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Oracle card reading 20th – 26th Sept 2021

photo of cards drawn for 20th to 26th September 2021

Mon 20th – Tue 21st : Hope

Quite an apt card all round. For those who feel helpless or hopeless and for those who want to create something different or new.
Keep hope alive within you. See it as a spark that shows up on the darkest of days. That can be used to kindle your fire and creativity when it’s most needed.
We live is a very topsy turvy world right now and for many it can be very difficult to see a clear way through. Hold strong to your hopes for now and the future. Put things in motion to bring them into being.
If you don’t like whats going on around you right now what can you do to change things. Think way, way, outside the box if you have to. But trust in yourself, your vision and your hope (or faith is that resonates more).
All is not lost and while the things that you cannot control play out around you it’s up to you where you place your attention, your focus and your energy.
Choose wisely and choose from the heart.
Not from fear.
For those who have a clear view and are setting things in motion, have endless compassion for those around you. Even if you don’t agree with them or don’t have the same perspective. Remember all experiences ARE valid.
Be a way-shower and strip away any pretence. Keep walking your talk. And if you haven’t started now is as good a time as any.
Guide by example.

Wed 22nd – Thur 23rd: The lovers at the feast

Now this card falls over Autumn (Northern hemisphere) or Spring (Southern hemisphere) equinox…..and I believe a full moon. This for me is a point of reflection.
Where I am it’s Autumnal equinox and the bounty of the harvest. This card is specifically looking at what you feed yourself.
Are you aware of what you ingest/take in across all levels? Be it food, information, ideas and more.
Do you take stock and sense check that it is the correct thing for you? The old adage of “rubbish in, rubbish out” is one to look at.
In terms of the food you eat are you paying attention to what your body wants? Are you eating what will fuel you or what will cause you stagnation or inflammation? Really look at it.
Food can heal but it can also harm if taken in excess, abused, overly processed and more. If not sure where to start you can try a food diary. Simply noting down what you ingest in a day. Can you spot a pattern happening. Are there areas you can work on or improve?
With this equinox you can set an intent to look at your fuel (not just food) and assess your needs. Making changes as needed. You 100% have free will – do what is right but if you have been silencing or over-ruling your body you may have to re-asses at a later stage. As it may come back to bite you.
Work with the seasons, observe natural time and where possible let Gaia guide you.

Fri 24th – Sun 26th : Becoming Braver

This card is all about growth. Of having the ability and courage to change your mind or your view based on new experience or information.
To realise all that you have worked through, all the challenges and trials and you are still here. Taking what you have learned and experienced and growing from them.
It can be a knock to your confidence when working through challenges and obstacles. They can at times feel never ending. But you have shown resilience and strength.
Pull from this as you progress. Know you can (and already have) weathered some of the worst storms possible and come out the other side.
Take a moment to look how far you have come despite having been pushed to your very limit. And have the strength to keep questioning, to challenge and to investigate when something feels a bit off.
Continue to be brave.

Extra for the full week : The golden phoenix

extra card for the week 20th to 26th September 2021

A quick heads up that you may find a few things with the potential to flare back up. Mainly things you have presumed were done and dusted.
It may be that an aspect of it was hidden and can now be dealt with. Or it’s simply an echo or test to see if you change your automatic reaction.
Whatever it is let it come up. The phoenix cycle for me is about the end of one thing and the start of something new. Work with it.
You are more than capable of dealing with it. Whatever it is.
If this is something at a global level (and lets face it that seems to be a daily occurrence) KNOW you are far from alone. Many others see and feel what you do. You may even find yourself in touch with them in some way. Embrace the feeling and reality of community and connection.
For some others it may be something coming back in as it’s NOW the right time. If it feels right then carry on, if it feels off a bit then wait , assess and look before you jump in feet first.

Decks used:

Foxfire the Kitsune Oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae
Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Oracle of the ShapeShifters
all by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies