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oracle card reading 27th Dec – 2nd Jan

cards drawn for 27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022

Mon 27th – Wed 28th – Immunity

We’ve had this card pop up a few times over the year and its never quite for the reason many people may assume.
But I will repeat as always go with what YOU get first – before you go to my translation.
For me this is a card for those feeling misunderstood, feeling under some form of attack, or even experiencing more than normal numbers of arguments. This is very much about a break in communication. Either from you, to you or around you. It could be complicated to pull the threads apart further than that at this stage.
So let’s stick to a massive communication glitch.
There is a (bloody big) nod towards taking preventative action to distance yourself from the situation/person/whatever it is as a form of deep self care. Bordering onto protection if you’ve been feeling this at an energetic level. Especially if you have found yourself falling into old patterns and habits as a coping mechanism.
Instead look to this as an opportunity to observe and then CHANGE in ways that support you rather than undermining you.
Some of those around you may be able to act as way-showers as they go about their life seemingly without interruption. What you may not know is they are building an immunity towards all the bullsh*t . Theirs. Others. Projected stories. You name it, they are seeing past it all. Watch how they do it and if it feels right for you try it for yourself and see where it takes you.
If you have the ability to stand up for yourself without causing any form of harm then carry on. Where you are able to stand up for others who can’t then carry on.
You’ll see a pattern forming here.
There is so much illusion, projection and lets face it out and out boll*cks that it can be hard to navigate.
But you can and will build resistance to it.
It takes a bit of work but it pays off down the line.
Discernment is key, so make sure and use it.
I’m also hearing the word integrity here

Wed 29th – Thur 30th : The grid

And moving mid-week into the interconnection of all things. Even at those times we feel disconnected or alone. We are not. This is a card of navigation. Finding news ways to connect and the ability to see/find them.
There is more hidden in this card than can be explained. If so drawn connect direct to the image and allow what needs to come up space to do so.
I am also being shown the Matrix films so there may be times over the week where you have the ability to see the truth if what is playing out around you. If something feels not quite right, dig a bit deeper. You may find the surface is hiding something at a deeper level.
Question where you need to.
Listen to your own inner guidance and if you need to change course, or change your mind you 100% have the power to do so.
We all have free will and the ability to wield it as and when needed. Remember this if someone says you can’t.

Fri 31st – Sun 2nd : Light Within

A perfect card for the calendar transition from 2021 into 2022 – especially for those who have not yet marked the turning of the wheel and work with Hogmanay as that pivotal point.
This is all about the inner light, guidance and knowledge that we all hold. It can be confusing as we begin or continue to access parts of ourselves. But the help and guidance is there when we remember to ask for it. And use our discernment to ensure the help coming forwards is the right one for us.
Take some time to go inwards. To ask the questions of ourselves about what we are to do next, what direction feels rights and more. Listen to your own gut first in all things.
If you need to slow the process down then do so. If you can feel things speeding up and it’s comfortable then go with it.
Ultimately you choose the life that is for you. Be responsible for your decisions and more. Take control of you – handing that power over to others doesn’t always go so well.
When you are open to connecting to yourself it ripples out allowing others to do the same.

Extra card for the full week – Hydromancy – Illusion

extra card drawn for the full week

Good card this and a reminder that we still have some heavy energies playing out. Not all of them are overly helpful. BUT when we are aware of this it helps us to see past the drama/story/projection and down into the bones of the truth held beneath the surface.
This can take practice but is very much worth the work.
The card itself is a nod towards water scrying – or seeing images in water.
For me this is a nod to seeing past illusion, and observing the truth.
If something feels too good to be true then its due diligence time. Look before you leap is another term flashing through my minds eye as I type. So beware of anyone/thing pushing you into making a rash or quick decision.
You may find situations where the personal or collective shadow rise up to be seen. This is not a bad thing, it’s an opportunity to clear. To understand a part of yourself you perhaps have not met before. Or to help raise the collective density by transmuting what has come up to be worked through.
Be aware this week that not all may be as it first seems.

Decks used :

Return of Spirit
Divine Guidance
Path of the Soul – all Cheryl Lee Harnish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Dragon Ascension Therapies