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Photo of Stonehenge taken Solstice 2014. Blog speaking about solstice and shadow working in balance

Solstice and Shadow working in balance

Photo of Stonehenge taken Solstice 2014
Stonehenge at Solstice 2014


Solstice greeting and blessings to those who celebrate them. Here in the Northern Hemisphere its Summer solstice, for those in the southern hemisphere it’s Winter.

Marker point

Regardless of where you are solstice and equinox cycles are marker points. Giving you the opportunity to look back and look forwards at the same time. To let go of what’s not working and welcome in what’s new.

To take a short pause and simply be for a while.

And for others like yours truly it’s a time to face head on what’s been niggling at you for a full week. To realise it’s not just the challenging energies, not just the collective. No you’re being triggered by a shadow aspect that NEEDS to come up and be seen.

Shadow work + Solstice energies

The beauty of the summer solstice is it brings light. So much light. And for me this time round it’s shedding illumination on something that’s been “off” the past full week.

I haven’t quite been myself, my energy hasn’t been balanced and I’ve been very quite. Introspection isn’t a new thing for me but being silent is.

I had a crystal clear moment of realisation last night that what I was actually palming off as energies etc was my own crap lifting to the surface.

Moment of clarity

My “ah ha!” moment hit me like a proverbial tonne of bricks late yesterday evening and I’m going to share it with you to show we are all still human. Energy workers have their own crap to deal with and how quickly it can be dealt with when you face up to it.

Bit of background for you. For the past week I have been feeling quite on edge when seeing good friends of mine starting to forge ahead. Of getting themselves out there , doing their work and being seen. Now I am very very happy for all of them and I’m supporting them all the way. But with this has been a small niggle of myself going backwards or being left behind.

I know this is nonsense that it is an irrational fear. Hence my confusion at what was coming up. “Must be the collective”

Well no. It must be within me somewhere for it to trigger or activate a response. That was last nights light bulb moment.

Looking the shadow in the face

Once I realised I had been making excuses for myself I took a deep breath and decided to look deep into this one. What the heck was actually going on?

Deep in my higher heart I could feel this resistance, this fear bubbling away. It’s almost like an inferiority complex – which trust me is NOT me.

So what to do? First off to accept this was mine, I wouldn’t be having an emotional response if it wasn’t. Of deciding to be responsible and take action. Whether it is something I have placed in my own energy at some stage/life or if it has been placed there by something other is a little less clear.

Actually as I’m writing this I’m being shown it is a control programme that was placed there by something other to activate to keep me off my path.

Sorry guys , not working.
I see it, I see you and I say no I’m not stopping.

And breathe

With this acceptance, illumination and awareness the ability to breathe came back. I felt MYSELF come back.

The sense of relief was huge – and it all happened just before solstice so my higher self could let it transmute and dissolve away. I may have a few more layers to let go of but the core has been resolved.

Thats the beauty of doing your own work – hard and thoroughly uncomfortable as it can be at times – the more you do the faster it resolves.

Don’t be afraid of the shadow self, it’s still an aspect of you at some level.

Be brave and deal with it head on.

Looking back to look forwards

As I look back to when the photo I have used for this blog was taken I see how much has changed in my life. Five and a half years ago I took a huge leap of faith into the unknown and I’m still here. It was the best decision i could have made for myself.

Now I am doing my work, being offered incredible opportunities and more.
And I will not beat myself up for having a momentary wobble. A wobble that had to happen for this to be flushed up to the surface.

I have big things waiting to come in and I’m aware this morning if I hadn’t dealt with this it would have impacted what’s to come.

So it’s all good.


Dragon Ascension Therapies

A simple message from my team

A simple message to share from my team

I’ve been given a very simple message from my team/higher self to share.

It came in last month and was crystal clear – made a welcome change.
Rather than sitting on it for 6 months as I do most things I’ve decided to put it out there.

Why today?

Because today marks my solar return (birthday) and in the spirit of getting off my backside and out of my own way it’s time to let this go up.

It will resonate for some and may spark something for others.

A simple message from my team
The simplest of messages from my team

This very simple easy to grasp info has sparked all sorts for me. And has spiralled into all sorts of other things and directions.

It’s really has struck a cord. I have been asking time and again for things to be stripped back to basics and that’s precisely what I’ve been given.

