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More To Life Magazine – new article out now.

A quick shout that my latest article for More To Life Magazine is out now.


It’s all about Clearing at an energetic level and what it can do for you. Should be a walk in the park for me. You’d think so but oddly I struggled with the brief for this one. Given this is work I do for others that really pulled the rug out from under me. And quite honestly I’m still asking what that was all about.


To get your own copy – or ask about being a contributor


You can sign up for the e-copy for free over at the More To Life Magazine website. This interactive version lets you flick through at your leisure but also has live links on the adverts you can see. Including mine. Click on any and you get taken to the relevant website. You’ll have it delivered straight to your inbox every quarter.


My article in this edition can be found on pages 27 – 29.


If you’d rather not subscribe you can scroll through all the articles including older ones.


You’ll find mine here.


Trust you’ll enjoy



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