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photo of 3 cards drawn for oracle card reading for th 6th to the 12th of January 2020

Oracle card reading 6th – 12th Jan 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for oracle card reading for th 6th to the 12th of January 2020

Mon 6th – Tue 7th : Artemis of the Forest

Curious card this and I can see it speaking in a couple of different ways. The secondary meaning on the card which you may not be able to read is now you are independent and free.

For some this may be a kick (gentle or otherwise) to truly see you CAN rely on yourself. If you have been taught or programmed to believe you have to rely on others to provide comfort, food, shelter it’s time to see this falsehood for what it is. Control through fear.

We are all more than capable of looking after ourselves when we give ourselves the chance to do so. Look at the relationships you have – do you rely on them to provide you something? Is it something you could find within or provide for yourself? Are you reliant on this person (s) without realising you have handed over control to them?

This can be messy and may jolt you a little.

And no I don’t include those looking after children of the vulnerable – that is something very different.
Look honestly and what turns up for you and ask is it something you could change or wish to change?

You may surprise yourself when you give yourself permission to take responsibility back. Of truly starting to become autonomous.

For some others you may be encouraged to go back to basics in some way. Or you may have your hand forced slightly. If possible see it as an opportunity to reset rather than a punishment or a hardship – for it isn’t. That’s the old control talking to keep you in the box, so to speak.

This rediscovery of self reliance may for some others be a soft gentle process – like the deer in the card themselves. Self reliant yet gentle creatures.

Which ever way this manifests for you TRUST you have the inner strength to do the needful.

Wed 8th – Thur 9th : Gentle Release

A slight respite midweek. This is a gentle card – so it shouldn’t be a huge exhausting energetic release (it may be but that’s not what I’m picking up).

See the bright light at the centre of the card? This is you – what is gently flowing outwards is what you are letting go. Old hurts, old beliefs, old habits. Softly and in a controlled manner.

This is the soft ripple on a pond rather than the storm. A reminder again that these things can be done in a way that is easier to integrate.Self work and self care doesn’t always need to be emergency measures or painful. Let go of the expectation that it SHOULD be.

For those of you who feel drawn to working with the angelic realm this may be a direction of support for you this week.

This card also shows me of issues around the throat or of being silenced being lifted off energy systems. As i resonate with blue with the throat chakra. If you feel anything popping up physically – such as a sore throat or a cough allow it (if you can) to play out. Sometimes when we clear in specific areas of the energy field it can show up as something physical for a short time.

Fri 10th – Sun 12th : Strange companions in Strange places

I did say it may be a short respite mid week. This card is more thinking outside of the box.

We can see Alice and Snow White in the cards and when you look at their stories didn’t they live through a lot of weird shit. But they adapted to the situation at hand and tried different things to move forwards.

We are being shown quite clearly that when we have challenges popping up – especially repeating themes – it may be time to try something a bit different. Of turning your current thinking on its head and come at it from a left of field direction. Or even more simply a different direction than you would do normally.

This is a nod back to the start of the week of finding your own feet. Of taking back control for where you may have handed it over to others – knowingly or otherwise.

Start to listen to your own guidance for a while and if others offer ideas or opinion decide for yourself if it’s for you or now. Many people mean well but are coming from their own perspective which is unlikely to be exactly the same as yours . Discernment is the wy to go right now.

You do have people/guides who will support you – they may not have stepped forwards as yet but trust they are there.

A big week to come back to the core of who you are and what makes you tick.


Start of the week : take time to look at where you are reliant on others for some aspect of your life. Is this something you could do for yourself in some way? If yes give it a go – self reliance is important. You do’t have to reject people or help out of hand . It can be done in a gentle way to not cause hurt especially if you are shifting something that has been there for years. You will find the way thats right for you.

Mid week – a gentle release from your systems. Of things which no longer serve a purpose – but more like a trickle rather than a flood. If it resonates the angelic realms are excellent support for this type of work.

End of the week – again a nod to self reliance and taking back control of your life. Of thing and STEPPING outside of the box you have been in. Of using your creativity to find other ways and paths that make sense to you.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 card spread for my reading week commencing 7th October 2019

Oracle card reading 7th – 13th Oct 2019

photo of 3 card spread for my reading week commencing 7th October 2019

Mon 7th – Tue 8th: Encoded

Ok this week is another kick up the backside in all honesty – so I’ll try and soften it a bit if I can.

Start of the week we are told once again to look deeper than surface level. There’s so much mistruth, misdirection and drama that at times we can miss the obvious sitting right in front of our noses.

You have the skill and the ability to sense past what is presented to you – you just have to ENGAGE it. So if something looks or feels better than expected take a moment and REALLy sense into it. Is it as bright and shiny as it seems or is it a bright and shiny wrapper round something very different.

When you look at the actual card you start to see hidden shapes and patterns emerge. Like the old magic eye pictures from way back when. Once you have the ability to shift your perspective you start to have more visibility.

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : Storm

We all have storms in our lives – but how we weather them is important.

for those having a storm right now this is just a nod to you and to remind you it will pass. You have the ability to ride it out – crappy though it may be. There is always sun after the storm – it takes a bit of time and faith but it does happen. You will come through this.

To those coming out of said storm – feels calmer doesn’t it? So what came up for you in that time that you feel you can mend, heal or let go? As I can bet something did. The whole thing about having the foundations shaken is that it shows you the weak spots.

To those neither in nor recovering from a storm – cut those around you a little slack. Or be a support if you can. You never know when it may be your turn.

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : Vibration

Another kick up the rear end that all is energy. All around you is energy. YOU are energy.

So what frequency are you emitting and vibrating to? Is it in alignment of can you see or hear an off-key note?

If yes time to do something about it.

The move you dig into your own energy the more quickly you can spot when something isn’t quite as it should be. And to take action – not to ignore it in the hopes it’ll settle. Oh no – we’re being asked to take action, do the work and show you can and do have the ability to keep moving forwards.

For some others this is a gentler reminder (well ish) to look after your energy – you are not a battery for anyone else. By all means we are here to help others but not at the expense of draining your resources – I am talking energy here but it can be expanded out if that resonates for you.

Boundaries are not a dirty word – it’s your energetic line if the sand of what you will accept and what you won’t. And you do not need to justify it to anyone else.

But a minder to respect your own boundaries – if you see fit to break them you send a message that everyone else can too.

Sense check what you have in place and if a bit of work is needed now is the ideal time.


Start of the week – look beneath the surface of what’s being presented to you. You may start to realise there’s more going on than at first meets the eye. And no it’s not all doom and gloom by the way – you may find the fab things below the surface that give you a spring in your step.

Mid week – a reminder we all have our storms in our life but we have the ability and strength to see them through. Do what you need to and you can weather it. Whatever comes up for your attention make sure and deal with it.

End of the week – does the term self care ring a bell? Have you been allowing others to take a bit too much of your energy? Well it may be time to address your boundaries and see where they are slipping – and then do something about it.

So yes a kick up the rear end but perhaps we’ve been needing it (raises hand)

Decks used:

Path or the Soul
Return of Spirit
both by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

Photos of the 3 card spread for the oracle reading 22nd to 28th July 2019

Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th July 2019

Photos of the 3 card spread for the oracle reading 22nd to 28th July 2019
Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th July 2019

Mon 22nd – Tue 23rd : Power

This card to me is all about your own personal power – your own energy and getting comfortable with it. Of standing in your own shoes and starting to see the many aspects that make you YOU.

Begin getting to know and understand what makes you tick and what doesn’t. Start pulling pieces of yourself back from where you have given them away.

Power doesn’t need to be about prestige, money, appearance etc . That’s just one (rather outdated) translation.

It doesn’t need to be loud, aggressive or argumentative. Power can be softly spoken, kind and compassionate.

So if you have been shying away from really looking at yourself now is a time to start. To acknowledge who you are even if you have no clue right now. Starting the process is important.

To those who have been hiding your light or protecting it remember it’s going to shine regardless – so let it out for a bit instead. Be hiding it you are disempowering yourself – just let that sink in.

For those who have been having energy drained by others it may be time to call a halt on that. Of setting clear and defined boundaries so that your energy can no longer be pinched to feed others.

Reclaim yourself.

Wed 24th – Thur 25th : Orca magic

Now that we have started to reclaim out own personal power and energies we may start to find wisdom or remembering stepping forwards.

The secondary meaning to this card is the Akashic libraries open. For some this means old long held knowledge, understanding or simply knowing will raise its head.

For others this may be a nod to the shifting energies around us and for the planet – to look to the sky and seek out wisdom held in the constellations. To see the connection between all. And understand to help one helps all.

Doing your own self work ripples out further than you know. The work you do for yourself you do for others through that connection. We all play our part even if at times we are not aware of it.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Fearless

This is a great card as I have been speaking about this very thing in one of my groups a few days ago.

Fear – in whatever form it manifests – is a powerful inhibitor. With the ability to stop us from shifting, evolving and moving forwards.

Fear can stop us in our tracks and abandon plans.

It can control all it touches – so lets look at it head on.

What are your fears and where in your body do you feel resistance when you seek to challenge them? Your body is giving you guidance of where to work on yourself to free your energy and spirit. Listen to it. The guidance is solid.

When you can look at your fears, see and determine where they stem from, if indeed they are even ours, you take the power out of it. You reclaim yourself.

Where you can dissolve the fear completely you can surge forwards. For some it’s having the fear and doing it anyway – of pushing through. But only you can determine what is right for you.

What’s right for one person or mentor isn’t automatically right for all. That old chestnut of one size does not fit all comes to mind.

This week is all about finding the path to your self empowerment – observe what comes in, observe your feelings and emotions around it …and the guidance will present itself.


Start of the week : time to start taking your power and energy back from where it has been taken or given away. Be reclaiming yourself and taking responsibility for your actions, feelings and beliefs you begin to understand yourself that bit deeper. It doesn’t have to be done in a panic or in anger – it can be done in calm, gentle softer manner.

Mid week – a few of you may be guided to seek out your birth charts for some extra guidance or understanding. For other it may be physically going outside and looking at the night sky to see and feel the connection we have to all. When you can sense the connection rather than the disconnection you may find all sorts of knowledge stored within or with your direct connection to Source coming through.

End of the week – time to be fearless – to look at where you feel or store fear in yourself and tackling it. Shining a light on it may make it a bit smaller and easier to deal with. For others it may be releasing fear and moving forwards. Of letting go of the ties that keep us motionless and stagnant.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish



Dragon Ascension Therapies

3 card spread for weekly reading 24th - 30th June 2019

Oracle card reading 24th – 30th June 2019

3 card spread for weekly reading 24th - 30th June 2019
Oracle card reading for 24th – 30th June 2019

Mon 24th – Tue 25th: Intuition

Ok another big week for self work it would seem. First up we have Intuition or as I prefer to call it discernment. Of paying attention to the messages you get from all directions. Of filtering through them and getting to the truth at the centre. Not taking the pretty packaging at face value.

We all have discernment/intuition/gut reactions & feelings – learn to trust what you are getting. The more you listen, observe and take it on board the more you get coming through.

While some of it may be uncomfortable it’s very much worth doing. Think of it as a safety filter if you will.

Of beginning to know and trust what’s right for you and what is not. And of stepping back from the latter.

If unsure ask your gut what it feels – and go with it.

When we ignore our gut instincts it can go a bit wrong an take a while to sort out. So cut out the extra work…

For some others you may find an increase in your ability to perceive what is around you but currently “unseen”. By this I mean your connection to source through awareness.

Pay attention to the signs and markers and you’ll be fine.

Wed 26th – Thur 27th : Surfacing

Time for this card to pop back up again.

This is a message or nudge for some that you have your own energies, talents and gifts rising to the surface of who you are. If you’ve been hiding them you’re going to find it really difficult to keep doing that. They are coming up regardless if you want them to or not.

Embrace who you are at your core, let your colourful aspects of self be seen. They all blend together to make you who you are.

To hide or shun it dims your light and your energy. Instead let it shine for all to see. If that makes you feel a little uncomfortable start with letting YOURSELF see your own light.

For some others you may be given the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone . To let others see the depth that you hold – even if it scares the crap out of you. Be it public speaking, the written word, being seen as someone who knows what they are talking about. In some way you will be asked to step up and walk your talk.

Do it.

Be brave, feel the fear, say sod it, and do it anyway. We don’t progress if we don’t make strides into evolving. Into facing the fears head on and deciding not to let them win.

I’m making strides in this direction (things in the pipeline as I type) so trust me you can too.

Fri 28th – Sun 30th : Shifting

Love this. For me this card is about shifting your perspective, your out dated beliefs or stepping into a vibrational shift.

Some of you may be teetering on the cusp of an integration/shift as we speak. they can spin you out a touch and take you out of your routine. But go with it – see where it leads you, what newness comes in and whats stagnant energies are removed. A shift is a good thing – although I will admit it doesn’t always feel it at the time. With hindsight though you see the benefit.

For some other (raises hand) you may find you are coming to the end of a period of shift/integration and it’s time to fully transition into the new vibration you find yourself in. Of adjusting to where you now find yourself. Give yourself a moment to adjust before you go hell for leather – tempting though it is. Even a butterfly needs a rest before it tests it’s new wings just out of the chrysalis.


Start of the week – time to listen to your gut instincts and using your discernment. To fully see what’s going or around you , or even to call yourself on your own crap. The more you listen and observe the more you will become aware of. And that’s no bad thing.

Mid week – let all your colours be seen and heard. All parts of who you are blend to make the whole – so try and not hide or shut down any aspects – embrace them instead. Accept who you are right now and make friends with yourself. For some you may be nudged or outright pushed out of your comfort zone – just go with it. You never know where you may end up if you just give it a go.

End of the week – shift time! Either going into one or coming out of one. Give yourself time either way and adjust to the changes. You’ll thank yourself later.

Deck used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish



Dragon Ascension Therapies

Oracle card reading 4th – 10th March 2019

Oracle card reading for 4th – 10th March 2019



Mon 4th – Tue 5th : Take flight

Can you see the butterfly in the middle of this card? Yes?

For me this is all about taking that first flight after emerging from your cocoon. Of letting your wings unfurl and dry on the breeze, getting used to the newness and being gentle with yourself.

This is not a fight or flight warning of dangers ahead. This is more about letting yourself be seen, coming out of your shell and letting yourself fly high for a change.

So much has changed in the past weeks and months that it can be tempting to stick your head under the covers and stay there. But even now you may be feeling soft urges to have a look around, come out of your self enforced hibernation . Even if its just a peek.

Give it a try.

Flutter those wings of yours and try even a short flight as you get used to who you are right now.

Reach out and you may find new people coming into your life who give you space and the confidence to be yourself. To let your ideas come out, to let you be you as you are now. This confidence given the right energy will grow and build and let your light shine that bit brighter.

Be kind to yourself above all else right now.

Wed 6th – Thur 7th : Dragonfly Mermaid

Another totem with wings – the dragonfly this time. So sensing a theme about movement and transformation.

At times we get so embroiled in the day to day stuff that we can stifle our progress and concentrate on the not so great aspects. But at other times when we do the work, see the good around us and concentrate on gratitude something unexpected can happen.

Unexpected news or something completely out of the blue or even extreme good luck can drop in your lap. And for some thats exactly what’s about to happen. It may feel random, or “Oh my god that’s exactly what I need!” but it’s not random.

This is simply a reflection of how you have changed and shifted perspective and perception along the way that you free up space for magic to happen. Go with it as it may well benefit more than just yourself.

Fri 8th – Sun 10th : Prayers

Continuing on this is a marker that your prayers are being heard.

You are being seen and heard right now even if it doesn’t feel like it. Keep going and you may start to find confirmations coming through in a way you can more easily translate.

If you’ve been feeling a bit cut off from your teams/guides/and whatnot this may be a gentle reminder to start up again. To sit in meditation, to write, to get outside. However you connect with them upstairs give it another go.

If that statement is making you twitch then perhaps you’ve been ignoring this side of yourself. There’s no judgement at all as I say this its only an observation. Try some different approaches if you feel so guided and it may open up new avenues of communication for you.

And a slight caution however of being very aware of what you are asking for as you may just get it. Remember that sometimes what we want is not what we need. And we can get what we need instead of what we want at times.

So be very clear before you ask. The powers that be can be very literal at times.


Start of the week – let yourself be seen, open up and you may find new people coming forwards who will support you. Who will help your confidence grow and let your light shine that bit brighter. So much has changed for and around you that it take s a bit of courage to put yourself out there . Know you aren’t alone in this.

Mid week – some of you may have unexpected out of the blue news – of the great variety. Go with it – it’s never as random as it may appear on the surface. For others it may be an opportunity to readdress something that perhaps isn’t quite working.

End of the week – your prayers are being heard and some are being answered. But be specific and clear on what you are asking for as at times what we want and what we actually need are two very different things.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Photograph of the cards pulled for the reading 28th January to 3rd February 2019.

Oracle card reading 28th Jan – 3rd Feb 2019

Photograph of the cards pulled for the reading 28th January to 3rd February 2019.


Mon 28th – Tue 29th : The Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet

Interesting card as the sub-title is “You are stronger than you think you are”. What I’m getting very clearly with this is one are you having self doubts. OR are you making excuses for yourself.

It’s a curious question as all too often we can doubt ourselves and write things off from a fear of failure or even a fear of success. Which is fine. We all have these doubts about certain aspects of our lives and can cause delays or a lengthening of a process/situation that could have been handled a bit quicker if we’d done what came up in the first instance.

This is a time to dig a bit deeper and ask where this fear or resistance is stemming from. And if its yours what you can do to move it on. Personal work like this is always worth it and when you look back you realise how far you’ve come.

When you tackle self doubt head on you can move mountains.


As to the other well. This is a bit of tough love coming through from my team to whomever needs to read it (raises hand).
Even if you don’t have the whole picture or all the pieces it doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you DO have. Throwing your hands up in the air and saying “I can’t because of x,y,z “ will fall on deaf ears. Making excuses for inaction won’t cut it any longer.
(and yes part of this is aimed squarely at me)

If you can’t see or do something then keep working till you find it or find another way round it. If like myself you’re fully aware there are things going on just at the edges of your awareness doesn’t mean it’s time to coast or be lazy. It won’t just fall into your lap from thin air. Have a word with yourself and really look at your excuses and why you’re trundling them out.

Get off your arse and do something about it. Yes it may push you past your comfort zone but the things in life we grow from come from this exact point. If you continue to coast you won’t grow and that the excuse you make for yourself, and only you can address it.

Harsh but honest. Are you being the same with yourself?

Wed 30th – Thur 31st: Right Order

Ok following on from the boot up the proverbial above this is a minder that things happen as and when they are supposed to. There is a natural order to things.

Sometimes its utterly frustrating but does teach about patience…eventually. But with this patience can come a need or feeling to clear clutter. To make space. Either physically or energetically.

By physically doing the tasks you’ve been putting off (UK folks I’m talking about tax returns that are due to be submitted 31st Jan no more faffing unless you want a fine!), clearing out the room that’s been annoying you, sorting out paperwork and discarding what is no longer needed, donating unused items, letting go of things we no longer connect with ……this all creates space for what is coming in.

Energetically letting go of what’s no longer serving or holding us back creates space for what is integrating.

If you have an urge to clear out I say go for it. It’s creating space for something new.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : A time to say goodbye

And the last card really does tie in with the rear end kicking and nudge to de-clutter. That in doing so you WILL be able to let go of something. It may be painful for some and a huge relief for others.

It may even be you are closing the door on it for now and it may return in a different form when the time is right.

Try and not see it as something to be sad about (but if you do then honour your feelings as who am I to dictate otherwise ) Instead see it as simply the end of a cycle, the turn of the wheel, time for a new cycle to begin.

It’s an opportunity to really sense check where you are with things. Ultimately will letting go allow you to move forwards and grow? Most likely in some way if you really go into the depths of it. Change is the only constant in life and we get reminders of this all the time. We learn and grow for these and rise again like a Phoenix – work with this energy and these cycles.


Potentially interesting week this one.

Start of the week – are you not doing something out of fear or are you just making excuses for inactivity? Dive deep, be brutally honest with yourself. Only you can challenge this and make the steps forwards no matter how many nudges or hints you get from others. This is your path so start walking it. Because you CAN. Even if you don’t believe it right now.

Mid week – if you have a deep urge to clear clutter, spring clean, or look deep into yourself the do it. By clearing space physically, emotionally or energetically you put a call out to the Universe that you are ready for something new. Something that is waiting to come in and can see the new shiny landing.

End of the week – time to let something come to the end of its cycle and let it go. It may be painful for you , it may give you a massive sense of relief. Whatever it is know you are able to bear it – and when you look back you will realise why it happened. By letting go new cycles can begin………

Decks used:

Oracle or the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Oracle card reading 7th – 13th Jan 2018

Mon 7th – Tue 8th: Butterflies in Gloom

Hmmm we appear to have a potential week of two halves playing out.

The start of the week , for some, may feel a bit bleak, heavy or flat. This is quite normal for the time of year. The collective can feel a bit sluggish from over doing things in December. Then rolls round new year which is supposed to be a bright shiny thing or so we are programmed to believe. But it isn’t. And it can leave you feeling the January blues.

Added to this today’s combination of new moon, partial solar eclipse, solar activity and Uranus (I believe) going direct it’s quite a lot to take in. It may have you feeling a little wiped out.

Those of you like myself who recalibrate to a 12 month cycle at a different date will know exactly what I’m referring to. As you’ll be seeing it playing out around you – as I am. Not to you but around you. Very important definition to keep in mind.

So if you are feeling a bit flat, down or just out of sorts that’s ok. It’s where you are. And you are far from alone. This card is here as a reminder that things WILL improve in time. The old saying of “there’s always sunshine after the rain”.

Even if it rains for a month solid the sun does indeed come back.
Hold onto that.

So if you find yourself looking backwards try not to focus on the negative aspects as in these energies you may pull more towards you. It’s potent stuff and what you focus on gets your attention and sends a message to the Universe.

See where you started to where you are now and I’m pretty confident you’ll start to see the positive things that happened or are set to happen.

I won’t be trite and say “chin up it’ll be fine” as I’m not standing in your shoes living your life. What I’m saying is things will have a way of resolving themselves in time. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel when you feel it.

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : Universal connection

And the energy shifts again if you choose to embrace it.

Some of you, myself included, may have been feeling as if your very a bit disconnected from yourself and your team for a while. And while it may have come with a sigh of relief that you could rest it can and may have lead to frustration of not being able to move forwards.

What I’ve being shown – and have noticed myself since last week – is that connection is back. Bigger and louder than ever. You may not feel it yet but believe me it’s right there.

Reach out to you team, guides, guardians, guardian angels and whatnot. You may get more than you bargained for. Things are already going like a freight train when you step into fully you’ll get exactly what I mean by that.

If it helps try writing.
Write down your frustrations, your fears, your anger.
And then look at what you’ve written.
What are your gut responses to what you have put down in black and white?
Is it something you have control over? If yes what can you do to change it. I no well what can you do to shift your perception.
You may even spot a pattern and be able to drill back to where it stems from.
You won’t know unless you give it a go.

Try creative writing or automatic writing. Allow your higher self to take over. It may feel odd to start with but once you get out of your own way (my mantra this year) and it begins to flow you may be astonished what comes out by your hand.

Write down what you feel you wish to bring in this year. I don’t mean resolutions. The energy attached to that is one of bound to fail. I mean write your intentions. When you put in on paper or document it electronically you actually start the process.

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : Dragonfly Mermaid

See the wheel turns this week as this is a pretty positive card.

This hints that for of you may get unexpected good news completely out of the blue. Something you didn’t see coming.

This is to show how much things have changed – not a reward as such but more like recognition of the self work you’ve been doing. It takes time and energy put the pay off is YOUR energy changing and shifting. Of shifting in vibration and coming more into alignment.

With that comes flow. And this news is part of that flow.

You have attracted it you you so embrace it and work with it. This is part of the flow of abundance and once you step in you won’t want to step out.

I don’t have much more to say about this one other than enjoy what comes forwards.


Start of the week: for some you might be feeling a bit flat or a bit down. That’s ok it’s just where you are right now. If you are looking backwards try not to focus on the negative but instead observe how much has changed and what you have learned. Find the positive spots and focus on them – this helps the light come back in.

Mid week : been feeling a bit disconnected lately? Lets turn that on it’s head – write down your feelings and see what you can do about it to change things. Burn what you’ve written to help release them. You’re feeling of connection is coming back – and if you’ve already seen evidence of it then strap in folks it’s VERY fast moving.

End of the week : some potentially brilliant yet unexpected good news/luck may be heading your way. Enjoy it, embrace it and keep doing your work. It allows to to let the flow open up around you.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Oracle card reading 19th – 25th Nov 2018

3rd time lucky as my tablet ate my homework…twice…..
This is a pretty in your face oracle card spread so it’s going to be a pretty blunt reading from me – buckle up

Photo of oracle card reading for 19-25 November 2018

Mon 19th – Tue 20th : Power

Who here has been ignoring, running from or flat out denying their personal power? Of going with the crowd because its easier, of self censoring yourself so not to “upset” someone, of pleasing others, of going with what someone else wants even if you know it’s not right for you?? Pretty sure we all can pop our hands up for this at some stage.

Well enough.

Seriously enough.

This diminishing of self does not serve you in any way – it may serve others but thats their crap not yours.

We are right at the start of the current Mercury retrograde phase – and please do not start with the do’s and don’ts for this as I don’t resonate with these old outdated teachings. Think outside the box and realise that any retrograde season is simply a time to re-asses, re-visit, re-write…basically all the “re’s”. To find what is NOT working and do something about it.

So if you’ve been avoiding your own power I’m sorry folks but that sh*t ain’t going to fly anymore. Now is the time to work WITH the retrograde energies and really look at yourself and what makes you tick.

If its not working it’s time to bin it, to bring in what does work and re-write your script. Ditch old fear programming, others expectations and perceptions. Allow yourself to speak your truth, be heard, be seen, and stand in who you are once more.

You don’t have to scream and shout or cause a drama – it can be done from a calm , balanced standpoint and still have the same far reaching results.

Stop handing your power over to others as it only drains you …in fact check in with your solar plexus and see if it looks a bit flat or has cords in it that aren’t yours. Folk may be siphoning your energy without permission – I’ve had it done too many times to count so know what I’m talking about.

Take your power back, get rid of whatever isn’t working (you’ll know it when you hit on it) and be yourself. Not a puppet or what someone else wants you to be.

Roar if needed.
Just get on with it.

Wed 21st – Thur 22nd : Faith

And back to faith – of trusting what what happens is mean to . Things always happen for a reason – even of its not palatable at the time, with hindsight we see what was actually going on.

We discount our discernment so often that we forget we have FREE WILL at all times. Most things happen as we made a choice. So rather than playing victim face up to the fact that we create our own reality. If something isn’t panning out the way you want or had planned it probably was never meant to.

Attempting to force something to your will is never going to work. No matter how hard you keep trying. Indeed you may find things start to stagnate if you keep battering against a brick wall.

So start to have a bit of faith or trust in yourself , your abilities, your choices and remember that all things teach us something. Even the holy-crap-what-the f**k- was-I-thinking decisions show us something. If its something you aren’t likely to repeat then great lesson learned.

All it takes is a shift in perspective – to find the other ways of looking at something as it can show you a hell of a lot more than you may realise.

The more you start to trust in your gut, yourself, others and Source the more it ripples outwards.

Go on try it.

Fri 23rd – Sun 25th : Change of Mind

This is a brilliant end to this spread as it adds confirmation to all that has come before. And that is that we have FREE WILL always. We make decisions based on the best information we have to hand at the time.

You are ALLOWED to change your mind as you grow, shift and change.

What was true and right for you before may not be now. So be brave and let go, change your mind or perspective and try something that feels right, fits who your are NOW and be open to it changing again in time.

So many people panic when they read the word change. As change or the unknown can be scary – but it’s inevitable. Theres the saying that the only constant in life is change – and its true.

Learn to work with change rather than attempting to swim against it as you may find yourself moving a bit faster.

So trust your decisions, trust your ability to make an adjustment if needed.


Start of the week – no more pussy footing about. Time to reclaim your power , taking your voice back and letting your truth out. Do it. No more procrastination , it’s not needed. Remove your own self imposed chains and let yourself live.

Mid week – start to trust in yourself, and not a bit , a LOT. Silence or mute the inner critic and know you are doing the absolute best that you can right now. People can have an opinion that’s simply their perspective. Only you are living it right now so have faith in yourself right now. Be brave.

End of the week – we all have free will. And with that comes the ability to change your mind about anything in your life or about yourself when it no longer fits or serves you. Work with the energies and face up to what isn’t working, is there something you can do to change it? Great, the get on and get started. You are allowed to be you and that changes over time and with experience – so go with it.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish

photo for card readings blog

That “Ah ha!” moment

We all have them. That flash of insight that makes you go “Ah ha!” well I had one yesterday.

“Well? What was it?”

I’m getting to it.

It was an odd one – I’ve been dealing with a lot of old patterning and beliefs stemming back to my teenage years – letting them go, clearing them and forgiving them.

This one kind of crept up on me. I was doing an oracle card reading for someone and has a flash of realisation that I’ve been hiding from my full potential doing these readings. I know that sounds all a little too cryptic doesn’t it.

“Just a tad”

I know!

So some background – in my late teens I was given a tarot deck – nothing fancy just a simple tarot deck and guidebook. I started to work with it and after a bit of time offered to try a few readings for my friends.

They started getting accurate…..very accurate. I’ll be honest I scared the bejesus out of myself and put them away never to be worked with again.

Hindsight is 20:20 vision

In hindsight I realise now I wasn’t in the space I am now to be able too understand what I was picking up on. So it put me off.

Fast forward quite a few years later and I was gifted an angel oracle deck – I had, obviously, some negative connotations around the word Tarot – so Oracle felt safer to someone really just starting out.

I found that I enjoyed working with them but only used them for myself – and after a few years for some other very close friends. You know the usual, drawing the cards and looking up in the book what it meant 🙂 nothing wrong with that, we all learn somehow.

Fast forwards a few more years and my collection of decks was a tad higher *ahem up in the 20’s* I was a bit more confident and decided on a whim I’d pop up a reading on my FB page.

“Sounds relatively straight forwards”

Yes, it may read like the in black and white but it took a MASSIVE amount of trust to do that. So many other people I knew and followed on FB did incredible readings and I felt a little out of my depth but I felt the fear and did it anyway.

“But you say don’t compare yourself to others”

I know – but this is simply to show you I’m still human and still get the wobbles and that’s ok.

So I did occasional readings or card pulls till I started to build up more confidence to keep doing them weekly. When I look back at the original ones I started with I see how far things have progressed but I’m jumping ahead of myself again.

So for a good 6-8 months I was doing my weekly readings – enjoying them , getting practice. And then I got asked if I could do a reading for another person. Eeeeeep!!!! Oh my god – someone wants me to read for them and pay me to do it???! PANIC, PANIC, PANIC…grab the brown paper bag she’s going to pass out!!!!!!!

I know it seems a bit funny now but at the time I just about sh*t myself – honestly!

Leap of faith

So I did it. And you know what? It went just fine. As of course it was always going to – I had no faith in myself.

Those of you who know my FB page know I do a weekly reading every Sunday and have done for what feels like ages – but I’ve noticed a step change in them. They aren’t light and fluffy – they can go in a very different direction to others that go up on the same day or they can almost echo the same sentiment. They are becoming more in depth – and I’m working with them intuitively. I’m sensing what comes through direct and not relying on the guidebooks.


My decks change every 6 month or so as my vibration changes. Which is perfect otherwise the energy would stagnate. So as soon as a deck hasn’t been worked with for a while I release it.

photo for card readings blog“So this “Ah ha!” moment you spoke of ????”

Yes – I realised that I have been self limiting myself HUGELY on my card readings I do for others.
I play it down, a lot.
I don’t advertise them as I assume there are others out there who can do much better than myself

And I caught myself at it yesterday – wait a minute! Seriously what was I doing?

I was listening to my teenage self without really knowing it. Bless her. Letting her fear take over and keep things suppressed.

I am just a channel for my team – truly.

These cards are simply another form of communication with them that I can translate in a visual manner – I’m a visual learner always have been. So I can interpret what I see and the patterns that come forwards. Or the words that flow when I type up the reading – trust me what I go to say and what I type can be veeeeeeeeery different.

Sometimes when I read them back I can’t believe I was quite that eloquent ….until I twig it wasn’t me. I’m at peace with that – I’m laughing as I type this thats’s how at peace with it I honestly am.

Now to be very precise I don’t work with Spirit – that’s a conscious choice I made several years ago.

I’m not a psychic medium nor do I have any pull towards that type of work.

What comes through in the readings is a direct link with Source via my team/higher self as a filtration system of sorts. Or a go-between.

“So this teenage self thing….”

We had a chat.
I told her it was ok to let go of the fear as it’s ok.
I have more understanding now than I did then and my discernment works in such a way its ok.
She let go 🙂

“So what happens now?”

We go with the flow and see where it ends up.

I’m being more open now that this is a form of work that I do and am HAPPY to do for others. It’s all about interpretation and thats why it’s by email only for now. I like to sense check I’m getting the right message before I pass them across.

So if you haven’t seen them please by all means have a look at my FB page for some examples and see if they resonate, or have a look here and see if anything feels right.


No. More. Hiding.