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Being triggered isn’t always a bad thing

No really I’m not kidding – being triggered can be a good thing. It’s the not reacting part that takes a bit of work. The urge to wrap your hands round someones throat can be overwhelming but you CAN move past it.

So why am I bringing this up?

In all honesty I’ve been triggered the past full week with all sorts of headf**kery and programmed bs. Due to having taken part in a webinar that really wasn’t the best thing for me in hindsight. The first part was great and semi-useful but the second half……

Lets just say it was a REALLY hard sell. Since then I’ve had tonnes of emails which I been ignoring but the programming went in.

I’ve been implementing all the new stuff for 2018 that I’ve been asked to sort out and these little mind worms have been undermining my progress.

“You can’t do this without help”………
“You don’t have formal training”………
“Do you need extra insurance and more outlays???”…………
“Are you really ready for this? Should you sign up and just do the course???”…….

You can see the pattern.

I finally twigged yesterday just what was going on. I wasn’t overly happy but rather than kick off I’ve gone in , removed it, blasted my energy system and started again.

Hit the re-set button

I had to go back to the original stage where I was asked to bring something forwards. What was it that resonated there and then? By going back to that I’ve re-set everything around it. To the point that I booked the first stage in this morning with no fuss, no drama and zero overthinking.

It was the overthinking that was driving me (and my poor friend who was getting my stupid panicked questions) absolutely demented. I was over thinking EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. It’s not a big thing. Its new for me but sure as hell not a big scary thing that my head was insisting it was.

It’s just a bit of planning. But because I’d let that programming in it was doing all the shouting, fretting and “look at it all I might miss something” bullshit thats been going on for me for almost a week.

Annoying – yes
Frustrating – yes
Going any further? Hell no, its been dealt with.

Like I said the trick is not reacting when you finally hear the penny drop. You really really want to react …..trust me its a human instinct to inflict what you’ve had back on the person who did it you you. But we know this achieves absolutely nothing in the long run so we stop, trace it back, release and dissolve back to source, reboot out energy and start again.

Intent not murder!

It doesn’t have to be a big complicated process it really can be made simple as its the intent you have that’s important.

But most important of all is if you do have a desire to react DON’T do it on social media. That old thing of once seen cannot be unseen.

Once triggered you can be a tad volatile

I saw something today that triggered me again. Now I know, or at least I hope, it wasn’t aimed at me and to be honest even if it was it doesn’t matter. What matters is the nerve it touched and the realisation that folk have absolutely no idea what others are going through at any given time.

To cast judgement based on one partial side of the story is pretty short sighted. There’s ALWAYS more going on than you can ever see visible.

Just remember to treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. That’s especially true on social media.

So if you get triggered get triggered. Just put in the work afterwards to get rid of whatever has come up for you to focus on for a while.

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It’s ok to get stuck

So I’ve been feeling quite a bit stuck recently and I’m feeling a few of you may be too. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s ok to get stuck.

Being stuck is usually a reminder to stop, be in the moment and stop pushing.

It’s very tempting when doing our own work to keep going and digging everytime something comes up. So we keep going, going deeper, discarding layer after layer until we hit the blocks we just can’t seem to get over or see past.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Now for some this is a time to simply stop as you’ve been overdoing it. Be aware that by constantly clearing etc you are actively looking for more layers you will keep finding them.

Seriously just stop.

Take the time to allow all the good work you’ve done to integrate – then see how this new energy level or signature feels and looks.
Give it time to work with it rather than against it.
Take stock, have a sense check.
See what comes to mind or awareness.

Don’t railroad over it looking for the next thing. Take a pause, work with it, use it.

You might miss something beautiful in your rush.

For some others this can be a time to look for a little bit of assistance elsewhere – this may, for now, be a bit beyond your capabilities. Its nothing you won’t learn going forwards but its ok to ask for help. Just because you can do it all on your own doesn’t mean you HAVE to.

It’s not that we are expecting others to fix things for us – no we are looking to see what they can pick up beyond our sometimes blinkered view of our own world.

That other perspective can be highly illuminating as something we can’t see or keep skipping over is the thing we need to see. So use your discernment and if you need a helping hand ask your gut who to turn to – who to work with – or who to seek a bit of advice from.

photo of local clouds


Does that make sense?

I go to others for a bit of help every now and then and what comes back to me can make my jaw hit the floor. By being so blinkered into my own view of things I miss whats just at the outside of my awareness.

Take these natural pauses to do other things, to do the day-to-day stuff, to live, to be a human BEING not a human DOING.



I can help

If you do feel stuck and are looking for a bit of help or a nudge in the right direction for you I am here to help.

Feel free to get in touch for a chat either on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/dragonascensiontherapies/

Or by email: https://www.dragonascensiontherapies.co.uk/contact-me/

I have a few Dragon Energy services that might just do the trick as they are all about removing things that serve no purpose. If you haven’t worked with Dragon Energy before I would suggest one of the gentler options rather than the freight-train-trough-a-sheet-of-tissue-paper approach that is a Clearing!



So grab those stuck times by the horns , enjoy the space, the peace, the void. And know that this too shall pass 




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Words of wisdom during a solar flare

There are times when my team give me some cracking words of wisdom, even during a solar flare.

These came through last night while I was replying to a comment on a closed group.

Essentially as the energy last night was a bit irritated/raw/borderline angry I was advised to put out a wee heads-up to step back and let things play out and then die out.

The exact words that channelled through were:

“Leave well alone and let things die down. Don’t add fuel to a dying fire and then complain about running out of water ……”

Subtle huh?

Now I’m sensitive to solar flares more so than lunar energies or planetary movement. This is in part due to the fire energy it comes from – I’m working with a LOT of fire energy recently and a solar flare on top of that can be a tad…combustible. It can blast out a lot of what has been bubbling under the surface – like a volcanic eruption. Which I was VERY aware of on social media.

What folks tend to forget is that social media is a very accurate real time indication of what’s going on energetically…..and I do pay attention.

So there you have it a glimmer of wisdom after so much chaos.

Working with dragons etc can be like herding feral cats but every now and again one curls up in your lap purring and makes all the scratches and complete frustration worth it.


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