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Online Retreat 4th – 7th May 2020

As you may have spotted this years planned retreat should have been happening at the time of typing. However due to current global events this has been postponed out to October.

Rather than cancel the time set aside I was nudged rather forcefully to create an online retreat instead. With some of the work that had been planned. Not all of it as this will still happen later in the year, and some other work that has been pushing forwards. Similar to work I do privately.

Now the nudge happened on a live call and again on a live Facebook feed so I ca’t get out of it – not that I would try and do that.

“Soooo what are we doing on this online retreat ?????”

What I know so far (as I tend to channel live rather than plan ahead) is that this space will be about remembering/finding your OWN connection to Gaia/Earth. My team will facilitate and support you as you delve deep into your own energies.

This connection is not found via an energy work modality, not through what works for me, but what works for you. And each person will be unique. It may be a blend of things you already do, it may be something brand new to you. But it will be yours.

We may also delve into energy line/ancestral work if the space allows. In fact as I type this it’s most probable we WILL be doing this work as it’s all linked.

“Ok tell me the specifics!”

This will run across the 4 days (4th – 7th May) at 5pm GMT for approx 1.5 hours or so. It may run under it may run over – it again depends on the energy and the work.

Each session will be recorded and you will have access to the audio recording once it is available. It can be downloaded for you to use as often as you like afterwards. And if you can’t make it in person you will have each recording to access and download.

There are unlikely to be any slideshows or PDF handouts as the team and I don’t currently work that way – but never say never!

You may be given homework across the duration – but again we will go with the flow.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch ahead of time.

“I’m having some money challenges so I won’t be able to attend….”

Worry not I have taken account of this and have 5 reduced energy exchange spaces available. If they are taken up when you come to book or you simply cannot manage the reduced price please come speak to me direct.

To book click here

Looking forwards to seeing you there!


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