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Oracle card reading 13th – 19th July 2020

Photo of the 3 cards pulled for the weekly reading 13th to 19th July 2020


Hold onto your hats this is not pulling any punches – and I’m keeping this as short and direct as I can.

Mon 13th – Tue 14th : Little Red Riding hood – I am not a victim.

Powerful statement that isn’t it?
I am not a victim.

Interestingly I’m being shown 3 strands to this one. Also seeing a colour theme running through all three cards – showing solar plexus and root. Take from that what you wish.

So lets start with strand number 1.

Where you have been a victim of something and have decided no more or have already changed the script. Well done for whichever it is for you. Taking back control is powerful stuff and a step towards the last card.

For people/situations that required/forced you be in this role its time to fully dissolve them out. As you have no need or requirement to carry this any further. By dissolving you prevent anything from reattaching from a “cut cord”.

Its not the easiest thing to do at first but it gets easier. And the more you recognise the faster you can deal with it. You may be shown uncomfortable truths but look at them head on. You are braver and far stronger than you believe, or have been lead to believe.

Lets start taking those masks down and seeing the truth.

Strand number 2 –

That you find yourself speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Or are being victimised or marginalised in some way. If you feel called to step up then do so.

I personally am being shown something that I will stand up for – a group of people being pushed to the side and “shamed”. Which I am no longer prepared to put up with.

Some of you may be feeling a similar pull. If you are strong enough to see the injustice, unfairness or down right “wrongness” then say something. If it means standing up to bullies – then do it with my full blessing and support.

All too often we see things we turn a blind eye to. Well no more.

If someone needs help that you can provide then help them.

Strand 3 –

A person/people/group around you attempting to use emotional blackmail. Or even down the manipulation route. This is the murkier side I’m being shown for this card.

You have free will. You do not have to give in to pressure from someone else simply for the sake of an easier life. This is manipulation.

See if for what it is. And say no.

Stand up for yourself and separate from this energy. It will be seen by others and by standing up for yourself you can be a way-shower for others. That they can do this too.

We are not here to fix others. We are here to fix ourselves and help along the way where we can. Giving away your power does not help you.

Repeat after me “I. Am. Not. A. Victim”


Wed 15th – Thur 16th : Morrigan – Take Action

Seeing a thread here? The Morrigan is one of the strongest Celtic archetypes/Goddess out there. And many get a bit startled when she pops up. Don’t be.

This is simply a marker that enough is enough.
A change is required and it is required now.

Change is not something to be fearful of – it’s the one great constant in life. But we forget this. We get used to and comfortable with routine. And when we are shaken from this it can feel chaotic or not the norm.

It may be that it’s time to re-asses your boundaries and see if any need to be rebuild or tweaked. By establishing and maintaining them you give a very clear message to the Universe.

So if you turn away from what is being presented or back down from it things will never change. Things will never progress, you will not be able to move forwards. This is being brought to a head because it is time.

Either take action and carry onwards.
Or do nothing and face stagnation.
It’s your choice.


Fri 17th – Sun 19th : Empowerment

Ok those of you still with me will be seeing just how powerful the words on each card are without my translations – indeed you really don’t need my words to pick up the gist of it all.

With the self work, the standing up for your beliefs, speaking up for others and welcoming in much needed change – you find yourself at the threshold of self empowerment. And empowerment of others.

Now on the surface this may feel or look like a calmer card than the previous 2 but see the ripples? They suggest flow and movement. At times you may feel you are struggling against the tide.

In truth you are creating your own path – and when you see and understand this the current eases. And you can create and flow in the way that is perfect for you.

in doing this for yourself – and doing the self and shadow work along the way you show others how it can be done. You give them the tools they need for their self empowerment.

It’s a powerful things and can be done loudly or ever so quietly. It all depends on what is right for you.

So BE YOU and carry on.

Face up to what shows up – do the work – and move forwards.

Be the guiding light for those around you, or those who follow. We all need a bit of guidance at times. So be that guide for others – even if you can’t see it right now.



Start of the week – the time for being a victim or being manipulated by someone else is over. See it for what it is. Do what you need to separate from it and reclaim your energy, voice and power. For some others it may be speaking up for those who have no voice. Bullies beware – you are being seen and will be challenged.

Mid week – time to take action. You can choose to bury your head in the sand, you can choose to back down or you can choose to say “enough”. So make a (damn) choice.

End of the week – as you do the work, make the choices and take action you step into self empowerment. And I applaud you. It’s not always easy, can be exhausting but is highly rewarding. You can achieve so much more than you believe you can, or have been told you can. Step up and take your power back. When you do you signal to others how they can………


Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Oracles of the Dragonfae
Foxfire the Kitsune Oracle
all by Lucy Cavendish


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