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Oracle card reading 20th – 26th Dec ’21

cards pulled for 20th to 26th December 2021
Interesting reading this week and I’m going to do my best to keep it short and sweet as it falls on Winter/Summer solstice depending on where you are.

Mon 20th – Tue 21st : Belong to your own dream

This is very much a card of reminding you that it’s your life and you get to call the shots. While it may be easier in the beginning to follow a path or wishes that someone else wants . But there comes a time when it drains you and no longer feels right.
Instead be yourself.
Do what feels right to you – not to someone else. Be authentic to how you feel, what you believe and how YOU choose to live.
Yes it may cause a few waves but truly that’s their issue not yours.
You may be accused of being a rebel, or being crazy, or even mad. But if it makes complete sense to you and is doable then why not. Breaking out of the box and burning it to ash can be extremely freeing. But if that feels too much too quick start with small changes first.
Build up to the bigger stuff, take your time.
Live YOUR life rather than simply existing.

Wed 22nd – Thur 23rd : Be joyful

Now this one might feel a bit left of centre given the energies recently. But it is important. Even when things feel like they have turned to crap, or the world around you is imploding. You can still find happiness and joy on your terms.
Take comfort in those moments and not feel guilty. You have nothing to feel guilty for.
Interestingly this card refers to gatherings of loved ones, community and celebration. Given the time of year this is the other energy that we can connect with. It’s ancient and when you strip back the current commercialisation you find the deeper truer meaning.
Embrace your happiness and joy where you find it. Don’t be told otherwise by those who wish to drag your energy down.

Fri 24th – Sun 26th : You are unlike anyone else

I love this card and note the days it falls across. This is a LOUD reminder to be exactly who you are.
Not who you are to fit in or make someone else happy/comfortable. Be yourself.
It’s exhausting playing a role or wearing a face that isn’t yours. So free yourself from that burden and let the true you shine through.
It isn’t always easy or can be bumpy along the way but you’ll thank yourself for it later down the road.
Self empowerment is a powerful thing.
extra card pulled for the week 20th to 26th December 2021

Extra for the week – Crystals – Healing

I did laugh when this card popped up given what the other side of what I do is. But yes even I have been paying attention to my own crystal team recently. Including cuddling up to some of my bigger pieces over the past week.
They have helped me come back into body, brought my blood pressure down and made me feel happy and present.
Remember who you are and if you’ve been helping others to such an extent you feel drained it may be time to re-assess. This is a draining month and it’s easy to lose yourself in the noise. Take some time to find your balance, your inner guidance and get your feet back on solid ground.
Take time away from others if it helps in this process. If you work with crystals have a chat with them, sit with them.


Live your own life
Find your own joy/happiness
Be unapologetically YOU
If you have or work with crystals it’s time to reconnect with them

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae
Oracle of the ShapeShifters – all by Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Dragon Ascension Therapies