
But this is part of doing your own work i.e. walking your talk allow it to build and grow. As they say talk is cheap – but actions speak more loudly than words. So start with one step and keep going.

Fri 28th – Sun 30th : Forget who you are

Ties in rather nicely to the other cards wouldn’t you think?
To let go of old held beliefs, thoughts and energies. Particularly those you have had about yourself.
This is a time on “un-learning” of finding your own way and your own voice. Or even re-writing your own story in actual time.
Like I said these are potent energies and we have the opportunity to do deep personal work with it. If you choose to accept the opportunity that is.
It’s 100% your choice what you decide to do with it.
The progression of the cards this week are catching my attention with the colour from a cooler palette , then midweek turning warm and comforting , to the end of the week being about what fuels your fire.
And as I type this I’m being shown the phoenix energy which is very present towards the end of the week. You can work with it. To burn away the layers that no longer serve and reveal the new elements/aspects coming up to the surface.
A forest fire while destructive at the time creates some of the most fertile land possible. And the growth and expansion and the speed that can arise from this is awe inspiring to witness.
This is the potential we all have available this week.
If we choose to do so.

Extra for the week : Integrity

extra card for the week

A quick reminder for the week. That while you are doing this deep personal work, letting go of things that just aren’t right for you anyone. Or heading down a rabbit hole (or back out of one). Is that you remember your integrity.
Doing this level of work can throw others off as you shift and change.
Continue to do what feels right for you and as you are guided. Not what others tell you is right. While it may be true for them it doesn’t mean it automatically is right for everyone. And sadly many seem to have forgotten this – it will come back as they rediscover THEIR truth and let go of what isn’t right for them.
It’s a long complex process and everyone is doing the best they can. Even if it is not what you would choose yourself.
There is NO one size fits all right now.
Stay true to your core values and morals. Come from your heart. This will guide those who are perhaps a little lost themselves right now.


Start of the week – a caution to those starting to look down some rabbits holes. It’s easy to get stuck so attach a bungee cord first so you have a clear way out. To those stuck time to give yourself a shake and climb back out. If really stuck ask the rabbit to show the way back out. The tunnel goes BOTH ways.
Mid week – as we hit the height of the eclipse it’s time to go inwards and check what makes you tick. Is it all still true or have things moved on. A challenge for us all is to say “I am worthy” and see what comes up. Sit deep in your heart for this one and work with compassion.
End of the week – a period of unlearning what we believe about ourselves. Of discovering what fires us up and moving towards it. Work with the phoenix energy if it feels right as it’s highly supportive of change.
Extra for the week – however you are guided to look inwards, to rediscover or to really truly walk your talk – do it with integrity. Do what you know at a gut core is right. Work with your moral code and be true to yourself. Even as you shift and change. This may show others a starting point for themselves.

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies