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photo of 3 cards pulled for 5th to 11th April

Oracle care reading 5th – 11th April 2021

This is an interesting one as the extra card theme for last week is now coming front and centre into the main reading for this week. Also the reading in terms of energy is very obvious simply from the card meanings as you may get enough just from that without my interpretation:
Renewal – Awakening – Power – No need for Fear
If that resonates more then skip past the rest and go with what you get direct from that alone.
photo of 3 cards pulled for 5th to 11th April

Mon 5th – Tue 6th : Renewal

Now interestingly the extra card last week was regeneration which has a similar meaning to the card fro the start of this week. How I am reading this is that many may not have paid attention to the suggestion last week. So you’re getting a kick in the rear this week.
Or at least another shot at it.
This is a time to slow down, to look deep within and ask your body and your energy what IT needs. And to listen to it at a very deep level.
This period of time is for your renewal of spirt, energy and all other things. If it’s felt like you are having to push to find any enthusiasm, get up and go or a spark of interest then this card is for you.
Take time to rest, ease back and let life happen at it’s own pace for a while.
Let your energy rebuild at its own speed as well.
Going hell for leather will only cause a crash – and it may be fast approaching for many.
So step back, find the things that help you to relax and do nothing for a change.
Those who have the energy without forcing it can look after things for a while.
If this sounds all a bit much and not something you can truly fit in – then go with gratitude for what you have in your life. That can shift energies in an instant.
Let your trust and faith in yourself come back in.

Wed 7th – Thur 8th : Awakening

Now this is a powerful card – actually they all are. But this is a very personal one.
** Now those who are waiting for a mass awakening please don’t try and read this into things. This is at a PERSONAL level – the Collective follows. You cannot force a mass shift if the individuals haven’t gotten to that point yet. **
This is a feeling that may creep up that you can see, feel and do more. That your talents and powers are coming up to the surface. For some it may be a change in these you did not see coming.
But when you step back and stop trying to micro manage all things they can unfurl as they are mean to.
You may start to more fully embrace what you “know” at an instinctive level. Of truly walking your talk and not being afraid or fearful of others seeing you do it.
It can be one thing to say, and something very different to do.
But when you do it can shine a light for others to walk their talk.
Be brave and take that first step.
So much more has the potential to open up and be revealed to you when you do.
To some others – some tough love time.
Stop lying to yourself.
Acknowledge it, deal with it and start moving forwards.

Fri 9th – Sun 11th : Power

Can you see the progression through the energies this week?
From that warm soothing deep orange/brown colour to the vivid, energising yellow?
This for me is again as personal card – personal power.
Power can be a bit of a dirty word these days – but go back to the roots of what you know or feel it to be. Challenge your thinking and beliefs and see what pops up or appears as an alternative. Is this an opportunity to shed some long held, out of date beliefs? Or to shift your perspective….
For me this is about checking in with your solar plexus – you seat of personal power and seeing how it’s doing. Does it look healthy? Does it need some TLC or repair? Whatever you see it’s time to do some work here.
If it feels a bit depleted look at the connections which may be draining it. It is something you can step back from, dissolve or delegate out?
Those facilitators out there who are a bit frazzled – have you set space and time aside for yourself or are you sacrificing your energy for others? May be time to have a conversation with yourself and set boundaries/priorities.
Work on building this reservoir of energy for you to pull from when needed. So you can get through the tougher moments.
If you have been handing your power to others it’s time to reclaim it and bring it back. Tough as it may seem to start with you CAN do it. It was always yours, so call it back, clean it up and integrate it back in. Ensuring any ties, cords or attachments are dissolved out.
Sometimes we handed over power as it kept us small….and we did it willingly. But again it’s time to look at this question it and do the needful to move forwards.
And a caution be careful that you are not keeping someone small or lifting pieces of their power. Not a good energetic rebound from that.
extra card for the week

Extra for the full week – No need to Fear

And lastly we have the extra for the week which is fairly straight forwards. There is no real need for fear when you can remember what makes you, well you.
Sometimes we find ourselves in a fearful state for no good reason. Possibly the words of others that have landed on fertile ground in your mind. Or we have worked ourselves up over the “what if’s” for so long they feel real and stop us in our tracks.
Shake yourself free of this – realise what is yours and what is not. And that sense of fear and foreboding was never yours in the first instance. Hand it back or send it to Source.
Allow those shackles to fall off and see if things start to shift. And how quickly they can. Feel able to breathe and realise the world isn’t all doom and gloom. It never was.
If you have been comparing yourself to others and found yourself “lacking” – it’s time to question this one too. No-one has the same blend of qualities and strengths that you do. So embrace them, accept them as part of who you are them and stride forwards once more.
By being brave, being yourself and getting on with life you may just show others how THEY can do it.


I’ll keep this summary short and sweet and remind you of the card meanings only:
  • Renewal
  • Awakening
  • Power
  • No need for Fear.

Decks used:

Path or the Soul, Divine Guidance , Return of Spirit – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland deck – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of thh three cards pulled for 8th to 14th February 2021

Oracle card reading 8th – 14th Feb 2021

photo of thh three cards pulled for 8th to 14th February 2021

Mon 8th – Tue 9th : Manage to be Glad

You could say the last 12 months or so have been an exercise in just this. Finding ways to be happy regardless of what is playing out around you.
And it could mean happiness in the smallest of details. Being outside, noting the changing seasons, watching the birds. Having a cuppa in the sunshine, reading a book, working in the garden. Watching a film that makes you roar with laughter, having a random dog come up to say hello. And so much more.
While life has been complicated for many people – and let’s face we’ve all had moments where things haven’t been that rosy – it is still possible to find/make your happiness where you find it. You can build it for yourself.
To acknowledge that today/tomorrow is a struggle and yet still find a way to bring in a bit of light. Alice in the book is still able to find happiness despite being lost and alone.
You don’t have to wait for a fabled “I can be happy when” or “I can be happy if”. Or once this happens I can be happy. You can be happy now if you choose to be.


It may be appear at surface level that this is easier for some more than others but that’s not quite true. We all have our wobbles, off days and down turns. But we get back up. Some people paint on a brave face – so if you feel it you feel it. If you don’t then try not to fake it. Be honest.
Start with the smallest of things that make you happy or make you smile and build from there. Create a new memory bank to work with when things aren’t going so well.
And know you can smile. Despite it all.
Or have a sod it moment and smile or be happy regardless.
For some others you may be able to help those who need a bit of encouragement to come out of hibernation/hiding. Be kind. they are doing their best. A bit of compassion won’t kill you – but it may make the world of difference to them.

Wed 10th – Thur 11th (New moon) : Violet Flame

Oh interesting that this falls on a fairly potent new moon on the 11th.
I can see a impressionist trifecta in the card image and I’m also being shown the 3 stages : The maiden, the mother, the crone. A nod to phases, cycles and patterns.
I work with new moon energy and find it the best time (for me) to clear out what no longer serves, let go of what I may be clinging to and to set new intentions for what I wish to bring forwards.
The violet flame itself is a powerful tool/ally in this work. As it can help with the transmutation of one form to another and dissolution of energies.
I also see a reference to the third eye – which I always see as purple. Some may see it as blue. An opening, expansion or even deeper understanding of self and perception. A dawning of truth in someone/ something may be revealed to you.

For some others this may be a moment of shadow work or shadow self. There is nothing to fear in this. It’s simply an aspect of yourself you don’t fully understand as yet.
Acknowledge what comes up rather than hiding or running from it. Accept this is part of who you are at this point in time. If it feels uncomfortable sit with it. Ask yourself where the discomfort stems from. Then ask what you can do to either integrate, release or move on.
Sometimes giving a voice to what appears is all the work that is needed.
Other times it can take a bit more time, energy and work. But you will get a better understanding of who you are and who you will become.
Allow the violet flame to help guide you in this work – or even guide you to someone who can hep in the first instance if it becomes too much.
It will pass.

Fri 12th – Sun 14th : Self reliance

A card that we do see on a semi regular basis in these readings.
This is Artemis and she is reminding us that we can simplify and go back to basics. To pare back on the bells and whistles we surround ourselves with and find a form of simplicity.
Of being self reliant and being ok with that.
Not always an easy task or proposition and it may challenge a few.
But you CAN rely on yourself.
You CAN look after your basic needs.
You CAN be independent even if you have others who rely on you in some way.
Have a bit of faith in yourself and your abilities.
For some you may start to have more of an interest in growing your own food, gardening, small holding and more. Look into it and if it feels right for you it’ll come forwards. Or even having more interest where your food comes from / is sourced.
Allow your independence (in what ever ways it shows) to come up and be acknowledged. To truly understand you have the ability to take care of yourself.


Start of the week : find and create your own happiness where you find it. You don’t have to be told how or when to be happy. You choose. You can smile and laugh even when a storm rages around you. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can be the smallest of things.
Mid week: allow the things that no longer serve the opportunity to come up, be seen and be released. Shadow work can sound daunting and at times yes it can be. But it’s very much worth doing. Be honest with yourself.
End of the week: you are an independent, self reliant being. You may need a little reminder of this. Find or rediscover what is important to you and what you can let go of. Time for some trust of your abilities.

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Extra card for the week:

If you have oracle/tarots decks of your own here’s my challenge to you.
Pull your own card for a heads-up for the full week.
Whichever deck resonates for you.
Asking simply if there is anything else to be aware of.
Dragon Ascension Therapies
Photo of he cards pulled for 25th to 31st January 2021

Oracle card reading 25th – 31st Jan 2021

Photo of he cards pulled for 25th to 31st January 2021
I’m sticking with the extra weekly oversight card with these for a while.

Mon 25th – Tue 26th : Generosity

A good card and a good reminder to treat all with compassion. Even when you may not agree with what they are saying or stand for. Finding fault or casting blame only increases the divide.
We are reminded to bridge the gap and embrace the differences of those around us – as they do so for us, or perhaps don’t. Be in that vibration of compassion for all – not simply those who fit a certain criteria.
It can be a difficult one to tackle but take it step by step.
Learn to have compassion and understanding for yourself first. Then extend it outwards.
It can be little things like allowing time for self care, being an open ear for someone to talk to, offering help where it is needed when you are able. Generosity is not simply a monetary thing – generosity of spirit is a much bigger space.
Times just now are polarising so take space to come back to centre, to remember who you are and how you interact with others. Be the energy that you wish to see in the world as that is where change happens. By MAKING change yourself first.
People are doing their best – but their best won’t necessarily look like your best. Nor should it. And indeed why would it? Allow them space to be themselves. That is the compassion we speak of.
You never know when you will be the one in need of it.

Wed 27th – Thur 28th : Integrity

Ooft another big hitter and so many facets to this one. Lets concentrate on two shall we.
Firstly this is listening to and honouring your own integrity. Of knowing and feeling what is right. Not being swayed by others opinions, beliefs or angry voice.
Of being able to stay true to that innate knowing of what you know to be right.
It’s again difficult currently to do this – but you can do it. Set aside the other voices, diatribes, wailing and gnashing of teeth – and instead turn you attention inwards. What you think, feel, believe? Are you giving ourself space to speak your own truth? Even if only to yourself?
Be brave and connect in with your inner knowing and be true to yourself.
You don’t have to yell it from the roof tops or anywhere else. Indeed you might not get heard right now anyway – but give your voice the opportunity to come forwards. To give it context. If you need to stand up for yourself in some way have the strength of your integrity.
If anyone tries to shout you down, criticise, belittle or any other shadow aspect they happen to be projecting – remember that is theirs not yours and you don’t need to absorb or take it on. Send compassion instead and give them the space they need.
And so we come to the second aspect of others (or yourself lets not pussy foot about) NOT being in alignment. Being out of integrity.
Give them compassion , give them space, but do not give them your energy to feed this misalignment. It will come right in time – but on their timescale not yours. You cannot fix, heal or force anyone where they are not ready to go.
Stay true to your own inner knowing.
Step back

Fri 29th – Sun 31st : Be Present

Well they aren’t pulling any punches this week are they?
This is a kick in the rear to be present. To be aware of where you are right now.- not last week, last month, last year…..or next week, next month, next year. Right now.
So much can pass us by as we are either living in the past or wishing time away into the future. Day dreaming is not a bad thing but you need to come back to the here and now from time to time.
Being present is also a way of being grounded.
Concentrate on today.
Sometimes we can have a shared experience/history but as you change, shift and evolve that may no longer hold true. So let these old times go. Create new memories.
Change is the one constant in life and if you resist you will stagnate.
I’m not going to say much more here as in all honesty you already know what this card means to you.
Extra card for the week

Extra card for the week : Surfacing

So a little extra perspective this week.
There are aspects of yourself that are ready to pop up to the surface. Whether you like it or not…..
It may be that you are about to use that voice of yours, express those truths that you can feel just waiting to burst out, or are going to deal with what you have been avoiding.
Just remember to have a balanced view.
Understand that as you have things coming up, so to do others.
Where you may be able to cope and process others may not so cut them some slack.
If you can see it all as potential – potential for change, to shift, to shed, to grow.
The other obvious meaning for this card is the revelation of things that have been hidden. If this happens you may be asked to support those who find it all a bit too much. Or you may be in need of such support – be sure and ASK if you do.
Hold onto the colour, movement and energy of this card. It is all creative potential


Start of the week – a gentle nudge to remind you the importance of compassion for all. It can be in small subtle ways. So be generous of spirit and watch it ripple outwards.
Mid week – you have integrity so use it. You know at a gut level what is right and true for you. If being pushed to change your mind or view or actions and it feels wrong then say so. Stand in your own integrity. This falls on the full moon in Leo which has HUGE potential so be very focussed and trust your gut.
End of the week – a time to be very much of the present and falls within the full moon window. By all means look back to take stock of how much you have changed but don’t stay there. Instead be aware of the now – see what is actually happening around you as so much can slip past in the blink of an eye.
Extra oversight – be aware of things rippling up to the surface. Some will be brilliant , some may be less so. Do the needful and move forwards. Sticking your head in the sand can lead to stagnation – which is no fun. Things may be coming up at global levels – so be present so you don’t miss them.

Decks used:

Whispers of Lord Ganesha – Angela Hartfield
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three cards pulled for 18th to 24th January 2021

Oracle card reading 18th – 24th Jan 2021

photo of the three cards pulled for 18th to 24th January 2021
I’m quite liking the extra card for the week so continuing with it for a while

Mon 18th – Tue 19th : Belong to your own dream / create your own life.

Now this is a pretty powerful statement of a card. And I can see complementary colours running through all 3 main cards.
This one is about living YOUR life. Not what is expected by others, what is dictated by others, or what you are masking to fit in.
You live your life your way. Don’t apologise for it or justify it to others. Do they do that for you? No they do not. This might sound a bit blunt to some but for many it’s simply a confirmation that enough is quite simply enough.
It’s time to silence/drown out all the other voices who are attempting to control or direct your life in a particular way. Instead truly become the autonomous being that you are (and I will speak more on this next week) and take responsibility for your decisions, feelings and beliefs.
Dream the life that you want to live into being. Become the change you want to see in the world.
In a nutshell : step up.
This may mean small changes or it may mean big changes. But they are yours to make when you choose to make them. If it doesn’t quite work out then tweak it and change again.
Nothing is static.
Discern everything, listen to your gut and if it feels right then it likely will be.
If it feels off or wrong then listen to your own guidance.
Take responsibility for yourself.

Wed 20th – Thur 21st : Wisdom Guide

I had a smile when I drew this card as for a split second it reminded me of Dr Strange …and still does each time I look back.
I get the nod to the film itself as it resonated for me in very deep ways.
This is about wisdom/knowledge/knowing coming to you. Be it through a course, a book, a random conversation , or even coming in direct from your guides.
Listen to it carefully. Discern if it feels right/correct. And take action if required.
Many times this kind of information is more of a heads-up, so heed it well as it may save you extra work further down the line.
I’m keeping this translation short and sweet – but tune into the card direct as you may get more that way.

Fri 22nd – Sun 24th : The golden phoenix

Now this is a card that pops up fairly frequently in these readings. And thats fine as we can translate it oh so many ways.
In the context of this week you may find something you thought or believed you had dealt with popping back into your awareness.
Now it can be seen as a good thing as you may discover a missing thread that needs to be sorted. Or something has shifted and you can see more deeply into what was actually going on.
One example from last week for me was I was asked to do a questionnaire for a corporation and it turned out I had a very old account with them. This work allowed me to go in and shut it all down thus severing the link. It can be as simple as that.
For some others it may be a bit more complicated. The phoenix energy is typically linked to cycles – or more commonly the end of cycles.
So if you had parked something it may be time to look at it this week. Or you may even have your hand forced if you have been avoiding it.
Again take responsibility and at least look at it first.
It may be scary but you can do it.
I have faith in you.


For some others this may actually be the START of a new cycle. So if you have a burning desire to change your diet, exercise regime, gut the house – then go for it.
These new energies are a burst of sunshine and a lightening of the load – work with them and see where they take you.
It all depends where you are right now in your own energy cycles as to where you fit in over the two ends of the line.

Extra card for the week : Change of mind

photo of extra card drawn for 18th to 24th January 2021

This is a fab card for the full week and is a reminder to all.
You can 100% change your mind about anything.
If you have a sudden desire or need to do a complete 180 shift then do it. Even if you are doing something based on a gut feeling (otherwise known as discernment folks). We live in odd times right now and with all the collapsing and shifting timelines a change of mind is nothing.
It may be YOU shifting timelines.
You can change your long held ideas, beliefs and more – it’s called growth.
And for some others it may be a heads-up that those around you may be changing their minds, direction or beliefs. These can be very confusing periods of time for them. And can take effort to integrate.
So help to support where you can, and offer assistance but only if you have the means to do so. If not then be an open ear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone simply holding space/energy/vibration for those who cannot right now.


