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Dragon Soul Care - coming soon

(Dragon) Soul Care – coming soon

(Dragon) Soul care.

Well it’s now out there – a bit earlier than my brain had twigged.
My latest article in More to Life magazine (Edition 52) mentions something that I’ve been sitting with and working on in the background. I say working on, lets say procrastinating about. 
Something that will be launching when the energies shift. As right now, well, they aren’t quite right.
I (stupidly) wrote about what had been presented to me before realising I’d shot myself in the foot. And that I might need to say something once the article came out, so ….surprise!
Here we go , making it official.

(Dragon) Soul Care will be launching ….soon

The whole self care v’s soul care will not be unique and I’m pretty sure the term will have been used before. Possibly not linked in with dragon energy. But hey I don’t follow everyone who works with it. So I could be wrong. 
In truth I only follow one other person working with Dragon Energy
Soul Care is in essence everything my team have ever taught, shown, guided me through or given me tools to deal with.
These are the things that go beyond the self care.
They are the things that can stop your progress, keep you in cycles or derail you off your chosen pathway. But only if you don’t do anything about them.
To read the article in a touch more detail to get the full gist you can head over to More to Life magazine 
You can sign up, for free, to get the electronic subscription.
And you’ll see a clickable link to my article here 

Still a work very much in progress

(dragon) Soul Care when it launches will be in stages and will adapt to what you need individually (if at all) at your own speed.
It’s been growing arms and legs for a while now and I require a bit more time to get the bare bones right.
Not perfect as you’ll be waiting forever – but right enough that we can hit “go”.
It’s going to keep evolving as I keep shifting and growing myself. As it’s a lesson in growth, self empowerment and moving towards true autonomy.
So there you have it.
Something that has been created in the background becoming visible *gulp*
Lets see how this one rolls
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