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Oracle card reading 28th Oct – 3rd Nov 2019

Mon 28th – Tue 29th : Advancements

Ok now this has the potential to be a pretty full on week energy wise and given this first card falls on the new moon in Scorpio it’s pretty charged.

In keeping with new moon you have decisions to be made one way or another. Some may be huge some may be a tad smaller but it’s time to make them. No more sticking your head in the sand in the hopes they will disappear.

They won’t!

This is the time to be letting go of the crap, the stagnation and making way for the new. For some this may mean letting go of situations, people or even work related things.

You have to do what feels and sits right with you. Not what sits right from others giving their opinion – as lets face it opinions are running high at the moment. Sit with it and do what in your gut feels the right choice.

If making a choice forces you to look at your shadow here’s a suggestion : LOOK at your shadow. You are being shown something extremely important. To ignore it will simply allow things to come back with reinforcements later.

Pay attention to what you are seeing and hearing – go beneath the surface level and look at it truly and how it feels. You may find what is being presented to you is not what it portrays itself to be.

Discernment time folks.

Wed 30th – Tue 31st : Sacred Beetle Armour

And this sits hand in hand with the previous card. And for some you may have to sheild or protect your energy after new moon while things attempt to settle slightly.

You are more than capable of setting and honouring your own boundaries ESPECIALLY if you have made a choice or big change. It takes a bit of time for things to integrate. You can feel a bit vulnerable at this time. So if you feel the need to shield then do so.

For some others this is very much a call to UP your shielding or psychic protection – for a short while. Energies are potent and it may be tempting to drop the barriers ….please don’t. Stand firm and allow things to balance out around you first.

A few people may be spinning out, tempers may be high, and some people may feel a bit irrational – let them. They are working out what they need to work out. Don’t get dragged into anything right now.

However as always you have free will so if this doesn’t resonate then go with what does.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : Cellular Healing

Now can you see why I’ve said it has the potential to be a heavy going week? After the big decisions, looking after your energies and maintaining boundaries comes the self care.

Of giving yourself time to integrate. Energies are working at very deep levels to shift to the newer frequencies and to flush out old discordant ones. Sometime this can manifest physically – a cold, upset stomach, digestive system purge etc so be gentle with yourself.

It will be short lived and when completed you may find you have far more energy than before – or feel rested and refreshed. It may be for some that it’s a break away from distractions such as social media (I see the irony given I have a platform here myself) , mainstream media or the constant loop of stress the “news” can bring.

Detach for a bit – take some time out. Reconnect with nature, go for a coffee with folks who make you feel uplifted.


Start of the week – so have you been procrastinating about making a choice? You may find it can be delayed no longer – so make a choice and move forwards. This full moon is pretty potent so if it feels right do it, if it doesn’t the don’t.

Mid week – shields up! That’s basically it. Watch your energy and your boundaries.

End of the week : as things start to integrate you may find your self having physical symptoms of the clean up – head cold, sinus playing up, upset stomach or even digestive purges. You won’t be the only person so you’re not alone. Be kind to yourself and do whatever is needed to help it settle. This is deep healing and you will reap the benefit later.

Decks used:

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies