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Re-run of Radiation and how to navigate workshop 28th April

photo for a radiation mini workshop
A re-run of a workshop launched in Feb 2020

Mini workshop for Energy/Light Workers

I’ve decided to re-run this mini workshop/extended Q&A session on 5G/EMF radiation that I first held in Feb 2020.

This will be a live workshop held on Zoom on Tue 28th April at 6pm local UK time.

Giving examples and suggestions as to how to navigate it as an energy/light worker/spiritual identifier

I make no claims as to being an expert. I’m simply sharing what works for me. What some others say works for them. All from an energetic or spiritual perspective.

This is work I have been doing very quietly in the background for years and it’s time to share some of it with you.

And I’ll also letting you into a trade secret (so to speak) that the Crystal Realm brought forwards a couple of years ago. This I do ask you keep to yourself as it’s not time to put it out beyond the people doing this and the previous workshop.

Is this for me?

If you are comfortable speaking about Dragon Energy, Reiki, crystals and more then yes this is for you.

If you have fear or anger about 5G or telecommunications in general I will ask you leave it at the door – I won’t be fear mongering as that’s not my way.

This is aimed towards those people who know my work and know what I do.

I will be happy to answer questions on the day or afterwards. But please remember I won’t have all the answers for you . I’ll give you what I can or what the team will allow.

Sign me up!

A ticket will cost you £15 and once available the recording will be sent to you.

The book a space click here to go direct to the booking system. Scroll down to the 28th April and you’ll find it.

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