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Oracle card reading 31st August – 6th September

photo of the cards drawn for 31st adjust to 6th September 2020

Mon 31st – Tue 1st : Renewal

I love this card and it pops up every now and again. As a reminder that things are constantly undergoing change. Including ourselves.
All our cells renew so we are literally not the same person every couple of months – think about how your hair or nails can grow and you’ll understand what I mean.
What always catches my attention is the spiral in this card . Now depending on where you energy is it will either spiral inwards or outwards.
For those seeing it move inwards. This may be a good time for some serious self care. To down tools and place yourself first. Looking deep into where you are right now and asking yourself or your body what you can do to help.
Then listen to your inner guidance. If you crave sleep, then rest. If your body is asking you to move, then find a form of exercise that gets those endorphins going. If you are craving nature , then get outside.
With this self care you can rebuild your energies, your mental well being and a the sense of being connected to yourself once again.
For those seeing the spiral moving outwards – this is a time of expansion. You have taken the route of self care for a while now and now have energy to work with.
have deep gratitude for all the you have – be it tangible or not. And if called or asked help others who may be struggling a little bit. This is the ebb and flow that we can see.
Those who have help space stepping back. While those who had stepped back moving forwards to hold space.
Life is a cycle – we forget that at times.

Wed 2nd – Thur 3rd : Change of Mind

Now this is the gentler version of the same message that came up in another deck while I was pulling the cards today. Same message less arse kicking.
We can all change our minds on things at any time. And yet how we forget this.
This whole week is about reminders of things that slip our mind or awareness.
If you have shifted in terms of belief systems, what you thought to be true, away from people – whatever it is then you CAN change your mind.
For some these will be huge shifts – for others it will be much smaller.

But the whole point of this is that change = growth.

It’s part of your personal evolution and path. It makes no sense (to me) to blindly keep faith with things you know are not right for you. They may have been at one point but you have moved on.
Allow yourself permission to let go of what no longer sits comfortably. As it will only become a weight around your shoulders or baggage you have to look at further down the line.
For some this may mess with your head a bit – of have a form of forgetfulness through overwhelm. That’s ok. Just take things a step at a time. You’ll get there.
For some others of you this is about you stepping up to embrace/or start to embrace who you are RIGHT NOW. Not who you were, or who you will become. But being fully anchored in the present. Knowing that you will continue to change ideas, beliefs and perceptions as you grow.
Now if it’s people around you suddenly changing stand points or beliefs – let them. Give them the space they need to process – we have elevated energies this year and it takes people what it takes them to adjust.

Fri 4th – Sun 6th : Advancements

This card is another nod to changes in your life – big or small. And the shifts that come with them.
For some it will be a change in their physical world, for some other in the energetic realm. You’ll know which it is for you.
But the main thing is (again) to embrace change. Not to run from it . It’s a constant in life and when you can work wit the flow rather than fighting it it’s amazing what can be revealed. Or what doors can open as you slam shut and barricade others
So be open to change, and signal to the universe you are open to new experiences and to grow. But a caution as will all things use your discernment first. These changes have to be right for you – not right because someone else told you. Sense check it first and make sure it feels the right thing for you.
And remember you can always change your mind!
Self empowerment and all that


Start of the week : self care takes centre stage. And I don’t mean a cursory sit down for 5 minutes. I mean deep self care – retreating into isolation if you feel it is needed for a day or two. To find your balance and your own voice once more. Switch off the phone and social media and learn how to breathe again. For some others you are coming out of a deep self care cycle ready to meet the next challenge.
Mid week – if you feel drawn or have a need to change your mind about something then do it. Give yourself permission to do what is right for you. If looking for confirmation you can ask others, but you’ll already know what’s best. Change is constant so go with the flow for a bit.
End of the week – again this is pointing towards changes be them big or small that are coming up for you to look at. Due diligence as always but you’ll be able to feel what is the best choice for you.

Decks used:

Path of the Soul
Return of Spirit
Divine Guidance
– all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies