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Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Oracle card reading 19th – 25th Nov 2018

3rd time lucky as my tablet ate my homework…twice…..
This is a pretty in your face oracle card spread so it’s going to be a pretty blunt reading from me – buckle up

Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Mon 19th – Tue 20th : Power

Who here has been ignoring, running from or flat out denying their personal power? Of going with the crowd because its easier, of self censoring yourself so not to “upset” someone, of pleasing others, of going with what someone else wants even if you know it’s not right for you?? Pretty sure we all can pop our hands up for this at some stage.

Well enough.

Seriously enough.

This diminishing of self does not serve you in any way – it may serve others but thats their crap not yours.

We are right at the start of the current Mercury retrograde phase – and please do not start with the do’s and don’ts for this as I don’t resonate with these old outdated teachings. Think outside the box and realise that any retrograde season is simply a time to re-asses, re-visit, re-write…basically all the “re’s”. To find what is NOT working and do something about it.

So if you’ve been avoiding your own power I’m sorry folks but that sh*t ain’t going to fly anymore. Now is the time to work WITH the retrograde energies and really look at yourself and what makes you tick.

If its not working it’s time to bin it, to bring in what does work and re-write your script. Ditch old fear programming, others expectations and perceptions. Allow yourself to speak your truth, be heard, be seen, and stand in who you are once more.

You don’t have to scream and shout or cause a drama – it can be done from a calm , balanced standpoint and still have the same far reaching results.

Stop handing your power over to others as it only drains you …in fact check in with your solar plexus and see if it looks a bit flat or has cords in it that aren’t yours. Folk may be siphoning your energy without permission – I’ve had it done too many times to count so know what I’m talking about.

Take your power back, get rid of whatever isn’t working (you’ll know it when you hit on it) and be yourself. Not a puppet or what someone else wants you to be.

Roar if needed.
Just get on with it.

Wed 21st – Thur 22nd : Faith

And back to faith – of trusting what what happens is mean to . Things always happen for a reason – even of its not palatable at the time, with hindsight we see what was actually going on.

We discount our discernment so often that we forget we have FREE WILL at all times. Most things happen as we made a choice. So rather than playing victim face up to the fact that we create our own reality. If something isn’t panning out the way you want or had planned it probably was never meant to.

Attempting to force something to your will is never going to work. No matter how hard you keep trying. Indeed you may find things start to stagnate if you keep battering against a brick wall.

So start to have a bit of faith or trust in yourself , your abilities, your choices and remember that all things teach us something. Even the holy-crap-what-the f**k- was-I-thinking decisions show us something. If its something you aren’t likely to repeat then great lesson learned.

All it takes is a shift in perspective – to find the other ways of looking at something as it can show you a hell of a lot more than you may realise.

The more you start to trust in your gut, yourself, others and Source the more it ripples outwards.

Go on try it.

Fri 23rd – Sun 25th : Change of Mind

This is a brilliant end to this spread as it adds confirmation to all that has come before. And that is that we have FREE WILL always. We make decisions based on the best information we have to hand at the time.

You are ALLOWED to change your mind as you grow, shift and change.

What was true and right for you before may not be now. So be brave and let go, change your mind or perspective and try something that feels right, fits who your are NOW and be open to it changing again in time.

So many people panic when they read the word change. As change or the unknown can be scary – but it’s inevitable. Theres the saying that the only constant in life is change – and its true.

Learn to work with change rather than attempting to swim against it as you may find yourself moving a bit faster.

So trust your decisions, trust your ability to make an adjustment if needed.


Start of the week – no more pussy footing about. Time to reclaim your power , taking your voice back and letting your truth out. Do it. No more procrastination , it’s not needed. Remove your own self imposed chains and let yourself live.

Mid week – start to trust in yourself, and not a bit , a LOT. Silence or mute the inner critic and know you are doing the absolute best that you can right now. People can have an opinion that’s simply their perspective. Only you are living it right now so have faith in yourself right now. Be brave.

End of the week – we all have free will. And with that comes the ability to change your mind about anything in your life or about yourself when it no longer fits or serves you. Work with the energies and face up to what isn’t working, is there something you can do to change it? Great, the get on and get started. You are allowed to be you and that changes over time and with experience – so go with it.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish

photo for card readings blog

That “Ah ha!” moment

We all have them. That flash of insight that makes you go “Ah ha!” well I had one yesterday.

“Well? What was it?”

I’m getting to it.

It was an odd one – I’ve been dealing with a lot of old patterning and beliefs stemming back to my teenage years – letting them go, clearing them and forgiving them.

