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Full moon/lunar eclipse meditation 5th June

Well it’s amazing what happens when I hand the wheel over to my team. I was told this morning that I can “do” a guided meditation on 5th June. Based on some of the work that turned up on the Online Retreat.

“Ok sounds fine.”

Then I looked up what was happening on the 5th June.

We have a fabulous full moon / lunar eclipse combo. Which opens up an eclipse window and many other things.

I will go through them in a little detail but I have to laugh at my team. Theres no such thing as random with them.

“What’s the work then?”

Well something that we came across on the Online Retreat was that many of us have muffled or turned off our own inner voice. And it was useful to find ways to mute the rest and bring that forwards instead. So this is what I wanted to bring forwards for more people as it was empowering stuff.

Now given this will be done on the eclipse window opening I understand what my team are showing me. This infinite possibility energy is potent stuff. So ideal for really looking at all the voices we carry with us – that aren’t perhaps ours. And consciously tuning them out , or in some cases removing them completely. To allow our own TRUE inner voice to step in. To be heard, to be acknowledged. And to assist you in being the autonomous being you are.

“Ok so what else is going on then?”

Where to even start with this one?

  • We have full moon and lunar eclipse on the 5th.
  • Followed swiftly on the 18th June with the next Mercury retrograde – don’t panic that’s a good thing!
  • We then move into Summer/Winter Solstice on the 20th depending where in the world you are.
  • The 21st June sees New Moon and a solar eclipse.
  • July 4th we have Full Moon
  • And finally 5th July we have a lunar eclipse closing the eclipse window.

So as you can see a few things going on.

I was supposed to be going on Retreat (not running one) 19th – 28th June and I can see why that was the original plan – as the energies would have been highly potent for the work. It still is just in another form.

I’m also working with Mercury energies by running the 7 Day Energy Clearing workshop 13-19th June. The potential for that work with a retro is off the charts. So we’re just adding to my workload with this meditation.

Give me the details!

It is a free meditation but I will give options on the booking site for donations for those who would like to contribute towards the time and energy. But please do not feel obligated to donate – this is simply something I am asked about time and again.

It will be 5th June at 5pm UK time on Zoom. Facebook not so user friendly for this type of work.

You will have to book a space as it will be recorded but the booking allows me to send it to you properly.

Still interested?
Click here to book your space now!

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