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Oracle card reading 26th April – 2nd May 2021

photo of cards drawn for 26th April to 2nd May 2021

Mon 26th – Tue 27th : Gratitude

And the first card of the week is a big reminder to practice gratitude. Not always easy to do I know but it sends a message to the powers that be.
When you have the ability to be grateful for what you have right now – be it good, bad or indifferent. And have the ability to see the lesson it provides. The universe gets the message that you can handle more in your life to be grateful for.
It’s similar to the ripple effect.
Even the stuff thats less than brilliant. If you can find the portion that teaches, or reveals something that you can take with you then thank it.
When you learn how to do this and it becomes second nature it becomes a strength you can drawn on when things get a bit dark or a bit too heavy.
Think of this as a super power. Because that’s what it is.
This card also falls on the April full moon (at 4.31am UK time) so can be seen as something to add in. Setting intentions for where you want to go next, allowing that which has moved on to move out and creating space for the new. Being grateful to all that has brought you to this point.
It’s powerful stuff when you look back and observe it fully.

Wed 28th – Thur 29th : Rejuvenation

A card and theme that keeps popping up this year. And it’s another powerful one.
This is the calm AFTER the storm has passed. That space where you can breathe again, you can relax and start to see the good in the world once more.
Not everything is crappy or dark. Life is good and you can see the positives once more. This happens once the pressure drops and the stresses fall away even if for a few moments..
It may be for some you are coming out of a period of R&R (raises hand) and for some others this may signal some much needed time out for yourself. To rest – properly. Not half-ass it.
Life is very much full of colour and movement – and you will start to see it for yourself again. It never went away, your focus moved.

Fri 30th – Sun 2nd : Royal Order

I prefer the term Divine Order for this card. The royal doesn’t resonate for me. But if it does for you thats great.
A huge card all about putting yourself front and centre.
About taking your self care seriously.
Of seeing the array of colour, structure and complexity within.
We are all here to work in collaboration with the larger Collective but we do have to look after ourselves first. Otherwise our energies can get bled dry. If you keep giving without receiving you run the risk of burn out or even ill health.
So look to your body and ask what it needs from you right now.
Whatever it tells you – listen. Then act where you can.
If it asks for rest – give it rest.
Possibly you are asked for exercise – find a way to move.
A change in diet? You’ll be guided by your system if you listen closely.
Whatever you are asked it’s in YOUR best interests.
Once you take care of yourself fully , you can help others along their path.

Extra for the week – Kitsune – who to trust

extra card for the week

Really interesting card as although this is an inward focused week we can and do look for external help/support/guidance. But it can be confusing who to turn to.
Best advice is to listen to your gut. If it feels right, it will be. If the gut feels nervous, upset or not quite right, well, you may want to rethink your plans.
There is much that is hidden currently but it’s all being to be revealed. And it can at times be painful, shocking or out of the blue.
If you have been taking time to be grateful, to find space within to breathe and listening to what your body needs you may be sufficiently anchored to weather any storm.
Where confirmation is needed it will be provided as you are being watched over. It may be in a different or surprising form so be open to it coming in.
But if all else fails use your discernment.
If those around you are seeing the truth of what has been concealed you may be the support THEY need. Be calm, balance and don’t gloat. If you have seen something coming that they could not – no “I told you so”. That does not help. And may stop that person trusting YOUR perspective on things.
Instead help then re-find their balance and calm as they integrate the shift.


Start of the week – be grateful for what you have right now. The good , the bad and the really not great. By seeing the light even in the darkest of times you are showing tremendous growth and potential for more. This falls on full moon – so those who work with this phase may find it extra punchy.
Mid week – rest, breathe, see the colour, joy and movement of life around you. It’s never all doom and gloom. Sometimes we need a prod to see past the blinkers.
End of the week – serious self care time. take it seriously and truly look after your body. This is more about physical/mental health and well being than energetic. Look after the body and the body will look after you.
Extra for the week – trust can be hard especially when the energies are intense or topsy turvy. Trust your gut and listen to what it tells you. It’s the best friend you could ever ask for and truly has your best interests at heart.

Decks used:

Divine Guidance, Return of Spirit and Path of the Soul – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies