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Dragon meditation 6th Jan 2018

Live guided meditation time!

I was nudged by the team to facilitate another live guided meditation on Facebook. To work with the energies of New Moon, partial solar eclipse, solar storms and Uranus going direct.

Rather than limit this to those on FB I’ve opted to share it here for you as well. As I did with the last one, which you can access here.

The meditation itself starts around 6 minutes in on the video below.

A bit of info:

The space was held by my dragon, dinosaur and bird team.
This was a space to fully look into the core of who you are.

The photo above shows the crystal grid I was guided to help with this.



Dragon meditation

I’m hoping this will work so bear with me. I was nudged to facilitate a live guided Dragon meditation the other day on Facebook which went quite well.

So for those of you not on Facebook it’s a shame for you not to be able to access it. Hence this upload.

The meditation itself starts at about 5 minutes into the recording.