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graphics for 12 steps to sanity

12 steps to sanity with dragons

A helpful 12 step guide for good practice to keep your sanity intact when opening up to Dragon energies……a.k.a. what they don’t tell you upfront. I felt it was time to share some tips.

You will need the following tools/coping mechanisms

1. A good sense of humour

2. An ability on run on 1-2 hours sleep a night for up to weeks at a time…..and an ability to hide the black panda eyes

3. Be able to change direction multiple times without warning…sometimes within the space of an hour.

4. Have very understanding friends and family who, on seeing you zoning out due do to incoming “stuff”, leave you alone.

5. An infinite pool of patience. You may need to work on this one.

6. A really, really good sense of humour …..(I know I’ve said it already , trust me on this)

7. Lots of notebooks and pens placed strategically around your home. They can strike at anytime…..usually when in the shower.

8. An ability to multitask at a ridiculous rate

9. A large and varied vocabulary as some take ten words where one will suffice.

10. A strong personality that can say “ get knotted !” or, “no” and mean it.

11. A handy plethora of swear words – they don’t have to all be in one language. Shake it up and keep them on their toes.

And last but not least – this is the most important saviour for sanity

12. A robust, twisted sense of humour. You really, REALLY need it …….you’ll thank me later, much later.

Bloody hell!!

Don’t worry I will delve into each of these in more detail as to why they are needed

graphics for 12 steps to sanity

pic for that moment blog

That moment when you really want to tell your team to f**k off………

You may laugh but I had this exact moment last week when my energy drained to such a dangerously low level I could no longer cope. I had to tell my team , very abruptly and very clearly to “f**k off! Seriously f**k right off!

Seriously? You said that to them?!

Yup! We still very much have free will as a hupic for that moment blogman and CAN tell our teams to back off when things get just too much.

I had been holding two massive spaces for two different situations and I’ll be brutally honest I’d over extended myself. To a dangerously low level.

How did I know?

Well, for one I was utterly exhausted, not sleeping, flying off the handle and on social media on my personal page getting very defensive.

This is not “normal” for me I tend to be a bit calmer, easy to diffuse potential explosions and quick to nip things in the bud.


The penny drops…..in the moment

The very fact I was letting myself get riled over, lets face it, daft things of zero consequence was a huuuuuuuuge warning bell I needed to step back before I imploded.

So step back I did. I left several groups (one of which was my own I might add) , stepped back from all my pages/groups and took a time out……..Yes it did feel like a temper tantrum. An energetic one. I don’t do too well on lack of sleep at the best of times added in all the pressure I had taken on was a melting pot. Imagine Vesuvius and you get a feel for where I was.

So they gave me approx 12 ours or so before they were at me to launch the 1-2-1 Teaching……..seriously????? Guys the human body needed at least 5 days of R&R not 12 HOURS.

What did you do?

Like I said above I told them direct to essentially knock it off, cut the sh*t and leave me alone. That’s the thing with my team they do help facilitate situations where I am pushed to my limits to see if my boundaries hold or if I roll over and let things happen.

As you may have spotted there was no rolling over this time.

Energy workers. Please I am speaking to you direct here. Use this as a teaching/learning NOT to overburden yourself. If things feel too much take a STEP BACK. Temporarily pull yourself in and do the self work/healing/resting to safe guard your energy.

We are all “guilty” of doing this and our teams, at times bless them, forget we are still human and need to eat, sleep and rest. Working 24/7 is nothing to them ….For the human body it’s a little more complex.

Stand up for yourself. No-one else will do it on your behalf.

Ok – so in life I’m a blunt speaker (had you noticed?) and I do ask for things in respect to myself be made very very clear so I get them. But you can be equally as blunt back . Yes really. Regardless of what energy you are talking to.

I’ve sworn at angelic beings and I’m still here.

I took the time I needed to recharge my energy . I ignored my team for several days and then created a crystal gird for me and me alone. The first time I’d done that in ages. And the healing came. Only once I was strong enough did I put the message out there re the teaching and I now have blessed silence.

Put it another way if I was a phone last week my battery was around 1% today it’s around 97% and I’ve said to them to bring in the next round as Im where I need to be.

They don’t my swearing personally as they don’t judge and they have the same sense of humour anyway and swear back (which I’ll confess I like).

So there you go. When in doubt swear it out your system

You’ll feel better if nothing else………..