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Oracle card reading 6th -13th June 2021

the three cards drawn for 6th to 13th June 2021

Mon 7th – Tue 8th : You are rare and free

Ok so an interesting week as we are still in eclipse energies as we build up to Thursdays solar eclipse ……but it runs for a while after. This whole week will be feeling the build up. Fire energy is a force to be reckoned with – I love it but others may find it conflicting.
At the start of the week we’re being given a very swift kick in the rear to be ourselves.
You don’t have to conform to others ideas, beliefs and views. They aren’t yours. You have your own. Follow them own instead. It’s empowering when you start – and then gets easier.

Dump the baggage.

We are taught from an early age on how to change to fit in – through education, religion, media etc, etc, etc. Now is time to dismantle, actually, burn down the damn box you either placed yourself into or been shoved into. Transmute that energy into something more in alignment with yourself.
Be your OWN person and quite honestly I say get stuffed to anyone who comments otherwise.
Take it from someone who by the day is becoming more and more non-conformist and anti-establishment. If you have the opportunity to say no to things that aren’t for you then do it. People pleasing is exhausting – ask would they do it for you?
People may comment but quite honestly that’s theirs. I have opted out of SO many things recently – especially if it’s something I’ve been signed up to without my knowledge. Opt-out, say no, decline, burn it – whatever you need to do to get the point and boundary across.
You have your own life and your own path.
Be true to yourself, embrace all the colour that you are and of needed give a quick mid-digit salute to those who question or define your life and how you choose to live it.
*blimey that went a bit gobbier than intended*

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : Awakening

This card falls right on the apex point of the solar eclipse on the 10th so potentially very potent energies all around.
This is a powerful time and this is a powerful card.
I always see an eye at the centre of the card and everything opening up around it. This for me is when you become aware (I don’t like the term awake as it suggests sleep walking – which I find a bit insulting…anyway moving on).
Of seeing things for what they truly are. Not what you believe, or have been lead to believe. You have to go from personal experience. So if that suddenly changes on a six-pence ….welcome to the eclipse portal.
We have the opportunity to see the shadow and what has been hidden – and once seen cannot be unseen. So be cautious what you wish for as manifestation will be fast right now. You CAN handle it but you have to be prepared.
For those who have been aware for some time you may be asked to support those just starting out. Or suddenly having veils dropping. It can be a bewildering time and it’s hard to know what is real and what is all smoke and mirrors.
You are not there to tell them what’s what but simply to support the process. Avoid forcing your view on anyone………projection can work in many different ways.
You may even unknowingly act as a way-shower for those ready to stand up and be heard.
Do your thing folks.

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : Find a place to withdraw to

Change of pace for the end of the week. And as we moved to the post eclipse energy phase we’re being granted some time to go within.
After all the build up we may need some space and quiet to decompress.
Nature I find is the best healer of all when a bit of head-space is in order. Find a place that makes you feel at peace. This will differ for everyone. For me it’s a special place not too far from home that melts any stress away as soon as I put my feet on the ground.
for others it may be a local green area, the sea, the woods, the mountains. Whatever or wherever it is do what you can to get yourself there and reconnect.
This is self care and you may already be heading in this direction. At times we can get so overwhelmed with life, work and whatnot that we neglect ourselves and our soul.
Now is the perfect time to reflect, pause, breathe and slow down for a short while. Not hat we are ignoring everything else simply that we are putting ourselves first right now.
Remember who you are and release anything you are holding that simply is not yours to carry.

Over view for the full week : Assistance

extra card for the week

Quite a lot of powerful cards this week and this overview is very much in keeping.
I was immediately drawn to the blue colour as it felt soothing and cooling with all the fire energy this week.
We are reminded that help is always there – we only need remember to ASK for it. And if we ask to remain OPEN to the help. Otherwise you’ll block it. Which defeats the whole purpose.
When called on to help someone and if you are in a position to do so and it doesn’t drain your energy or resources then go ahead. But check in with yourself first and make sure feels the right thing for you to do. Try not to be manipulated into doing something you’ll regret later.
The colour on the card is linking me back to midweek as awareness grows – for some this may be an expansion of the third eye. Which again can be exciting or can be terrifying.
Give people the benefit of the doubt this week as the energies may spin some folk out.


Start of the week – are you being authentically your true self? If not what is stopping you? It’s time (for many) to dump the absorbed dogma and conditioning BS that we have to be a certain way to fit in. Nah. You know what, being yourself and standing out feels more natural ……Instead of being someone else drop the pretence and be yourself.
Mid week – at the culmination of the solar eclipse energies – it may feel intense. You and others may start to become more aware of what is around you. Flow with it, observe, acknowledge and do the needful to either move it on or integrate it in. It will feel a touch fiery so if you can step back a bit from others while this plays out it would be a good idea to do so.
End of the week – as the intensity starts to decrease fraction by fraction you may crave some time and space to yourself. To integrate, to switch off from electronic overload, to hear yourself again. find a place in nature (if you can) that helps you to unwind and simply be. Look after yourself.
Overview for the week – as we’ve said this has the potential to be an intense week. If you need help you have to ask for it, and then be open to it. Blocking the help coming in is a waste of everyone’s time.

Decks used :

Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
FoxFire the Kitsune Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies