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Oracle card reading 27th Sep – 3rd Oct ’21

cards pulled for 27th September to 3rd October 2021

Mon 27th – Tue 28th : Feline

As we hit the last Mercury retrograde of 2021 it’s time to remind folk that it’s not a BAD thing. It’s a good time to re-assess, review, renew, reflect …all the re’s. Not a time to panic or hide away.
Mercury retro gets made into a scape-goat for things going wrong or going awry, despite these things happening year round. Take a moment and ask yourself what the retrograde label brings up in you – if it brings up naff all that’s perfect by the way. Question what (if anything) pops up.
Take responsibility for your actions, reactions, beliefs and energy. When you do things begin to fall into place. You start to see through your own BS and you can take steps into sorting it all out.
Why am I mentioning this with this card? Because the feline energy is very independent, curious and observational. Being responsible for yourself IS about being independent.
It can seem big and scary if you haven’t done it before – but honestly you will thank yourself for it. You find the ability to separate out what’s yours and what’s not.
Take some time to step back and take stock of what’s going on in and around your life. What can you control and what’s outside of your control. Focus where you can make changes and shifts and then take steps to do so.
If you’ve been overdoing things recently and feel a bit burnt out then take some down time. Be like a cat and nap to conserve energy and save it up for when a burst of energy is needed.
(Those of you who connect with dragon energy also pay attention to cat energy popping up as they are interlinked in many ways. )
Stay curious, ask questions of yourself and others, be watchful of your surroundings and tune things out when it’s all been a bit too much.

Wed 29th – Thur 30th : Balance

Perfect card this as this is what we all working towards. Balance in all things.
Not always easy but it can be done. The first step may be to look at where things are out of balance in your life.
Has work taken over, are you placing someones needs before your own (note I don’t mean children in this ), have you forgotten how to relax, are you relaxing too much?
What can you do to tweak this. It might be very simple small things – but do them. See how you feel when you make these small changes. Either getting more head room, the ability to breathe or simply letting the stress drop a fraction.
You start to see and feel the benefits. Then you start to make more changes to allow all things in your life to find a natural , workable balance once again.
Try not to beat yourself out if you find it slipping. You’re still human and have to deal with life. Just know when you have experienced balance once, you can absolutely experience it again.
For some others you may be a way-shower for others in how to streamline, consolidate and manage your time and energy in a way that works best for you. And while the exact format may not be right for them it may help nudge them towards what is perfect in their life.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : Footprints

The mark you leave behind you – or legacy if that word resonates more deeply for you.
We all come into this world seeking to do good things and leave it a better place than we found it. Continue striving towards that goal. Even if those around you seem to be doing the opposite.
Taking the stance of “oh but I can’t make a difference just by myself’ achieves nothing. Do it anyway. You can never know the impact this has as people observe and get inspired to do something themselves.
It’s a cumulative effect folks and many people overlook that.
And yes while some footprints in the sand get gently washed away by the sea, others stay put. Think of dinosaur footprints, or a cats paw-print in freshly laid concrete to get a sense of what I am saying here.
Do what you are here to do and that effect will be felt in time. Guide and teach others to do the same.

Extra for the week : Seek counsel of crystals

extra card drawn for 27th September to 3rd October

Love this card as when I pulled it I was reminded that it’s time to reconnect with my own crystal team. Given we’ve moved into a new season it’s time to see if any are ready to do new work or move where they are right now.
Not everyone works directly with crystals but they are in our everyday life. Powering technology and more. But to many it’s seen as odd or “woo woo” p.s. I’m not a fan of that phrase.
In truth we have been working with crystals for a long, long, long time. References through out history can be found.
They are a direct connection to the natural world and the planet we live on. If you don’t work with them or are not drawn to them this card can be seen as a marker to reconnect with nature. To allow the earth to teach and to guide you. To listen to the wisdom all around you.
For some others it may be time to be honest with yourself and recognise that there are others ways of being. Not simply the “norm” you have been handed and taught by society.
All are valid and all have unique riches to impart. Which one(s) call to you?
If you have always wanted to try a card reading, reiki, crystal healing and more then give them a go. The right facilitator may pop up like magic as soon as you put the intent out there.
(Noting again the dragon reference on this card artwork – those who work with this energy that’s twice in one reading. I read this as people embracing their autonomy and self empowerment. You may be here to help facilitate this, or help support this process.)

Decks used:

Return of Spirit
Divine Guidance
Path of the Soul – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies