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photo of the three cards pulledd for the weekly reading 10th to 16th August 2020

Oracle card reading 10th – 16th August 2020

photo of the three cards pulledd for the weekly reading 10th to 16th August 2020



Mon 10th – Tue 11th : Snake Princess

Ok so this week looks to be another opportunity to dig deep into yourself – but at YOUR pace. The start of the week is all about knowledge and wisdom I don’t sit comfortably with the word power on the card right now – and thats simply with current energies . Hence me substituting with a different energy.

This card does tend to challenge me on a personal level as I have an irrational fear of snakes. However I can see the symbolism and what they are bringing forwards. Now I could go very heavy here but I won’t – I’ll go a bit gentler than is typical from me. Lets face it theres plenty of arse kicking going on I don’t need to add to it.

So the gentler version of what I was going to write.

The snake does not move in a straight line. It has a gentle flowing movement as it goes forwards. And we are reminded of this movement. Life is not a straight line ESPECIALLY in current times. Allow yourself to go with the flow instead.

I’m also being shown the shedding of skin as you grow. As the snake grows it sheds it’s skin to reveal the new growth beneath as the current skin can no longer support it. And in the card itself I can see different colours in her hair starting to come through. We are all constantly shedding skins – or perhaps should be.

It can be comfortable to stay with the familiar – but that can lead to stagnation. Allow the old you to fall away, allow old beliefs and thought processes to fall away. Welcome in the new ideas, thoughts and beliefs that are stepping forwards. But also be willing to let them go when the time comes to shed them.

Allow this knowledge, remembrance, wisdom to have its opportunity to speak with you. It may even be in the form of other people – be open to this and give it space. As you give it space you give yourself space to grow, shift and evolve.


Ok I will add a small caution here – anyone offering up something too good to be true, question it. Sit deep within your discernment before making any decisions.


Wed 12th – Thur 13th : Change of Mind

One of my absolute favourite cards this one. And that is all about free will. You absolutely 100% have the opportunity and right to change your mind. About anything. At any time.

And given where we are currently this has never been more true.

So much is coming up, being seen, being questioned etc that it can change your mind over things you believed you knew, what you trusted and more. Listen to your inner guidance and inner compass as to what is right for you. This is also known as growth and it never stops.

So be brave question what feels out of balance or out of frequency to where you find yourself. Also the shadow to come up if it needs to – and take the time to acknowledge it. You will know what to do and if you don’t you can seek support – the right person(s) will be there.

But remember this is your work not theirs – palming your stuff to someone else is not the way to go. Get the support needed for YOU to do YOUR work.

As you open yourself up to other ways of thinking, doing, being you may find more of your true self coming forwards. Embrace it and keep going.

For some others you may find those around you are changing their beliefs or standpoints and you may be asked to hold space for them while they process. If you feel comfortable doing so then do, if not hand it up to Source instead.

Above all be kind to yourself and others this week.


Fri 14th – Sun 16th : Becoming Braver

A lovely confirmation of all that has been said above already. That we are all finding our voices, accepting people have different experiences and perspectives. And are willing to look at things from other angles.

To be open to discussion rather than arguing.

And also to show how far we have have grown. Individually and collectively.

And his card also reminds us of resilience. The power and strength to cope with what is placed in front of you and to still keep going. That os true strength – we all have it. But may not recognise it.

So look back – what have you been through?
A fair amount I’d be willing to bet. And these circumstances, choices and challenges have made you who you are right now.

The choices you make now will make you who you are in the future.

Continue to grow, to evolve, to learn, to be. Embrace it all and keep that forwards motion going.

You may be showing others how they can move forwards at a time when they may be feeling stuck.



Start of the week – go with the flow. Allow what you no longer need to move on. Listen to your inner guidance and do what is right for you. But anyone being offered a shiny new once in a lifetime too good to be true opportunity – sense check the hell out of it first before committing either way.

Mid week – if you want or wish to change your mind about something then change your mind. You have free will. New experiences, perspective and information can change your perception. So give yourself permission to grow.

End of the week – be brave. Change what you wish to change and allow yourself the chance to see things from different perspectives. Look back and acknowledge what you have been/worked through to bring you where you are today. You are more resilient than you know – and will be again. You may recognise you have the ability to not worry about the small stuff as much as you once did……and then keep going.


Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice – the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards drawn from weekly card reading

Oracle card reading 9th – 15th March 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn from weekly card reading
Mon 9th – Tue 10th : Boundaries

Ok interesting the the first draft of this got lost – perhaps I needed to rephrase the first card into something a little less harsh. I would suggest you brace for this one as a whole does of tough love heading in the Collective direction.

This is a very large nod to the MASSIVE boundary oversteps that have been going on the last few weeks from individuals, social media, main stream media, politics and everything in-between.

Leading to an explosion of overt fear mongering, general panic, and “I’m alright sod everyone else” attitudes and escalating frustration for those who can see through it and can’t say anything that’s getting through.

First off – enough.
Secondly – breathe.
Thirdly – seriously breathe – and get a bit of perspective.

This mass hysteria and anxiety is not good for ANYONE right now. It’s time to dial it the hell down – across the board. Realise the level of deliberate distraction going on – slip into observation instead. SEE what’s playing out, without feeding it.

Then when calm – or at least calmer. Look at your boundaries – are they still intact and working? Do they need a bit of repair? Have you ignored them and let all and sundry trample them?

Do the needful to repair any damage and then stand your ground. If you respect your boundaries others will get the message and the bombardment will calm down.

Or the unpalatable bit – have YOU been trampling over someone else’s boundaries? Leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth that one doesn’t it. I will put my hand up to a bit of that myself. I’m owning my OWN bullshit.

If you have been doing it then acknowledge it. Pull your energy back to where it should be. Apologise (can be etherically if need be) and allow that person to rebuild and heal. Take responsibility for your own actions and reactions. Palming them off to someone else isn’t the way to go.


For some others not caught up in all this the card is a nod to looking after day to day things . Such as the running of equipment in the home – establishing any repairs needed and putting steps in place to carry them out. If nudged re important paperwork or insurances then check them. You may be glad you did.


Don’t buy into fear at any level right now.

Wed 11th – Thur 12th : Gentleness

Moving on.

A slightly lighter energy now – which will be a relief to all. It’s been intense for some time now. So take the breather when it’s presented.

For some it’s a reminder that shouting at the top of your voice may not be the way for your message to be heard. Much can be said at a quieter pitch and tone.

Work the way that is best for you . Not how someone dictates you should be. This includes energy/spiritual facilitators as we can so easily pass the reins over to them. Assuming they know better as they are further along…… Says who?

We are all learning and remembering on a daily basis – find facilitators who acknowledge this and allow you to grow as it best for you – not them.

You know yourself at your core better than anyone else. So now is the time to trust your own voice and guidance. It’s a liberating thing to do.

Allow your voice, your power, your path to unfurl at it’s own pace without forcing it into being.

Be gentle with yourself right now.

Fri 13th – Sun 15th : Wisdom as light as a feather

Seeing a bit of a pattern here now? Almost like the light at the end of the tunnel?

You don’t have to be in warrior mode 24/7 – you can if you wish but be warned it’s exhausting. You can step back and just be yourself for a bit.

The owl in the card reminds us that wisdom can be softer, more natural that what we believe it to be. Knowledge doesn’t have to be earned through blood, sweat or tears. It can come home to roost softly without a fight.

Being open to receive can be enough. Sometimes the most profound knowing or understanding can come in out of nowhere when we are relaxed and without expectation.

And you don’t need to yell it from the rooftops.
Embrace the gentler energy from mid week and find new ways to communicated, connect and share.

You’ll thank yourself for it.


A week of two halves to be sure

Start of the week – time to take control back of your boundaries. Pause, breathe and assess how they are. if they need repair, damage control or simply standing by them then do that. If you’ve been the one doing the trampling then cease, acknowledge it, pull your energy back and let that person(s) heal.

Take no part in the fear mongering or panic that is circling right now. Refuse to feed it. Observe and see it for what it is. Bear in mind this card falls on full moon on the 9th and may heighten things before they start to abate.

Mid week – breathe a sigh of relief as we head into some calmer energies. Be gentle with yourself for some R&R and understand everyone is attempting to do the best they can. Have a bit of patience for yourself and others. Even if it frustrates you – free will and all that

End of the week – again staying with some simpler gentler energies. The knowledge/wisdom you seek doesn’t have to be chased or fought for. You may find if you lower the resistance and trust that what you need will come to you – then it may flow in by itself. Let things flow in their own time. And once you have it find new ways to share it. If so guided

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 oracle cards drawn for the weekly reading for 9th to 15th December 2019

Oracle card reading 9th – 15th December 2019

photo of the 3 oracle cards drawn for the weekly reading for 9th to 15th December 2019

Mon 9th – Tue 10th : Chumara

Now this is an interesting card to pop up this week and we rocket faster towards full moon and solstice. About looking at the web of interaction you have around you – and how that stretches out even further.

We are all connected and this is a good opportunity to sense check your own connections. Are they as they should be? Are any needing repaired? Would any threads be better served being taken down and re-spun elsewhere?

Only you can answer this one.

It may for some of you be another opportunity to let go of the ideas, beliefs and expectations of others – that hold you bak and prevent you being your true authentic self.

Allow them to shed so that the new/remembered can come forwards in their place. Let go of all the no longer serves before we head into 2020 – as trust me we have MANY opportunities to repeat this shedding and release in the last remaining weeks.

For a few others (raises hand) you may find yourself attending to ancestral and time line work – again to shed, lighten and heal what has gone before. Of drawing a line in the sand and saying this goes no further.

Know that the work you do for yourself you do for all.

Wed 11th – Thur 12th : New Direction

Now this is very apt as it falls over the Full Moon on the 12th (also some others things happening in the UK where I’m based so the date isn’t lost on me ). For those who work with full moon energy its the final one for 2019 and will be potent. Coinciding with the 12:12 portal .

Look deep into your energy and whatever has served its time let it go, allow it to be fully dissolved and returned to Source.

Theres a repeating pattern of release this month and it’s a good one to work with.

You may find something new coming in very quickly to take it’s place – or seeing new directions, challenges, projects, people. Go with it if it feels right.

That spiral pattern on the card is also a nod to opening up to your inner self. Of letting it blossom and grow. Being seen rather than hidden.

Alternatively are you being shown a habit or pattern that you have? Have you tried to change it – to see what happens if you do something a bit different.

Make space for the new and trust me you’ll find it.

Fri 13th – Sun 15th : The Blue Lady

You may not be able to read it on the photo but the secondary meaning of this card is ” nothing is impossible”.

And it’s so spot on. Even if all around you are saying your dreams/goals are fanciful, unobtainable or crazy. Understand they are speaking from their own perspective and don’t have your vision or visibility of the bigger picture.. Or they may be speaking from a place of fear within themselves – have compassion for this and them. They have their own experiences and conditioning that have brought them to that place.

But allow your wings to spread and do what your gut tells you is right for you at this time.

You don’t have to be forceful or aggressive you can do this is a calm balanced gentle manner. If you need help to do this ask and you will find it – sometimes in unexpected places.

For those in a place of fear rather than scorn offer support. Understand that not everyone has the same understanding at the same time – and when breaking down old programming it can be daunting. Compassion at this time will be highly beneficial to all.

Send that energy out to the Collective if you feel so guided. – it needs it.


Start of the week – a time to look at your connections and interactions with others. Are they all healthy or do some require a level of attention? Only you can answer this and do the needful. Let go of anything that pops up that you’ve been holding onto. Rather than carrying it forward any further.

Mid week – new direction, new energy and possibly a new way of being. Whatever it is allow it to unfurl and integrate. Work with the full moon or 12:12 portal energies to really let go of what may be holding you back – it’s the final full moon of the current decade …..

End of the week – your dreams and goals are just that – yours. If you have someone telling you it can’t be done, will be impossible etc remember they may be reacting out of fear based on their own experiences – be kind. You don’t have to take it on but you can acknowledge them. However you go with feels right in your gut for you – it can be done gently and without aggression. And its a kinder way to be right now – the Collective and all within it could use some compassion.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 cards dealt for the oracle card reading for 25th November to 1st December 2019

Oracle card reading 25th Nov – 1st Dec 2019

photo of the 3 cards dealt for the oracle card reading for 25th November to 1st December 2019

A bit different this week as I’m not assigning the cards to specific days of the week. I can see the cards flowing about and shifting through the full week. So I’ll simply read them in the order they popped up.

Quetzalcoatl and the Priestess of time

You can hopefully spot for the imagery that this has a real aztec feel . And given Quetzalcoatl is very much front and centre in the Mayan tradition you can sense the link to time lines, dimensional shifts and more.

What this card is telling me is that a few people may find themselves at a cross roads or even an impasse. Despite whatever delays, procrastination, time taken to observe you have engaged in NOW really is the time for action.

I have been seeing and watching this play out in my personal and business life (all good I hasten to add). And while some may feel a bit left of field for those around me – to me they make perfect sense.

This is the bit to hold onto this week – what makes sense to you may look crazy to the next person. And thats ok. Truly. It’s simply we are moving from our own perspective at this point. If they or you can shift perspective and see things from someone else’s point of view you may have an “ah ha!” moment.

For those who have been havering, bumping their gums or generally digging their heels in about something. You may find you have no more options – you have to make a choice either way right now. Pick one – otherwise you are going to entrench yourself in stagnation. You can change your mind later if need be but make a MOVE.

For some others if you have been taking your time, using your discernment and generally looking before you leap you may discover you have all the information you need to take that next step. In whichever direction feels right. So do it.

In truth there is no “right time” there is the present and what you choose to do in that moment. So be present and do the needful.

We have seen some fascinating times in 2019 and it’s not slowing down yet – so we may see more thing playing out in the bigger field. And it’s how it’s meant to be

Scrying Mirror – Projection

SO this is a very interesting thing to take note of this week. We have New Moon on Tuesday and its the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves. But in order to do that you have to recognise that many of the things triggering you are YOURS. Not someone elses.

If we don;t have that trigger point within it wouldn’t activate. So when you feel yourself going over take a moment and ask what about the situation is really the underlying issue. You may be shocked to realise it has zero to do with what triggered and instead goes that much deeper.

If you can see or sense what Im saying you may find things will shift that much faster.

But if you point of look for an external “cause” you will be projection your crap onto someone or something that doesn’t deserve it (I’m not even going to mention the tonne of crap Mercury gets blamed for). So be very careful if/when reacting as it may get bounced straight back to you.

Instead be honest with yourself.

Crystal Ball – clarity

And we have the other side that runs through this week – the seeking of clarity. I add a caution to this – unless you are (excuse the pun) crystal clear on your intentions you will get exactly what you asked for.

So again we are being guided to really be specific with wording, thoughts and actions – as they all ripple outwards.

Think about it – if your car windscreen is dirty or has streaks you risk seriously reduced visibility or even a head on collision. But if you keep it clean you get to see more of what’s actually going on around you.

If you get a bit stuck that’s ok – reach out to someone you trust who can give you a nudge or a different perspective. But please don’t hound them – they have their own stuff to deal with too.

The clarity can be with hindsight but you will get it.


A curious week as we have a fair amount of movement and shifts. If you’ve been avoiding making a decision about something or have been taking your time to mull things over this week may be the time to take the next step. Just go for it, we all do the best we can with the information we have to hand at the time.

We may find ourselves letting go of more personal/ancestral baggage and that’s a good thing. As we edge closer and closer to the next decade how good does it feel to know you are leaving a whole load of crap behind rather than dragging it with you?

Be clear in your intentions this week as the possibility to start projecting (or picking up on others projections) is fairly high.

Look within first before you start pointing the finger elsewhere.

It may be an intense week for some and a motivated week for others.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards used for the oracle reading 4th to 10th November 2019

Oracle card reading 4th – 10th Nov 2019

photo of 3 cards used for the oracle reading 4th to 10th November 2019
Oracle card reading 4th -10th Nov 2019

Mon 4th – Tue 5th : Crystal Ball

Time to be blunt – many times we already have the answers but are blinkered to seeing or hearing them because they come from us. We look for external people and wisdom to guide us. As we can’t possibly have the wisdom or experience ourselves……….sound familiar?

Ok those who have been asking for guidance or clarity on a situation or path – have you been asking the right person? Or have you , just maybe, been asking those around you for answers??

The crystal ball is a marker to LOOK WITHIN – so I hate to say it folks you are going to have to look at your shadow, look at your own energy, feel into what comes up.

It may not sit comfortably but change seldom does. Allow what comes up to be seen and acknowledged. Do the needful to either integrate it or release it.
You can get guidance to help steer you in the right direction but honestly they can’t do it for you. It’s like sticking a plaster over a broken bone – it’ll help for a very short time but the underlying issue is bigger and needs more attention and time. To give it just that.

If you can’t quite translate what’s coming up ask for clarification or to be shown in another way that makes more sense to you. It will come through.

Wed 6th – Thur 7th : Surfacing

And the pay off for the hard work. The new coming to the surface.
For some it may be the period of integration is ending and you can step forwards once more. To come of out hiding so to speak. Your energy is now integrated enough to carry forwards.

For some others you may feel a nudge into new ideas, new thought, new pathways – they were always there but you are now in a place they start to make a form of sense.

See the pattern on the card as the many different opportunities heading your way. There are so many to choose from. This is true abundance at work.

Allow the different aspects of self space to be seen and heard – and then you can flow with what feels right to you at this time.

Fri 8th – Sun 10th : Queen Oonagh

ANother positive marker this one. Queen Oonagh is heralding in a potential stunning solution to something you did not see coming.

This may be linked in with the self work you are/have embarked on beginning to pay off in some way.

For those situations you’ve been banging your head off a brick wall – you may be shown a glimmer of light. Which is all that is needed to view from a different perspective . A solution possibly stemming from that point. Or have you been putting everyone elses needs before your own in this situation? Rediscover your voice and you may find by speaking up it will start to resolve.

See the bright yellow on the throat and third eye in the card? This to me shows expansion , of opening up and blossoming in your own energy system. Of finding what is stagnant and moving it on to welcome in the new in it’s place.

Protect your energy through this process as you may have someone attempting to silence you or shut you down to fit their own purposes. Keep a cool head and you’ll find a way round it.


Start of the week – time to go within and ask the bigger questions in an of yourself. You do have inner wisdom even if you laugh it off. Speak to your own inner/higher self and you may be surprised what comes up. Do the work – don’t try and delegate it to someone else . It’ll only come back with reinforcements later.

Mid week – Let the new ideas, directions, energies bubble up and see where they lead you. This is your true self sitting that bit closer to the surface as well – how does it feel?

End of the week – the solution you’ve been searching for is within grasp. But ask yourself are you neglecting yourself for the sake of others? Are you muting your feelings and voice for others? Try something else – speak up (no need to shout at this stage) and let your voice, ideas etc be heard. You may have had the solution at your fingers tips the entire time……but got steamrollered

Decks used:

  • Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
  • Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
  • Oracle of the Dragon Fae – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

Photo of 3 card spread for oracle reading 23rd to 29th September 2019

Oracle card reading 23rd – 29th September 2019

Photo of 3 card spread for oracle reading 23rd to 29th September 2019

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : Chenguang – be light of heart

Well here we find our selves on Autumn (Northern Hemisphere ) or Spring (southern hemisphere) equinox and we’re being told very clearly to lighten up. Not to be so serious and loosen the sphincter a tad.

To realise you can approach even the serious things in life with a light hear and touch of humour – it doesn’t diminish the task at hand ….but it helps you get through it.

Find the joy in your life – a meal with loved ones, a chat with some youngsters, seeing the change in seasons within nature, connecting with what makes you tick.

All the small things that make you smile – pay attention to them. When things start to feel heavy or overwhelming remember what brought a smile to your face and revisit them. Recall your sense of humour – watch films or programmes that bring it back to the surface, or the books tat just make you giggle.

Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time – a bit of lightness can make a world of difference.

So mark the equinox if you feel so inclined and find the light and lightness within and without …and ENJOY it.

Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Abundance

So you’ve found your sense of humour and your smile again – this can open the door on the flow of abundance. Not simply in terms of money. Yes that is one aspect and for some you may see an increase or change of flow in this.

But abundance in all it’s forms – be grateful for what you have not what you don’t have. As you will attract more of what you concentrate on.

If you have been putting in the ground work towards something you may see the hard work beginning to pay off in some way. It’s a positive card if you choose to embrace it and while it may not be the big lottery win you’ve been looking for it may in emotional, energetic or physical terms be just as big.

Gratitude can unlock the floodgates to abundance 0 even if you’ve been have a bit of a crap time of it. Show the universe what you are happy and grateful for and it’ll send more your way. If you choose to accept it – free will and all that .

Fri 27th – Sun 29th : Follow the signs

Another positive card to round the week off – nice to see a lift in this isn’t it?

So you’ve been asking for signs but have you been paying attention to them when they pop up? Or have you been waving them off as imagination or flights of fancy?

If you keep discounting them they’ll stop coming forwards.

if you can sense the synchronicity, pattern or theme then what is it actually showing you? Follow them and see where they lead. Yes it may change your plans and where you thought you were going. But when you can trust yourself to truly go with the flow it works blummin’ fast.

Just because someone else can’t see the signs or confirmations doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Try and not let someone else’s fears/beliefs rule your life.


Start of the week – lighten up a bit will you? Or if you have been recently then keep going. Life can be too serious at times and a sense of humour can keep you balanced. Find the joy in your life, embrace it. When you do it ripples outwards.

Mid week – find gratitude for all you have in your life – eve if it’s been a bit shit recently. By being grateful for what you have, not focussing on what you believe you “lack” you send a clear message to them upstairs – and they may send more of what you focus on So does that help steer your direction? Thought so.

end of the week – pay attention to the signs you’ve been asking for. Them only make sense o you – but thats the point. They have been sent FOR you not for everyone else. If it makes sense then see where it leads you. If it doesn’t make sense ask for greater clarification or leave it well alone. Free will has a part to play.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 card spread for 9th to 15th September 2019

Oracle card reading 9th – 15th September 2019

photo of the 3 card spread for 9th to 15th September 2019
Oracle card reading 9th – 15th Sept 2019

Mon 9th – Tue 10th : Apalala – You are a Peaceful being.

Interesting reading this week as it feels a touch gentler than those of late. And with that I had a small sigh of relief when the cards popped up.

The first is an exceptionally gentle card – reminding you that at heart most of us are peaceful in nature, or wish to be. And to remind us that we can find that space within ourselves when all around drama is playing out.

It’s an invitation to seek out peace, or peaceful ways to bring about change – either in our personal lives or on a larger global scale. Staying in a space of fighting or feeling the need to fight is exhausting and may over time drain you. Find a place of compassion – first for self, then for others.

Often we find ourselves surrounded by people stuck in this cycle of fight or flight and it can force us into a form of hiding or shielding – thats ok. But when we find ourselves in the presence of those more in alignment with who we are (either physically or electronically) it can encourage us to let the defences soften , or even let people in. They are there when you allow yourself to “see” them.

It may be that you are that person for someone else starting to look beyond where they have placed themselves. Have patience and compassion through this process. As its a complicated time for all concerned.

Find peace on a daily basis – those things that bring you joy. I spoke of this last night that this is all part of finding your authentic self and voice – of finding who you are at the core. And it may be far softer than you realise.

Wed 11th – Thur 12th : Divine Guidance

Our link to the Divine, to Source or whatever term you resonate with is always there. You don’t have to go through another person or modality to find it. It is a direct link that we can forget.

You are being held and guided right now even of you can’t or don’t believe it. Trust in what you are being shown by yourself or your team (my generic term for my guides guardians, higher self and whatnot).

Start to see and interpret the confirmations and guidance that is coming to you. Or if struggling to understand ask for them to be shown to you in a way thats easier for you to translate – you will get them.

It can be chance conversations, a book or magazine article that appears out of nowhere , a television programme or film, even a “random” post on your social media feed. It’s different for everyone. But it will strike a chord in you to pay attention.

Fri 13th – Sun 15th : Your Imaginary Friend

I love this card as for me it links back to finding out who you are – linking back to the start of the week. Many times we switch things off or bury them as children as we start to go though the education system.

As we get older some of these things start to resurface and hold importance once more.

And example to explain what I mean – I started out in photography when I was around 11. But switched it off when I went to secondary school – same with art as I had to choose between art and science. Science won.

In my late 30’s to now the photography has come back in and is a form of creativity I have always had within. But only now am I expressing it as an adult. It has importance for me through colour and form.

You may find things you had set aside coming back up. Acknowledge them – ask if they are relevant to you now and embrace what you tell yourself or feel at a gut level. It may even be a memento or keepsake that pops up when clearing a room or visiting a relative.

For some it may be a person from your past who pops up – again what does it bring up for you? It is something to take forwards or is it perhaps something to work through and dissolve out.


Start of the week – seek peace in your life at some level. Finding the space to breathe, to be, to relax into is a special thing. By knowing that energy is within or around you it becomes easier over time to step into it when all around you goes to pot – or plays out some scripted drama. By being at peace within (if only for a moment or two) it spreads outwards.

Mid week – you are an important cog in the bigger wheel , we all are. But we can have that realisation eroded away over time. You have a direct connection to Source that you can access at any time. You don’t need to have someone do it for you or through a specific modality. They can help guide you yes, but try and not rely fully on them. They may simply be a stepping stone for you to reconnect the dots. The guidance and confirmation you seek are all around you if you choose to open your eyes, ears and heart to it.

End of the week – you may find long held wishes coming up to the surface. Ideas you had as a child. Things you closed down or hid away as you had other responsibilities. Let them come up and see what they bring with you – it allows you to connect with a part of yourself that ay have been quiet for some time. Be it a memento, keepsake, idea, or even a person – it will make sense to you when it appears.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 card spread for 26th August to 1st September 2019

Oracle card reading 26th August – 1st September 2019

photo of 3 card spread for 26th August to 1st September 2019
Oracle card reading 26th Aug – 1st Sept 2019

Mon 26th – Tue 27th: Deep Dark Sea Mermaid

So we have a repeating card with a very strong repeating message. It’s time to discount the face value of things presented to us and go that bit deeper to see whats really going on.

To strip the layers away – uncomfortable of otherwise and truly LOOK at whats being brought to your attention.

There is so much distraction, story, manipulation and misdirection right now that it’s time to wake up and pay attention. Especially those spending time on social media. Question viral posts, sit with the energy and really delve into what they bring up for you – if it feels off, out of balance, controlling then look into it. Don’t blindly follow what everyone else does. And please don’t call people sheep as unless you’ve tried to herd them you have no idea how difficult, wily and downright stubborn they can be….not what the perception is now is it. There’s a lesson in that.

You may have shadow aspects of your own or someone elses pop up – look for the lesson and why you have been MEANT to see it.

You can find inspiration and information in the most surprising of places – and yes that includes shadow.

Wed 28th – Thur 29th : Illumination

And we continue – shining light on what needs to be seen and witnessed. We have odd energies around all month and it’s not ending anytime soon.

If you find yourself falling into apathy, compassion overload, irritation or fatigue try and not let them rule you or your energies. Shine as much light as you can on them – see them, accept them and find a way to balance them internally. You’ll only drive yourself to distraction otherwise.

There is no light without shadow and no shadow without light – strive to see both. Try not to dismiss what comes through as you never know where it will lead if you are open to it instead.

For some it may be a nudge to get outside and see daylight – not keeping yourself locked up indoors. Good weather or bad weather get out in nature and breathe for a bit.

Fri 30th – Sun 1st : Wisdom Guide

Pretty much what you may think this card means. You have all sorts of information, gut feelings and confirmations around you. Take some time to assimilate and translate them.

It can be tempting to try and understand all of it at once – but pace yourself.

You may have some major shifts going on around what has popped up this week and it will take a bit of time to integrate, release and find your new equilibrium.

If someone steps forwards to help you with this and it feels right then take the help offered to you. They may have insights that you hadn’t considered or had discounted before. The time may now be right for you to hear them.

But a caution – if you’ve been having a hard going week others may have too. So cut folk a bit of slack if they don’t “jump to it” – that’s your expectation not their reality ……..think before you speak this weekend.


Start of the week – time to go past the surface level of things and go to the core of what’s hidden beneath. Some parts may be uncomfortable, ugly or deeply challenging but you will see the benefit with hindsight. Growth isn’t always easy but by god it’s worth it. This card keeps coming up as the message is required to be repeated this month.

Mid week – shine that light of yours even if you don’t feel like it. By shining light on all things you start to see whats been hidden from you – and it’s time to do something constructive rather than stick your head in the sand and repeat the cycle you’ve been on for so long.

Find the balance between light and shadow for your own energy as you don’t get one without the other.

End of the week – Assimilate. Integrate. Take time to find new balance for all that has come up in this short stretch of time. It can be a lot to take in so try and not force yourself to “get it” all at once. It likely won’t work that way for you. Breathe. Take it one step at a time and give yourself (and others) some slack. We are all doing the best we can at any given time

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

Photo of the cards drawn for 5th - 11th gust 2019

Oracle card reading 5th – 11th August 2019

Photo of the cards drawn for 5th - 11th gust 2019
Oracle card reading 5th – 11th August 2019


I have a sense these cards may play out over the full week rather than applying to certain days. I’m simply reading them in the order they were drawn and have put them at certain parts of the week. You go as guided.

Mon 5th – Tue 6th: Snake Princess

Interesting card this as when snake shows up in any aspect it can be a challenge for me – I have an irrational fear of snakes. However I can see the wisdom and healing that it brings – the shedding of skins, growing into new space, seeking wisdom and ancient ways.

Most of us are on paths that spiral wind and flow – very rarely a straight line. The serpentine movement with snake reminds us of this movement.

For some it can be a sign of kundalini energies rising – of finding yourself in new energies and integrating them.

For some like myself it could be a sign of some shadow aspects rising to be seen, acknowledged and worked with.

Some of you may find you are having remembrances of old held knowledge, ancient ways and paths rising to the surface. Rather than write it off as old, outdated or “woo woo” sit with it. What does it show you, how does it feel? Does it strip out the bells and whistles we seem to embrace these days and instead go back to the bare bones of things in an easy to understand manner?

Only you can answer this – there is wisdom there should you choose to seek it out. Indeed many ancient cultures held (and still do) snake in high regard – some religion has at times scapegoated that which we do not understand.

Wed 7th – Thur 8th : Caretaker

Ok a nod to self care folks – and this falls across the 8th (as I’m reading them) so right at the apex point of Lions Gate Portal. These energies right now are potent and it can be easy to get swept up and away.

So much so we can get burnt out, depleted and not at our best.

For some this is a direct nod to look after yourself – especially if you have been neglecting sleep, food, rest or peace of mind. Take time out for you and find balance. You don’t have to run full tilt all the time. You can slow down and stop if needed.

Others of you may want to look to your connections closely and see if anything pops up as being not on your best interests right now. You can still have contact/relationships/friendships but you may be guided to ways of creating a bit of a boundary so your energy doesn’t get taken advantage of. Theres nothing that can’t be fixed – but keeping an eye open will help to pinpoint anything out of alignment.

Self care is not selfish – thats old control programming.
I typically respond to this with if I can’t help myself how the hell can I help anyone else?

Fri 9th – Sun 11th : Goddess of the Moon

Interesting as we had a similar card last week about aligning to the moon cycle. This card for me is the next step – of aligning to your own cycles and opening up a bit more and LISTENING to your gut and intuition.

By listening to your inner guidance you may find a synchronicities around you, find confirmation as to why you did something differently. As we said last week the more you listen the more you will be shown.

Watch for the confirmations as they will be all around you when you open up to them. Some small which could be overlooked, others may be so large you trip over them.

Be present and they’ll find you.


Start of the week – a reminder life is not a straight line. It weaves, meanders, turns back on itself like the snake in motion. Think of it like a spiral or a wave and it may make more sense. If you have knowledge or awareness of older times popping up – sit with it and ask what you are being shown and why. Try not to dismiss it out of hand immediately. There is wisdom in all things of we choose to observe.

Mid week – the energies may be a tad potent right now so take some time out. To balance, align, just be. Rest and t yourself for a while. It’s easy to give, give, give and forget to replenish the stocks. If someone in your life is constantly draining it may be time to revisit and set some energetic boundaries.

End of the week – we are all intuitive beings but at times we switch that side of ourselves of. Instead be open to listening to the guidance you give yourself, what your body tells you – and trusting your intuition. It’s all there for a reason – the more you open up the more you will discover.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Energy Oracle cards – Sandra Anne Taylor

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 card spread for the weekly reading 29th July to 4th August 2019

Oracle card reading 29th July – 4th August 2019

photo of 3 card spread for the weekly reading 29th July to 4th August 2019
Oracle card reading for 29th July – 4th August 2019


Mon 29th – Tue 30th : Mermaid in a Koi pond

And we come back to this card which makes regular appearances. For me this is a marker of you growing into yourself, your energy and your shoes. Of getting comfortable with who you find yourself to be/becoming.

Letting go of the expectations or assumptions of others as to who your are of who they fee you should be.

Starting to feel brave enough to start dropping the masks you wear and letting your true inner self be seen.

It may even be for some that you have outgrown the space you have placed yourself in or hidden yourself. And its time to move out and move on. This can cause fear or even a bit of panic but change is the only constant in life. And if you can’t change you may instead start to stagnate . Which is no fun let me assure you.

Be open to new ideas, feelings, energies and open fully to change and you may find yourself shifting in unexpected ways.

For a handful of others it may be that people around you are starting to change and move. Let them. By trying to hold on your may hamper their journey and yours. Unclench your grasp , let them and yourself breathe and watch for the signs of positive change coming in.

Wed 31st – Thur 1st : Wishbone- Affirmation

Another marker for the new energies, ideas, creativity etc starting to come in. This card falls on the Leo New Moon right at very end of July and for me holds a feeling of great potential.

When we are open, really open and not paying lip service, to change we open all sorts of doors for ourselves. By sending a message to the Powers That Be we are ready to progress.

New Moon can be the perfect time and opportunity to let go of whats holding you back, no longer serves, feels to heavy for your skin to bear (etc) . To set your intent to get out of your own way and let what is ready to come in to do so.

If you can work with the energies is a very positive and intuitive way you shine your light that bit brighter.

To those of you digging your heels in or procrastinating (I’ll be speaking to myself in all this) it’s time to knock it off. If it hasn’t worked move on and try something else. Being bullheaded won’t achieve anything beyond frustration . Tough love time.

Fri 2nd – Sun 4th : Lady Luna’s Magic

Hmmmmmm. Ok a nod to tuning in to the lunar energies and cycles. Just off the back of New Moon and still in those energies.

It’s a call or reminder that nature runs to natural time and seasons and it flows constantly.

We can get bogged down in the day to day stuff and forget to bring our head up occasionally to take a breath. This is a form of disconnection.

Instead , even if just for the month of August, be more aware of the weather, nature, the daily cycle of dawn and dusk. Be out in it if you can. Or at least take a few moments to observe the change in light.

Connect back to yourself, back to the planet and back with all. You feel a little less isolated when you can sense or see the patterns that keep us connected.

So much technology and other programming seems to expand the feeling of disconnection but you can turn it on its head. Switch off your phone, stay off social media for a hour/day/week/whatever. Give yourself some head space.

Connect with the great outdoors, catch up in person with people who make you happy, sleep, eat. Just BE.


Start of the week – you may feel a nudge to let go or move away from something thats been keeping you in one space for a while. This doesn’t need to be scary – it’s simply a marker of moving on and becoming yourself. Allow yourself permission to take a step beyond the walls you’ve out up over time and be open to change.

Mid week – all about change and the potential change can bring. If you feel so drawn work with the new moon energies and let go of what’s holding you back and embrace the space created to invite in something new.

End of the week – I did laugh when this popped up as we’ve had so many planetary, solar and lunar goings ons in 2019 it’s hard NOT to pay attention. But we’re being asked to take time out and see and feel the natural pattern of things, natural time and feeling the connection to all that is. You may not feel as small or isolated when you realise all is connected at some level.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavenish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies