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Oracle card reading 21st – 27th June 2021

cards drawn for weekly reading 21st to 27th June 2021

Mon 21st – Tue 22nd : The awakening

This card is unbelievably fitting as this falls on Summer/Winter Solstice on the 21st. Depending where which hemisphere you are in it’s either the start of summer or the start of winter.
Where I am it’s the Summer Solstice.
This golden dragon is speaking of new beginnings, new ideas, new ways, new direction and more. Whatever you wish to bring in for the next 6 month cycle now is the time to set that intent.
This is a potent Solstice and many will have felt it building in energy since the eclipse window closed/eased. What you choose to do with it is very much in your own hands.
You can treat it as a huge opportunity to plant new seeds and bring in what you wish to se in the world. Or you can choose to continue in the old/known/learned and keep it growing and ever cycling.
It’s your call.
I for one will be calling in and working towards what I DO wish to see in the word. Building community, connection, seeing the bigger picture, working with compassion and doing what I can in my own way to remove division. Rather than building and increasing the divide and conquer energies of the last few cycles, or focusing on what I don’t wish to see carried forwards. That focus only adds power. And I refuse to feed it.
Pay attention for what comes up for you and decide what is right for you at this time.
Enjoy the energies, work with your own boundaries and inner knowing.
Parts of who you are may start to move out of slumber and be awakened.

Wed 23rd – Thur 24th : Infinite possibilities

Flows rather beautifully from the start of the week don’t you think?
That beautiful balance of colour, form and symmetry.
Life is a dance and the only limit is your imagination. There are infinite possibilities and post Solstice, in the new energies, anything is possible.
Manifestation may feel quicker and more powerful as we start off the next 6 months. What do you want or feel you wish to do? Where can you go from here?
What’s stopping you? That’s the question to ask yourself. If the power of procrastination is strong, question it head on. Why are you stalling or feeling hesitant? Is there something blocking your way or are you popping up road blocks of your own?
It may what you had been working towards or pushing to get to ISN’T actually for you. You may find your higher self and your team have slammed the breaks on as you’ve gone as far as you can with this path.
It may be time to create a new path for yourself.
Ask the big questions – you may get a surprising response.
I can’t answer that for each individual other than to say be fluid. Be open and adaptable to change. Not all change is bad, sometimes it can be amazing.
Flip your perspective for a time and see what else you are shown from a different angle.
Can’t hurt now can it.

Fri 25th – Sun 27th : Curiouser and curiouser


Love this – so much potential this week. And its up to you how you choose to work with it.
This is a nod to change. Either personal or around you. To the point where you may be questioning everything. Go with it – its good practice.
Sometimes when we shift and grow we no longer recognise who we once were. People around you may hark back to that person. They haven’t yet realised that you have moved on. They’ll catch up or be left behind.
Do your best to not allow their voice in your head if you are just twigging the sometimes huge steps you’ve taken to where you are now. Another voice will only make your head spin. Set the intent that while well meant it simply floats on past.
For some others you may find a shift is inbound (not surprising given the start of the week) and it may alter the structure around you – until it feels unfamiliar. It may be very short term so try not to panic. Let it settle and then see where you find yourself.
For some other you may be getting itching palms to try something new or an old desire to try something popping up. If you have the resources to do it then give it a go.
If you have a deep urge to go deeper into a topic then do so. But a caution as always have an escape plan in place first. Rabbit warrens and rabbit holes can get confusing quickly…..if it no longer resonates get yourself the hell out of there.

Extra for the week – The grid

Extra card for the week

An explosion of colour and form. And as you look even more closely you start to see different patterns forming.
We are all interconnected and this is a reminder only. Not just to each other but to the planet, the universe, other dimensions, energies and more.
With everything going on and huge potential at your finger tips it’s easy to forget we are ALL part of a bigger picture. The good, the bad and the downright ugly.
Look at the connections as they pop up for you and determine, for yourself, which are right for you. And if guided dissolve out the ones that no longer resonate.


Start of the week – solstice energies are at their peak. Bring in the new, plant new seeds and determine the flow of the next 6 months. This is a golden opportunity but it’s up to you if you choose to see it as such.
Mid week – we have infinite possibilities all around. If you need to re-draw your path then now is as good a time as any. The only limit is your imagination.
End of the week – things may leave you feeling a bit discombobulated so tae some time out. Let the dust settle. It may be a shift that you’ve come out of/are going into. It will calm down.
Extra for the full week – see the interconnection was have to ALL things. It’s a far bigger world than you think…….

Decks used:

Foxfire the Kitsune deck – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies