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Oracle card reading 7th – 13th Sept 2020

photo of the cards drawn for the weekly reading 7th to 13th September 2020

Mon 7th – Tue 8th : Emotional flow

We start the week with a reminder of listening to and acknowledging our emotions. But also to be reminded that many of us as empaths feel others and the Collective emotions at the same time.
If you feel sad, down, weepy or generally out of sorts – don’t try and push through to “feel better”. Instead, if you can, sit with them for a time. Where in your body can you feel them sitting.
Are they even yours – has someone passed projected them to you?
Do you anchor and clear for the collective? Is this what you are feeling beyond yourself.
It’s important to sense check what you can feel – and feel coming up. Don’t wallow – thats a very precise caution.
Let the emotions flow and shift as they move on. Think of it as flowing stream – if you prevent it from moving it by creating a dam it can build up and build up till the dam bursts and causes havoc. Dealing with and acknowledging what comes up, WHEN it comes up prevents that from happening.
If it’s not yours – send it to Source. Sending it back may not help anyone in these current energies.
And if clearing/anchoring for the Collective you can delegate it to your Higher Self/Team if it gets too much. Think of it as defining roles and boundaries.
But in all cases let it move through

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : Aura – Observation

One of my favourite phrases this – to be in observation. To allow all to play out around you and simply see it for all that it is. It’s not a bad thing – and can reveal so much more by sitting back.
Now I don’t like or resonate to the terms “awake” or “woke”. I personally find them highly insulting to whomever they are directed at. As it suggests that person is sleep walking through life.
Not true. We all have our own path and our won speed. I prefer the term “aware”. In that we begin to broaden our vision beyond the blinkers we have placed on ourselves. An expand our awareness beyond ourselves.
So in this instance you may already be seeing what is actually going on beyond the surface story of what is presented. keep going. This is a moment to recognise you are using your powers of discernment . And this is really, really important – particularly in 2020.
Listen to your own guidance, our own gut feelings. Do your own research and try not to trust blindly in anything anyone says, writes or promotes. Even sense check into what comes from me – I highly recommend it.
Due diligence is the flavour of 2020……

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : Kitsune

Following rather beautifully is Kitsune, which is the Japanese word for “fairy fox” or “shadow fox”. This is an energy I adore and work with – a lot.
What this card is showing me is that you may be getting some niggling feelings about someone/something.
Trust this guidance.
Not everything is as rosy as painted.
You will get direct guidance whether it is time to dissolve a relationship, step away form someone on social media, question the narrative from those you consider to be in charge or have power. Not everything is as it seems.
Now this is not said to alarm – this is said only to be aware. That word again. It’s a strong theme this week.
I have a deep affinity with foxes – they are misunderstood, vilified and projected upon as being sly, secretive or dangerous. I find them to be investigative, playful and have wonderful stealth tactics.
Now I am speaking in code and those meant to understand the deeper meaning will do.
Basically if you feel off about someone , something or a situation you may find confirmations popping up “randomly”. These are not random you have asked for a sign and it’s there. Pay attention and you will know at a gut level what to do with the information. This can also parallel stealth work.


Start of the week – allow your emotions to flow. Try not to bottle up or ignore them as they only come back with reinforcements later. Let them out, doing your best not to let them rule you. If collective emotion you can delegate the anchoring/clearing out. If someone elses pass it to Source – it is not yours to carry.
Mid week – go into observation for a bit. Let thing splay out. By all means follow rabbit holes if you must but keep that bungee cord firmly attached so you can be pulled back out before you become consumed. Things ARE playing out if you stop to see it. You will learn so much more than wading in all guns blazing……….tempting though that may be
End of the week – if looking for confirmation of guidance about a person/situation/whatever that you feel isn’t quite what it says it is – don’t worry it will appear. Due diligence and personal discernment are the key words for this week. Trust your gut!

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the Shape Shifters – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies