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photo for energetic boundaries mini master class

Energetic Boundaries mini master class 21st March

photo for energetic boundaries mini master class


Amazing what your team can pop up when you ask them.

Some of the eagled eyed amongst you will already have seen this pop up. But I’ll confess I’ve had a few technical issues on the website. To be fair I have a feeling they were self induced as not the most tech savvy person.

However I shall prevail.

Coming up on 21st March at 6pm on Zoom webinar platform.

We have the space and time to chat about what energetic boundaries are, how they work, how to maintain them and more.

These are extremely important with the energies right now as so many are being over stepped on a daily basis.

Once you have the key you can set them up for yourself.

To book click here to reserve a ticket. And don’t worry if you can’t be there in person – it will be recorded.

See you there!

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OMG Facebook crashed! And?

Well thats the £64K question isn’t it. Facebook crashed worldwide for a bit. So what?
Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp they all went down.
But seriously, so what?


I mean really, so what if it crashed for 14 hours.
Was it the end of the world?
Did life suddenly stop?
Will I sound just a touch judgemental in these musings?
Perhaps but it’s for a reason, to challenge some perspectives. Hey that’s my role after all. And I’ll be honest I may swither about hitting publish on this one.

Curious one isn’t it.

I saw so many meltdowns brewing and then erupting. And some from VERY surprising directions. And a lot was full blown panic.

It is quite amusing when I look back at it but at the time I could feel myself getting wound up at the reactions.

Then I realised it wasn’t mine. Oh no this was the collective frustration at boiling point that I was reacting to.
It’s been glitchy for weeks if not the last month. I’ve seen and felt it so knew this was coming.
Not a huge shocker when eventually it dissolved in a puddle under it’s own weight. But for a lot of people apparently it was.

Ok, I get that.

Technology is fantastic when it’s working but an absolute bastard when it doesn’t. But it ISN’T the end of the world.

“But don’t you run a business via Facebook?”

Yes, I do. But that didn’t cause me any panic.

Because I view Facebook as a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. I refuse to give it more power than that.

It’s served me well for years because of this shift in my own perspective. It’s not the be all and end all for me. Yes it was a minor inconvenience. I realised something was up so went to Google, popped in “Facebook outage” and up it all came. I was able to take the time without distractions and concentrate on the website for a bit.

That was the whole point OF the website you see. My team asked the question a couple of years ago that if social media wasn’t there how would I communicate my message and my voice? I took it seriously and voila the website was born.
Yes it can be viewed as old school – but it works.

I knew it would be temporary, a day at least.

“How could you possibly know that?”

Think about it. If a bank website crashes you can bet your backside it’s up and running within hours. Why, because it’s bleeding out money by the second. That’s exactly what happened in this instance. There was no way the Facebook machine would allow a day of losing money.

Thats why I knew as soon as North America came back on line hey presto it would get fixed.

Call me a cynic if you wish but I was proved right.

So what’s the lesson in all of this?

There are a few I’ve been shown outright and a few that will bubble up over the next while.

The main one was our deep reliance and border line/full blown addiction to social media platforms.

When it was suddenly taken away the two sides of the coin were miles apart from each other.
One side either shrugged their shoulders and did something else, or didn’t even notice there was an issue.
The other side had a complete meltdown being cut off cold turkey.

I can see both sides of this, truly.

But I can also see the level of manipulation that’s taken things to this point. With the ability to think for yourself, to research and seek out information seemingly dissolved into the ether. We have become so used to having information regurgitated to us in a constant stream we’ve forgotten how to engage the old grey matter.

A case in point.
I had one very lovely customer who wanted to buy something from my sales group who couldn’t contact me through Facebook. So what did they do? Stopped for a second, went to an old invoice, found my email and sent me a message that way. All sorted within the space of a few minutes.

Simple, quick and painless.

If you take away the box you’ve put yourself into you can and will find other solutions.

“So are you stepping away from social media then?”

Unlikely but it has reminded me that having more than one avenue is no bad thing.
I’ll be looking into alternative platforms and building this site into something more than it is now.
To be more interactive, with the possibility of live webinars etc. Which I was in the process of doing before all this.

But it has also shown me the divide amongst the people I know and surround myself with.

I have to feel into this and decide a few things.

And that’s ok – that’s mine to take away and work with.

Best advice going forwards?

Next time social media is being unsociable do a bit of digging and don’t assume the worst. It’s likely to be a storm in a teacup.

photo for push back blog

When folk push your boundaries….and you decide to push back

A curious one this one when folk push your boundaries. Now normally I wouldn’t but this last week I’ve pushed back.

And pushed back fairly significantly if I’m brutally honest.


Yes, really. Everyone has a tipping point and I reached mine.
Now that will sound a lot more dramatic than it actually was.

To set the scene…….

As you know I go into observation mode quite a lot of the time – as it’s what I do. To see the bigger picture and get a sense of what I’m picking up on and why.

Most of the time this is enough . I take the time to sit with it and let whatever is coming up do so – then work out where it’s stemming from and go from there. Doing the work and integration etc etc etc

But sometimes,  just sometimes, I do things a little differently.

“How so?”

As you know over time I have developed very specific boundaries professionally and personally in keeping with what I do and what energies work through me. I’ve had to and most of the time this is respected.

But over the last week or so I’ve noticed and was made aware of people nudging at these – particularly the professional ones.

And this time round I’ll confess I pushed back.


I know, I know.

I’m not all sweetness and light so this shouldn’t come as a complete shock to folks – but it may have taken the ground out from under a few pairs of feet that I actually called folk on it.

And was seen to do it.

And no this is not aimed at anyone as I have a life outside of social media…..hard to believe but it’s true.

“You’re just kidding us on……..”

No, I really did call folk on their actions (and yes I have a life beyond FB). Not aggressively or in your face but it was done.

It’s not just myself who’s here to remember about boundaries, energy and playing fair.

We ALL are.

Sometimes I get called on things and that’s fine with me as I don’t always see it when I’m in the thick of it.

Sometimes I’m blinkered to my own actions and I need a wee shake or boot up the arse to GET IT.

So if I need reminding every now and again you can bet others do to.

So occasionally I get the green light from the team to let rip.

For anyone ever caught in the cross fire my apologies. But likely as not there’s a reason for that too.


“Ouch! That must smart!” photo for push back blog

Not all the time 🙂 it can be done gently and without ripping off the plaster, and I do have the skills to do it that way. Thank goodness!

So be aware of your boundaries and if folk overstep one time too many….push back.

You might be very interested to see what happens………