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Oracle card reading 8th – 14th Nov

I’ve gone a bit old school and have decided to use one deck for the full week (well apart from the overview). You can also see what you pick up from the cards direct as this deck gives the card energy.
photo of cards drawn for 8th to 14th November 2021

Mon 8th – Tue 9th : Assistance

Great card and one that popped up not too long ago.
Lots of bright blue, yellow and green for those who work with colour.
This card for me is about knowing when to ask for help. Of understanding your limits and reaching out when you’re about to go too far. Or even stopping yourself before you hit the wall.
The help is there – you just have to remember to ask. Free will and all that. If you don’t say you are struggling people may not realise it.
And those who have been asking it is on it’s way. It may not, however, be in the form you were hoping or expecting. So pay attention.
There could be a sudden out of the blue shift in a situation that resolves what the issue was. You could find the communication glitches have cleared up and all sides now understand each other fully.
There could be all sorts of movements in the background that are clicking into place that you can’t quite see yet.
Help can also hide in plain sight.
Observe if you can and you may start to see what is playing out in your favour.
But, and it’s a big one, if offered help you have been asking for try not to say “no thanks” as it defeats the purpose of asking in the first instance. And you may not get a second opportunity.
For some others you may find yourself being the source of help to someone/thing else. If you are in a position to do so without draining your resources or energy then carry on if it feels the right thing to do.

Wed 10th – Thur 11th : Voice

Ok. A powerful wee card this though on the surface it may not look it. And oddly enough sitting typing this as I can feel a tickle at the back of my own throat right now. *note to self*
To me the image on the card is the voice box – the chords that allow us to produce sound and communicate with those around us. And when you look more closely you can see patterns, swirls and forms appear in the green and purple stripes.
This to me is hidden depth and power of your own truth when it is spoken aloud (or written). To have the trust and confidence to own your voice and your truth. To give it space to be heard and seen. Even if it wobbles a little bit first. It gets easier over time.
Not to the point of shouting to drown others out.
If you hit that point you might want to pull it back. Work out if you are projecting and stomping over peoples boundaries in your (over) eagerness to get the point across. And then do the needful to come back into alignment.
No judgement from me as it’s a fine line between being passionate about something and becoming militant – and I’ve been there myself on more than one occasion.
We all have a voice that deserves to be heard – even if others don’t agree with what you/they have to say. Be in a place where you can accept others differences to yourself and be open to listening to other perspectives. This is where growth can happen.
For some you may be drawn to help those who are being silenced in some way. And for that I applaud you. Sometimes being drowned out or silenced is so overwhelming people can shut down.
If all you are doing is offering an ear for them to let it all out then do it – they will feel heard, valued and included.

Fri 12th – Sun 14th : Knowledge

Knowledge. It means different things to different people.
This to me is about personal knowledge and experience. Being able to take the lessons, understandings etc and share them in a way that is helpful for others.
Of being brave to share in the first instance. As lets face it sticking your head above the parapet is scary stuff. We get imposter syndrome and question who we think we are to share things in the first place. There are others who are more eloquent, informed, knowledgeable etc.
Trust me I understand this one. You will get to a point where that starts to fall away for the distraction that it is. Speak from your heart, your truth and it will be felt by those who stumble across it.
Knowledge doesn’t necessarily come from a particular modality, set of teachings, or a teacher – it comes from the soul. It comes to you direct from Source.
And listen deeply to advice you give to others, the realisations you have and more. That is where the gems can be found.

Extra for the full week : Patience

extra card for the week

Oooh now this is a touchy one for me as patience isn’t so high on my list of personal qualities at the moment.
But it is a reminder not to push, to let things flow as they will. At their pace not yours.
Rushing can force you to deal with things you aren’t quite prepared to deal with. Or integrations that have been skipped. Possibly even an overloading on your system as everything hits at once.
So take a breath, relax those shoulders and go for a walk. Connect with nature, feel the wind on your face, the sun at your back. Listen to the leaves, the birds and more.
Do they rush the seasons and cycles?
Why should you?

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Dragon Ascension Therapies