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Oracle card reading 2nd – 8th Nov 2020

photo of the 3 cards pulled for the weekly reading 2nd to 8th November 2020

Mon 2nd – Tue 3rd : Nonsense!

Oh what a hell of a card – so many meanings, so powerful and so empowering. Now all 3 cards may swap days about this week so don’t read the dates too rigidly with these.
I love this card as it reminds us that we can only put up with someones bulls&&t for so long without snapping – or at the very least seeing straight through it.
But it doesn’t mean we have to respond in kind – you can if it truly warrants it – it but sometimes one word spoken with strength is enough. Some examples? Sure how about:
It doesn’t have to be yelled, screamed, thrown about, accompanied with the pulling of hair – as you only feed into the energy that is causing the reaction.
With so much (oh so sodding much) nonsense out there how best to deal with it?
Firstly don’t judge – no really don’t. Many people have been silenced for years and are speaking up for the first time. Others are coming from places of anger, fear or denial. And that realisation has been sadly lacking in the last month or so across the board.
Allow a portion of understanding and compassion but if it needs to be called out then call it out. Be brave if it has to be you.
It may be that you are stepping into your own self empowerment and standing up for yourself for the first time. You may be standing up for someone else. It may be that you speaking up gives someone else the power and confidence to do so themselves.
It may be for some others of placing support behind those who are squaring up to people in power who are liking the sound of their own voice over everyone else a little too much.
Whatever it is you will know when the time is right.
And for some simply not engaging will be enough.
On the opposite foot for some and I hate to say it but will. You may be the one who is about to be challenged over words/behaviour etc.
Watch what you say and if called on it be honest with yourself first.
You may well have overstepped the mark and turned into the Queen of Hearts …….

Wed 4th – Thur 5th : Make a wish

A bit of a breather mid week (or whenever it hits for you). An opportunity to breathe, to pause and to daydream a while. Whilst we typically encourage going with the flow in terms of energy. Sometimes a little structure will prevent you from going down a stream someone else has decided is the right one for you.
We do add a caution here not to daydream so far you fall into delusion. The lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody have been playing over and over for me this week – so be careful of attempting to erase or escape your own reality.
Take a bit of time to feel into what you want to do, where you want to go and what in your heart feels the next best step for you on your pathway.
This little bit of knowledge and sense of self will be handy down the line. As you can discern if something presented to you is in alignment or not.
This gate has been opened by the dragon on the card – and for me this holds true in energy.
So go a little bit inwards and ask – what makes me smile, what makes me happy, and where do I feel I wish to go next. If unsure then ask for confirmation of guidance from your team/higher self in a form you can translate.
There are no limits other than those you set for yourself. And I know that slightly contradicts what is written above – but it’s needing to be said for a few of you.

Fri 6th – Sun 8th : Manage to be glad

Again a powerful card this one. And that is the ability to find happiness/joy regardless of what is going on around you.
It’s very easy (this year particularly) to be fed the story that everything is awful, people are horrible, the world is a terrible place and there will never be normal again.
Quite honestly this is all horsecr@p.
We all have the ability to streamline what energies we allow into ours. So if you need to cut a few of those streams off (main stream media, social media etc) then do it. By turning off that constant deluge of negativity it’s possible to find yourself again.
Of listening to your own inner voice and , again, being able to take a breath without a feeling of panic. Too much overstimulation can cause a spike in adrenaline – and that in turn is exhausting ….and can lead you to feeling unwell. So stop it in its tracks. You more than have the power.
Also do your best not to let someone else’s negative voice/fear/anger/my life is worse than yours……..into your head. It’s a projection. No-one truly understands what you have been through in your life until they walk in your shoes.
And vice versa. That statement is important.
We are all responsible for our own happiness – we can forget that.
So turn off the bombardment of “stuff” being thrown at you. Take a break and remember what makes you smile. Similar the the card for midweek – this only strengthens that message.
You can be happy.


Start of the week – time to power up and either walk away from or call out someones utter nonsense. You can do this is a very calm way without devolving to an angry ranting beast …..truly. So if it’s time then be strong. Or if someone else is doing the cease the bulls%%t dance then support them.
Mid week – take some time out to find yourself again. A few of us may have gotten a bit buried under other peoples expectations, assumptions etc. So ask yourself what you want to do, were you want to look next and set a few boundaries in place. That way when you go with the flow you don’t go too far down someone elses stream. Paddling back out may be tiring.
End of the week – again another nod towards your own self empowerment. And realising you are responsible for your own happiness. And you CAN be happy despite what is going on around you. Remember that and if its time then do something about it.

Decks used ;

Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Foxfire the Kitsune oracle both by Lucy Cavendish
   Dragon Ascension Therapies