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Post solstice Dragon Space

A Post Solstice Dragon Space


A post solstice event on 23rd December 2020


Typically Winter Solstice is a very private time for me. And I tend to take time off around it. Which I appear not to be doing this year.

2020 has been very different and with that I’m being guided to open up a Dragon Energy lead space on the 23rd. Right after Solstice, rather than before or on the day itself.

Quite what this will be I don’t fully know. Be it a chat space, a guided mediation. Or a combination of who knows what. I never know till we start.

What I do know is that it will help to integrate the new energies as we move from 2020 to 2021 – as the integration may be a little complicate for some, or a breeze for others.

This will be held on Zoom but I may live stream to Facebook if it feels right.


Who knows what exactly they will bring up

The event space itself will be free but I have added some donation style tickets for those who would like to donate towards my time and energy.


To reserve a free or donation space please go to the booking system, once booked you will receive a link to register for he call. Which will then give you a direct link for the call itself.


Hopefully see you there!


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