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Oracle card reading 27th April – 3rd May 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading 27th April to 3rd May 2020



Mon 27th – Tue 28th : Nectar of Life

Now this card may challenge a few and that’s ok. It’s all about switching out your perspective and looking at things from new angles.

This card is all about the sweetness of life – or slowing down and smelling the roses. Of recognising a simpler way of being without all the bells and whistles. And yes for many right now thats where we are – slowing down, being present, connecting with our loved ones, paying attention to natural time, being in nature. The sweetness of life.

It’s by no means easy – but it can be navigated.

Ask yourself what you have chosen, or been forced, to give up is it something you actually miss? Or was it a form of distraction? Is it something you will pick up again in time? These are the questions I know I am asking myself this past month and I know many of you will be as well.

Take the time to question what pops up for you at the start of the week.

If you can slow down in some way take the opportunity to do so.

Listen to your body and what its telling you – rather than listening to the brain or constant chatter feed loop……..strip things back to the bare bones and you may be surprised with what comes forwards. Of what is now important to you versus 1-2 months ago.

This is a time of reflection and recalibration.

Wed 29th – Thur 30th : Vibration

Don’t you just love the flow of the 3 cards next to one another – all about expansion outwards.

Vibration – very on point as focus here goes a long way.

What energies, emotions, feelings are you projecting outwards right now? Are they things that are helping you stay balanced, happy, in alignment with who you are? Or are they things that sit with your fears, main stream media, things that trigger or overly challenge yourself or others?

You have a choice in all things – it’s time to remember that. As it’s easy to become consumed and forget that you can step back, change the script and move away from the things that bring your vibration down to a level that’s not helpful to you.

Now I don’t want you to translate this as everything is love and light – eh no that’s not me and I 100% do not resonate with that – but to understand it’s a BALANCE of light and shadow. Of finding your balance point with the light aspects of who you are and the shadow aspects that come up.

To look at the shadow from a balanced, objective, observational space – and to acknowledge and deal with it. Not to run from it in a panic. Or to stick your ears in your fingers saying “la, la, la I can’t hear you”. This will no longer work.

When you take the opportunity to do the work or dissolving, or integration, or ancestral work …or whatever is needed that vibration ripples outwards. Claiming the responsibility for your own work – it speaks volumes. Even if you can’t see it – trust me people can feel it.

So take responsibility for your actions and reactions and watch the shift.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : Recognition

An interesting card this one as I can see a couple of layers of translation for this one – possibly a few more that you will see direct.

For some this may be recognition in some way of the work you have been doing finally paying off in some way. Be it a breakthrough moment, completion of something you started a while back, helping someone else, an award of some sort …there are so many layers.

If it does come to you feel into it.
Does it feel comfortable or uncomfortable?
Does it may you happy or want to run away from any attention?
Do you want to acknowledge it or not?

Only you will know – so feel into it. See what it brings up for you – if comfortable then accept it with grace and carry on. If uncomfortable it may be a guide into something for you to look into next – or to work through/with.

For some others this may be the penny dropping to what is actually going on around you rather than the story that is being played out at surface level. Question everything and you will find what resonates for you – this is your truth. Comfortable or otherwise. Try and not give yourself a hard time if this is the falling away of something that you have believed for years , or a person in your life you have always trusted to be “right”.

This is simply a point in your own evolution – the ability to change your mind/view and carry on. Realise this for what it is – another cross roads.

And the final thread I’m seeing to this is that some of you will see what makes you tick. Will accept what you have let go and welcomed in to replace it. Of realising you are open and adaptable to change and shifting energies. Give yourself a small pat on the back and then keep going.

Acknowledge it all, carry on and watch it again ripple outwards into the world around you.


Start of the week – a time to slow down, simplify, pay attention to nature, spend time with the people who matter to you and work out what’s truly important to you right now. Most of us have chosen/been forced to strip away the distractions/bells and whistles this last month or so. Take note of what has changed for you and what if anything you will return to – if it feels ok without it do you really NEED to go back to it?

Mid week – pay attention o the energy/vibration you are putting out into the world right now. The old adage of “energy flows where attention goes” is very apt right now. You have a choice as to where you place your attention – so do so wisely. Take responsibility and action if/where needed.

End of the week – a time for recognition in some way. Be it physical, energetic or otherwise. Pay heed to how you feel/react to it and be guided from there as to where you go next. It may be that you are bringing in recognition for someone else …….

Decks used:

Divine Guidance
Path of the Soul
Return of Spirit – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish


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