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Oracle card reading 7th – 13th December 2020

Cards for the oracle reading 7th to 13th December 2020
Now I’m going to point out that the cards that popped up are POTENTIAL energies available to work with – but you may have to dig deep to find them. We also have a card as a caution for the full week – because it was highly insistent

Mon 7th – Tue 8th : Harmony

Fairly self explanatory but lets dive in anyway. Many folk right now are a bit all over the place. And it’s time to call everything back in. To find your centre, balance and calm space.
It’s oh so easy right now to react, get pulled into the story and lose yourself in the process. And clambering back out can take time and a heap load of effort.
But thats exactly what we’re being guided to do.
To shut off the external noise, distractions and whatnot. And to listen instead to your own body and guidance. You may have to battle against the distractions – as lord knows the whole year has been one old distraction in and of itself. But try your absolute best.
This space, this moment is needed for your soul. For peace and for the ability to find ourself again.
To realise where you may have been allowing others voices, opinions, beliefs etc to overpower yours. And to claim the space back after dissolving the rest back out. This does not have to be an angry or aggressive task – it can be done gently and with grace. Attempt that route first.
Some of you may discover you have been ungrounded for quite some time and may wish to do work to fix that. Being in nature, reading, crafting, eating well – simply to come back to yourself.
A few may find the solar plexus in need of a little tlc – warming foods and spices, gentle exercise, stretching, meditation/quiet space may held to rebalance.
And for those who work with colour this card os all warming reds, yellow and orange. Again a nod to solar plexus, sacral and possibly the root as well.
Ultimately this is about digging deep and making space and time for yourself – if you choose not to, well thats free will.

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : The Golden Moment

Carrying on from the start of the week and we are looking at findings those points of stillness, peace and calm that we can feel out of nowhere.
Everything simply lines up and creates a perfect calm storm.
Embrace these moments when they appear as they are a gift.
Your challenge this week is to have these moments despite what it exploding around you. And to enjoy them rather than feeling guilty for having them.
Other peoples experiences are just that. Theirs – not yours. And vice versa.
These golden moments of calm, peace, joy, happiness are to be enjoyed so try not to squander them. As that sends a message …….which you really don’t want to amplify.
When things seem to flow with ease, without a struggle if only for a moment or two – accept it. Thank it. And know you can return to that space again.

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : Such a curious dream – Grounding

Now this may fly in the face of the cards from earlier in the week but you’ll get it.
Occasionally we are returned to “real life” with a bump – and at others we can transition back smoothly.
You’re being asked in this transition to see it as another opportunity to ground back into your own body and space. To care for the “mundane” tasks and look after the day to day things that need looked after.
All the small stuff adds up.
So eat well, clean out what needs cleaned out, tidy up what needs to be tidied up. Rest – and if you need to start a routine then do so. You are listening to your body (and home I might add) and that focus will help you to adjust.
Be mindful of the tasks at hand and you may even find a small amount of joy or peace in them. Thats a form of waking meditation of you will.
Yes you may become distracted part way through – but call yourself back to that task at hand, complete it then move on.
You can still dream big and work on the forward path whilst being present and caring for the here and now.
Extra card pulled for 7th to 13th December 2020

Caution for the week : Do not drink Poison

Now this card was insistent as I mentioned the cards for the week you may have to dig in to find them.
There are energies at play that wish to completely distract, distort and shove you off your path.
This card is reminding us NOT to do anything we know will harm us in some way – be it physical, emotional or energetic.
If you are around people, energies etc that are utterly toxic to you then it’s time to knock it on the head.
If bad habits are creeping back in then it’s time to sort it out.
Be it people, situations, main stream or social media toxicity/judgement – all these things can take a toll on your well being.
So be aware of it, take action and kick it all to the kerb.
You never know it may give someone else the inspiration to do the same thing ……… be an example rather than a warning


Start of the week – you may have to really dig to find this but thats the point. Harmony, balance, peace are all possible if you stop and make time and space for yourself. You don’t need to apologise or justify it. find the things that allow you to breathe, to shut out the external noise and just be.
Mid week – enjoy those moments of joy, peace and balance. Even if they are fleeting. They are simply those spaces where there is no friction – only flow. And they come in to remind/show you what is possible. So embrace them, be grateful and stop beating yourself up.
End of the week – time to ground back into the day to day lfe for a bit. It can be easy to set it aside but be present. Do what needs done and you may find peace in the routine for a while. You may also be able to hear yourself think ……
Caution for the week – try your best not to fall into bad habits. Or do anything that you know is the wrong thing for you. Whatever wishes to do you harm at either a physical, emotional or energetic level is 100% not for you. So tell it to get lost – or at least be aware of this energy this week. You don’t have to do anything which is not in alignment with you. Free will is very much real – and you can and should exercise it!

Decks used:

Whispers of Lord Ganesha – Angela Hartfield
Foxfire the Kitsune oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Alice the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies