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photo of 5 inch Pietersite T-Rex

The dinos are back and getting louder!

Well the dinos are very much back.

It’s amazing what can happen when you trust a process and step back to allow it to evolve by itself. By stepping away and letting things happen in their own time.

The process

As you may have spotted I had an idea way back in 2016 for some dino carvings – as the energy just wouldn’t shut up till I spoke to someone.

A batch of 3 inch T-Rex were carved but that was it. Due to excess damage when attempting larger sizes we parked the whole process in 2018. But then in August 2020 , this topsy turvy year I had a random email. Telling me they had managed 18 x 5 inch T-Rex……

Fast forward to October and they have gone even bigger. All I did was ask if a slightly larger one could be carved – for me. And the whole process is steaming ahead. To the point that I am speechless.

So when those plans stall, or you hit a bump in the road. Take a step back and say it’ll get done if it’s meant to happen.

And leave it to evolve on its own.


Say hello

I now introduce you to some of the beings birthed this year. To buy you can pop over to the Dino specific Facebook group or I will be popping some up on the web shop over the coming week.



photo of 5 inch Pietersite T-Rex
5 inch Pietersite T-Rex crystal skull



photo of 7.5 inch mate T-Rex
7.5 inch agate T-Rex crystal skull carve



photo of 9 inch agate and amethyst t-Rex crystal skull
9 inch agate and amethyst cathedral T-Rex crystal skull carve



Stay tuned for more

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of a 5 inch clear quartz T-Rex skull

The dinos are back!

Folks I have some news. The dinos are back!

Not that they ever actually left.

But the crystal carvings I asked about 4 years ago have finally been birthed. Long story short 2020 has been a curious year and when one door opens another springs forth almost to the second.

So the exciting thing is the carvers have managed to create 5 inch T-Rex skulls. The last time in 2016 it was 3 inch.

The first batch have all flown but the second batch are here ready to find their caretakers.

You can see more details on the dino page here.

Or on Facebook where I will be selling them in the first instance

Exiting times!!

Dragon Ascension Therapies

p.s. they may JUST be trying some larger carves for me but shhhhhhhhh keep it to yourself

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Earth Star Chakra – Dragon and Dino update

Ah the joys of modern technology.

My dragon and dino teams asked me to record a video rather than a live feed about some information they wanted me to pass on regarding the earth star chakra. The video was one of the best I’ve done so far….but couldn’t upload to Facebook or you tube.

What to do?

A shorter video the next day which did upload. But I really liked the video.

So what was going on?

Either something was slightly out energetically with the video, or I forgot to mention something.
The collective energy was in such a state it wasn’t ready to hear this little snippet of dragon insight.

My feelings are the latter.

“So what did they want to share then on the video?”

Quite simply something my dragon and dino team have been very aware of for the last year or so. Something we’ve been seeing in general and also in some clients coming to us for help.

Most people reading this will be familiar with the chakras – the body energy centres. With 7 main ones located from the top of the head (crown) to the base of the spine (root). There are also a whole host of chakra points above and below the physical body within your aura.

The one they want to focus your=t attention on is the Earth Star Chakra.

“Earth Star Chakra?”

This sits approx 1-3 feet under your physical feet. I always see it as a flat disc of a very very dark red/brow colour. This one to me is about connection and deep grounding.

What we’ve been seeing and finding is a thick sticky black tar-like substance coating the underside of the earth star chakra. Not everyone has this but we have been seeing a slightly marked increase per the last 12 months.

Don’t panic!

Now this can be removed but approach with caution.

If when sense checking you find something don’t dive in. You don’t want to pull it fully into your energy system. No you want to observe from a safe distance. The underside always seems to have a little bit left uncovered – typically to not alert you to the fact something is there.

Like a blocked plug hole it allows a little trickle of energy to go through but the rest sits and backs up. Stagnating a fair bit.

Not nice – but fixable.

If you feel confident to tackle this something my team and i do is wealth energetic equivalent of a hazmat suit and gloves. That way if we come into direct contact the suit and gloves can be discarded.

If you DON’T feel confident seek out someone you trust or someone who has worked with you before, or has knowledge of this. They will know how to remove it quickly and effectively.

“What is it?”

In truth I’m not at liberty to divulge that information. But what I can tell you is my team and the dino part of my team in particular and I are working on this through the work Gaia is calling upon us to do on her behalf.

I have ways of removing and isolating this but again I can’t share this direct.

All I have been asked to do is bring this to peoples awareness and if you have been having difficulty grounding or clearing to do a sense check BEYOND the standard 7 chakras. Essentially looking outside the box – so to speak. If you do pick something up DON’T dive in tread carefully, seek assistance if required.

If you have a facebook account and would like to see the shorter spoken version please click here


Dinos? Tell me more!

I have written a bit about these energies and you can find them here and here