The old adage of “keep it simple stupid” has kicked in.

So what exactly does it mean?

In the simplest of terms I’ll do my best to translate – knowing my team as I do.

That all things when pulled back are code.
If something in your life isn’t going as it should there may be a bug in said code.
So hit pause, investigate, defragment the hard-drive , run a virus check.
Find and isolate the code that’s out of sorts.
Decide if you need to delete it or if you can fix it, or if its better to write new code from scratch.
Do the needful
Install/re-install and run once more.

I seem to get given info in terms of computer programming. Which is hysterical as it’s not something I’m overly familiar with! But I can translate it – to a degree.

An alternative translation of the same simple process.

As they like to give me choice (laughing as I type that) I was given another scenario.

image with simple message from my team
Alternate translation of the simple message from my team

That all things vibrate at their own unique frequency – include yourself.
If something isn’t quite right at a discernment level then sense check.
Find where you are out of frequency/balance with yourself.
Acknowledge the clashing vibrations and decide to either remove, repair or replace.
Once you are in harmony/in balance then continue onwards.

This is complete confirmation for me of the Alignment to Self work that has come in, and all that is set to follow.


It is simple, but doesn’t mean easy.

Self-work and shadow work can be complicated, frustrating, ever evolving …but worth it.

When you can identify energetically with your own signature you can spot when something goes out of alignment that bit quicker.
So do the work, strip it back to basics and keep going.

Dragon Ascension Therapies

pic for "fuel to fire" blog

Why do you post stuff when you’re grumpy and shouldn’t be online?

Its a common enough question. Why do I post online when I’m grumpy? In all honesty because I’m human and annoyingly I have to document the crappy stuff alongside the good stuff.

“But why? I don’t understand.”

Because I’m not all sweetness and light.
I’m human and I have my flaws, which I make visible.
I have things that wind me up, I have things that frustrate me.
Without these to check me I wouldn’t be grounded, balanced (obviously not when I’m in the grumpy flow) and able to see both sides of the argument.

And without these I wouldn’t connect the way I’m meant to with others.

“That makes no sense….I wouldn’t post if feeling grumpy.”

Really? To me it makes perfect sense. But then I see things from very different perspectives from other people. I always have.

Shall I give you an example?

Ok – right now as I’m typing this I have been unable to upload photos to Facebook since Friday night (its now Monday night). Small thing isn’t it on the surface? Yes it is and I can see with one part of me its something of absolutely no significance.

So why am I seriously irritated with it all? I run a very busy sales group on FB and if I can’t upload to the group I can’t get stock moving to where it needs to be……and this is a busy time of year.


I know, I know. Its not all about money – this is about the energy flow being cut off and stuck somewhere and I can’t find where it is.

My energetic side of things is telling me an opportunity to use the downtime to do something else – and I will.

The human side of me is simply venting to get it out of the system before I implode. And I do this through my blog space and through my page….as by acknowledging it i can move through it.

“Ok thats starting to make a bit more sense”

This time of year brings a lot of shadow stuff to the surface and when you anchor for the collective (raises hand) it gets amplified. And as you know I have to go INTO what comes up to help it disperse for the larger group. Lucky me eh? *wry smile*

So again my higher self is fully aware of what is going on and as I’m typing I’m aware that the human side of myself is fighting it.

  • It may be others feelings/programming/panic around money coming up through the collective that I’m being flung into.
  • Is it some old outdated beliefs I have around money coming to the surface.
  • Could it even be a light bulb shining on the beast that is FB and asking “is this really the right place for you?”.
  • I have a lot to mull over. And yes I can see a lot more aspects to this than what’s on the surface.

When you work with energy it can be frustrating when things grind to a halt for no seemingly obvious reason.

pic for "fuel to fire" blogBut there’s ALWAYS a reason.

You may not see or sense it straight away ….but it’s there.
Lurking in the background just waiting to jump out yelling “ AH HA!! You’ve found me!!!!!! Now get to work.”

I will continue to post when grumpy as I know showing this very human, flawed side of myself to you is what clicks. The human connection, trials and frustrations. It brings us together.

It also shows that:

hey even she’s going into meltdown. It’s not just me

I will always share that side of myself  grumpy is part of my “charm” after all. I’m not going to hide a side of myself.

So if you feel pissed off or irritated over something that in essence is a bit silly….it’s ok. You are human.

It’s called having an emotional response ….we can give ourselves permission to feel, to express…..and to clean up the carnage afterwards.

photo of Clearing blog post

Overdoing the energetic clearing

This little snippet was brought to me by my team this morning. About not overdoing your energetic clearing.

“I see you talk about Clearing quite a lot. What is this exactly?”

Essentially exactly what it says – clearing out my energetic system of things , vibrations, downloads etc that serve no purpose. As in they aren’t mine, are old and outdated, have moved on. There a whole list of what they could be and why they might be better off not being in my system thanks very much.

When you start to look at your energy system – and I mean REALLY look deep into your system and sense check it you start to get little feelings about what pops up.

An example – and yes one of mine

You’re always feeling angry.
There’s no obvious reason for feeling this way – things are going well, no major issues you can see, everyone around you is fine.
You go for massage, reiki, whatever usually helps you to relax but it just not working.
So you decide to take things into your own hands and work out what the hell is going on.
So you sense check your energy system – those trained in reiki or other modalities are trained to do self-care first before working with others. But lets face it how many of us FORGET we have this little tool kit? I did…..for 7 years but have come back to it full force.
You work with your energy system and start to sense some things out of balance so you do whats needed to bring it back into balance.
You may also get shown or sense where it has stemmed from so you can go to the source and work from there.

Great everything feels better but again the anger creeps back in.

So you do some more and repeat the whole process….and again…..and again.

Its like peeling an onion when you do this kind of work – each layer exposes another one for work/release.
The more you do the more you find to release.

Now here’s the thing – you can overdo this.


It’s very tempting and, in my experience, very easy to dig deeper and deeper and deeper……….

While this sounds a great idea – and for some people it will be, I’m not ruling that out in anyway – its exhaustingly intense stuff.

As in bone weary, “ will it never end!” exhausting.

Here’s the rub

You know that saying that “energy flows where attention goes”
It’s true

The more you focus on looking for and finding things that are out of balance the more you will find.
There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, its excellent work and I commend you if you have been doing this. It’s what I help facilitate for others and I understand how complex it all is.

But have you given yourself a bit of a break?
Have you stepped back after clearing a layer out and simply let things settle for a bit? To see how your energy system shifts and flexes and grows?

I have found – again with bitter experience, if I overdo it I become next to useless and can’t help anyone.
Or I’m pulling up things to be cleared out that it’s not time for me to be pulling out. Does that makes sense?

“No, not really”

Ok lets put it another way.
Say for example I have some shadow work to do, to acknowledge work through and release.
I on a personal level wish to do the work so I understand what has been going on but if I pull it out too quickly will I learn anything from this?
Possibly not.
So I don’t go looking for it – I used to.
I have learned to now go with the flow and allow these things to come up as they are meant to.
If nothing else it helps keep me sane.

“So how do you do it then?”

It’s all about balance – about doing the work but not 24/7

– I’ll sense check frequently to truly understand my own energy and if something feels off will look into it, feel round it and get a gut sense of what it is.
– I won’t jump right in unless I get a sense that it’s what’s needed immediately.
– I’ll ask others that I trust to do a quick sense check around me in case I’m mis-reading the situation which I’ll confess I do from time to time. No-one is perfect and the human part isn’t something to dismiss.
– then and only when I feel ready do I go in to move things on – I get a nudge when its time

I have been given new ways of working to do this by my team and I bless them for it.
I can’t share them as yet as I’ve still integrating them in but I will say it is possible to delegate things back to your higher self when it gets overwhelming. To be able to function and go about the day to day things.


Keep going but take a break

photo of Clearing blog post

So yes keep doing the Clearing work but cut yourself some slack.

Take a step back once you’ve done some and see what comes forwards – let you’re newly exposed energy settle for a bit first.

Thats what my team showed me this morning and asked me to pass on :

“Overdo it and you’ll simply find more, which will in time overwhelm you.
Take it a step at a time and learn from what comes up and how you work.
Develop new ways of working , we will guide you through it should you need the help.
Don’t try and sprint before you can even crawl. You’ll only attract more towards you.
Things will get done when they get done.”