This one kind of crept up on me. I was doing an oracle card reading for someone and has a flash of realisation that I’ve been hiding from my full potential doing these readings. I know that sounds all a little too cryptic doesn’t it.

“Just a tad”

I know!

So some background – in my late teens I was given a tarot deck – nothing fancy just a simple tarot deck and guidebook. I started to work with it and after a bit of time offered to try a few readings for my friends.

They started getting accurate…..very accurate. I’ll be honest I scared the bejesus out of myself and put them away never to be worked with again.

Hindsight is 20:20 vision

In hindsight I realise now I wasn’t in the space I am now to be able too understand what I was picking up on. So it put me off.

Fast forward quite a few years later and I was gifted an angel oracle deck – I had, obviously, some negative connotations around the word Tarot – so Oracle felt safer to someone really just starting out.

I found that I enjoyed working with them but only used them for myself – and after a few years for some other very close friends. You know the usual, drawing the cards and looking up in the book what it meant 🙂 nothing wrong with that, we all learn somehow.

Fast forwards a few more years and my collection of decks was a tad higher *ahem up in the 20’s* I was a bit more confident and decided on a whim I’d pop up a reading on my FB page.

“Sounds relatively straight forwards”

Yes, it may read like the in black and white but it took a MASSIVE amount of trust to do that. So many other people I knew and followed on FB did incredible readings and I felt a little out of my depth but I felt the fear and did it anyway.

“But you say don’t compare yourself to others”

I know – but this is simply to show you I’m still human and still get the wobbles and that’s ok.

So I did occasional readings or card pulls till I started to build up more confidence to keep doing them weekly. When I look back at the original ones I started with I see how far things have progressed but I’m jumping ahead of myself again.

So for a good 6-8 months I was doing my weekly readings – enjoying them , getting practice. And then I got asked if I could do a reading for another person. Eeeeeep!!!! Oh my god – someone wants me to read for them and pay me to do it???! PANIC, PANIC, PANIC…grab the brown paper bag she’s going to pass out!!!!!!!

I know it seems a bit funny now but at the time I just about sh*t myself – honestly!

Leap of faith

So I did it. And you know what? It went just fine. As of course it was always going to – I had no faith in myself.

Those of you who know my FB page know I do a weekly reading every Sunday and have done for what feels like ages – but I’ve noticed a step change in them. They aren’t light and fluffy – they can go in a very different direction to others that go up on the same day or they can almost echo the same sentiment. They are becoming more in depth – and I’m working with them intuitively. I’m sensing what comes through direct and not relying on the guidebooks.


My decks change every 6 month or so as my vibration changes. Which is perfect otherwise the energy would stagnate. So as soon as a deck hasn’t been worked with for a while I release it.

photo for card readings blog“So this “Ah ha!” moment you spoke of ????”

Yes – I realised that I have been self limiting myself HUGELY on my card readings I do for others.
I play it down, a lot.
I don’t advertise them as I assume there are others out there who can do much better than myself

And I caught myself at it yesterday – wait a minute! Seriously what was I doing?

I was listening to my teenage self without really knowing it. Bless her. Letting her fear take over and keep things suppressed.

I am just a channel for my team – truly.

These cards are simply another form of communication with them that I can translate in a visual manner – I’m a visual learner always have been. So I can interpret what I see and the patterns that come forwards. Or the words that flow when I type up the reading – trust me what I go to say and what I type can be veeeeeeeeery different.

Sometimes when I read them back I can’t believe I was quite that eloquent ….until I twig it wasn’t me. I’m at peace with that – I’m laughing as I type this thats’s how at peace with it I honestly am.

Now to be very precise I don’t work with Spirit – that’s a conscious choice I made several years ago.

I’m not a psychic medium nor do I have any pull towards that type of work.

What comes through in the readings is a direct link with Source via my team/higher self as a filtration system of sorts. Or a go-between.

“So this teenage self thing….”

We had a chat.
I told her it was ok to let go of the fear as it’s ok.
I have more understanding now than I did then and my discernment works in such a way its ok.
She let go 🙂

“So what happens now?”

We go with the flow and see where it ends up.

I’m being more open now that this is a form of work that I do and am HAPPY to do for others. It’s all about interpretation and thats why it’s by email only for now. I like to sense check I’m getting the right message before I pass them across.

So if you haven’t seen them please by all means have a look at my FB page for some examples and see if they resonate, or have a look here and see if anything feels right.


No. More. Hiding.