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Oracle reading 1-7 Nov ’21

photo of the cards drawn for 1st to 7th November 2021

Mon 1st – Tue 2nd : Immunity

This is a card that has popped up a time or two and I know currently it may be challenging or triggering for some. Go beyond that and allow what comes up for you to do just that.
For me this is a card about becoming immune to, or building up a working experience of, seeing through others projections, expectations, bs and more. Of being able to let things bounce off you that before would have kept you up at night reliving it all in minute detail.
It’s about learned responses and how to adjust or change them. You may be presented with opportunities this week to re-visit a situation and have a completely new response/feeling towards it all. This is simply showing you the growth you have made.
Allow your own discernment, inner knowing and innate knowledge to guide you.
We have some potentially very heavy energies around this week which also gift us the chance to go inward a bit more deeply to understand how we tick.
Not how others tell or dictate we tick. But to discover that for ourselves – after all you are the one living your life and having your exNot how others tell or dictate we tick. But to discover that for ourselves – after all you are the one living your life and having your experiences.
This is a card about self empowerment. Of starting to understand what is yours, what is not yours and what is completely out of your hands.
Focus on your work this week as you may find glimpses of gems hidden away coming to light.
If you have had enough of others “stuff” chipping away at you it may be time to relook at your boundaries. Are they robust, has something breached them, do you honour them? Perhaps it’s time to re-assess and create a new set, or tweak what is there.
And on the reverse side are you projecting your “stuff” onto others? Do you trample over others boundaries – again time to look at ourselves first before pointing a finger outwards.

Wed 3rd – Thur 4th : Consciousness

A really interesting card to fall on these dates as we have some interesting energies at play. We have an occultation of Mercury with the moon on the 3rd, and New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th.
A lot going on and huge potential to shift, to delve deep, to gain clarity and movement.
This card is all about healing of your energy. Letting go or changing thought patterns, beliefs and energies. Which is the EXACT work I do at New Moon (rather than full moon – it’s all down to the person 🙂 ) . To realise the work you do can shift you forwards in ways unexpected when you started.
To become aware more and more of your energetic or conscious self. As with the start of the week the route to self empowerment starts with taking responsibility for what is yours, what you can change. And knowing what is outside of your control at this time.
Again allow what needs to come up space to do so. If it’s too much for you right now then acknowledge it. Observe it. And park it for now with the intention you will return when your energy is in the space it needs to be.
This is not burying it or your head in the sand or bypassing. You are still taking responsibility but acknowledging its presence. Parking it allows you space needed before tackling it.

Fri 5th – Sun 7th : Happiness

This might feel an odd card to pop up given the earlier two but it does make a beautiful kind of sense and flow.
A reminder that you can find happiness and feel it despite what is going on around you. And if happiness as a word does not resonate try contentment or gratitude. They may feel a better fit.
The golden glow and warmth of the card feels comforting and supportive. All contained within when you decide to look.
If you feel happy embrace it. If it feels impossible know that time will come again.
Do what makes you smile, brings you peace or lights a spark within.

extra card for 1st to 7th November 2021

Extra for the week : I am not a victim

Now this packs one hell of a wallop does it not.
I freaking love this card as it reminds you that you are NOT a victim or a door mat. You are here now have your voice, your truth and can walk your talk. Despite or because of all you have lived and experienced.
Was Red Riding Hood a victim? Nope, she took control of a difficult situation, saw through the glamour and story and sorted it out for herself.
So this card for the full week acts as a reminder that you can voice your views, perspective and be heard.
It doesn’t have to be yelled, or rammed down someones throat (boundaries people). Strength and strength of self can be calm, peaceful, soft yet still carry power.
If you have someone in your life telling you what to think, say or do perhaps its time to assess this dynamic. You have strength which you can draw upon to do this.
If you need help for this trust me it’s there when you remember to ask.
Stand strong.
Be yourself.
Trust your discernment!

Decks used:

Return of Spirit,
Path of the Soul,
Divine Guidance all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the ShapeShifters by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies