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Why would a spiritual person need to have boundaries?

This is something that I wrote via my Facebook Page in May of this year but it still holds true so it feels right to share it as it gives you an insight into my own personal energy and the fact that I’m still learning on a daily basis.

Blog Post - Why would a spiritual person need to have boundaries?

Well it’s an interesting question that isn’t it? Surely someone coming from their heart and for their highest and best would be removing boundaries not adding them ?

That’s what I used to believe but after the last week, well technically the last 4 weeks, I’ve had, I’m beginning to be reminded that personal and professional boundaries are actually a good thing to have in place – given how much mine had slipped, I’m taking the opportunity to use the lessons for what they are – a reminder to look after my energy so that I can continue to help others.
So why did I have to step back from Facebook the other week – truly?

OK I’ll be 100% transparent. I was going to implode publicly and the aftermath would have been too much even for me to handle. So I did the most sensible thing I could and simply walked away to sort out what had been flushed to the surface and get myself back to my point of balance.
How had it gotten to the stage where I had to do this? At the time I couldn’t answer that – now with reflection …..I’d been pulled in various different dramas, none of which were mine, and my energy had been drained with the effort it took to cope with it all. The final straw for me was something very very silly (again not mine) but it was simply too much. I knew I would implode and didn’t want to pull anyone into the ugly energy it was turning into.

I’d of course forgotten the 5 retrograde planets were stirring EVERYTHING up for everyone and you could see people going crazy all over the place. Up until last Friday I had been holding it together and had even asked my team “please no more drama – can I get a few days of peace?” and then the silly thing happened and I started to spin out.

Lets not forget as well that the collective conscious/unconscious was also taking a battering particularly here in the UK where we are having so much anger re politics etc that it was utterly toxic – it still is but not to the same degree. So this of us who get to clear for the collective (yours truly raising a hand) got an energetic battering too.

I’ve digressed a bit more than I meant to…….

So my lesson? Don’t get dragging into others storms – OK yes there are occasions when it’s the right thing to do and one of them was very much that, the others? Not so much. So why did I allow it?

Again I’m not 100% sure but I now believe it was my teams way to get me to stop, see what was going on and start again. See the truth beneath the surface, stop before reacting (I’m usually quite good at that), not pull others into MY storm and to step back clear my energy and most importantly acknowledge and own my OWN stuff.
If I can say anything of any importance – and you’ve seen me say it a lot – don’t run from the shadow aspects of yourself, or try to blame others for what’s happening to you.
By running away you let the shadow side take over, build its own energy and become a force all its own. Sometimes simply saying “yes I am angry and I’m going to trace it back as to why” is enough to stop it in its tracks. I personally don’t have an issue with accepting my shadow self as you cannot have light without shadow. It’s finding the balance between the two to make a whole. Trying to pass blame or project your crap onto others only prolongs the issue and hurts others in the process – I wouldn’t recommend it and in your heart you wouldn’t either.

So yes I’m reinstating my boundaries once more – only being available through this page 10am – 8pm , not answering private messages at all hours of the day, taking time off to recharge when I ACTUALLY need it – all these simple things and more. So if you try to contact me and it takes a few days for me to reply – please don’t take it personally, I may be integration a shift, clearing stagnant energy etc and they take time.
I will still be sending free distance healing at the start of every month to all those who require it but any other spaces I’m guided to set up through the month will have to be on donation basis only as the drain on my system was too much last month as the energy only went one way – outwards.  To maintain balance energy must flow in both directions. That’s why so many energy workers face flame/burn out – we give so much that we have nothing left for ourselves. And no that’s not a complaint – its an observation.
How many energy workers reading this are sitting nodding? We give help and advice to others but when do we ever listen to it ourselves? We allow others to attach to us and drain our energy when we advise those same people of the cutting/dissolving of cords and relationships that are toxic or draining……
I am here to Clear and to be a Catalyst that’s my role at this time so I’m going to do what I need to do to facilitate that and protect my own energy so that I can keep going.
So don’t take it personally if I go quiet from time to time it possibly in everyone’s best interests when I do.