Start of the week – live your life your way. Take full responsibility for you actions. reactions, thoughts and beliefs. Only you can make your choices so pay attention at a gut level as to what feels right for you and what does not.
Mid week – knowledge or advice may come to you in odds ways. Discern it first and if it sounds right then pay attention.
End of the week – for some this will be something coming back up for attention that you thought/assumed was all dealt with. Take it as an opportunity to do a deep sweep of things. For some others it may be a time to start something new – to start a brand new cycle.
Full week – everyone is entitled and allowed to change their mind/view/feeling. Give yourself permission if it’s you. And offer support if it’s those around you.

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of three cards drawn for 11th to 17th January 2021

Oracle card reading 11th – 17th Jan 2021

photo of three cards drawn for 11th to 17th January 2021
Ok folks I have popped these cards under specific days but my gut says they are going to move about over the whole week. And there’s an extra card that adds a deeper caution.
I’m not being doom and gloom, that’s not what I do, I just translate the energy. It’s simply a heads-up. What you choose to do with it all is up to you. Free will and all that.

Mon 11th – Tue 12th : A new world is born

Now on the surface this is a very positive card – and in many ways it is. New ways of being ARE being created and brought forwards. There is very much light at the end of the tunnel. As older timelines and energies start to crumble before your eyes.
However many of these are brand new, a bit shaky on their new legs and need a lot of care and attention. They need to be protected. And this may well be your role for the next while.
It may even be things YOU are bringing into being. And here’s where you have to be careful what you share and with whom. Do they have your best interests at heart? Can you trust them with your ideas and creations? Do you feel good if you think about sharing anything?
If the answer is no or not sure then perhaps play your cards close to your chest for a while. Nurture these energies, ideas, creations. Until you are ready to be more open about them.
Plagiarism is very much an energy that’s front and centre so be cautious first. Trust me we’ve all been there. Perhaps note the ideas down and share it with yourself instead. Get comfortable and integrate it in. Then you can take it forwards.
For some others it may be a good time to pay attention to the kids in your life – what they are saying, feeling and seeing. They have so much inbuilt wisdom and it serves us well to pay attention to them.
This also goes for the animals in your life as they may be trying to tell/show you something important.
For those who get a super positive feel from this card – embrace it! Hold that energy for all, some are feeling the polar opposite to you. They will shift in time so hold it in trust for all.

Wed 13th – Thur 14th : Rewards (but I get a different interpretation)

Now this card is called rewards in the deck but I get focus instead.
So going with my gut – as I encourage all of you to do each week.
I can see an arrow in the card itself. It’s very defined, very direct and very sharp.
This falls on the new moon in Capricorn on the 13th as I will say this clearly – pay attention. Be focused on where your thoughts and speech take you. More energies/beings than just yourself are listening.
Be very very specific on what seeds you are planting if you are used to working with new moon energy. If you aren’t then possibly take a step back this time round.
I won’t be offering any group work around this date. Take that as you will.
This has the potential to be very fast moving, with the ability to manifest immediately. So if you are focusing on specific timelines, narrative etc you may end up making it/them your reality.
Ask yourself before the 13th is this what you actually WANT? If not step right back and dissolve it all out. Concentrate instead on where you want to be going, what you want to be seeing. That old saying of “be the change you want to see” has never been more important.
Give compassion to those you may not agree with, be kind to those who are in fear/hurting . Treat others as you would like to be treated – even if they don’t extend the same courtesy. You have no idea what they are going through unless you are in their exact same shoes.
And you never know, by you doing this you may empower others around you.

Fri 15th – Sun 17th : Boundaries

Do I really need to say much more on this? I will but you can probably guess word for word what is about to follow.
Having boundaries is a healthy thing. Particularly when it comes to your energy. Guard it and guard it well. They are something we all say we have but unless they are maintained and respected you may as well not bother.
Harsh I know but this is what my team focus on.
The dragon in the card feels like it has an Elder energy. So while it may feel as if “oh god not this again” it’s being repeated because it is important.
And it will continue to be repeated until it is heard and understood.
For those who’ve already gotten a direct message about this from their own team – this is confirmation only.
What is also interesting in the card is the peacock feather – pay attention to the birds around you, they are showing you something.
The bells – set up a warning system of sorts for when boundary oversteps are attempted in your energy or space. Especially for when you are sleeping as “things” can attempt to attach in that sleep state.
The crystals – those who work with crystals ask your own collection if any are looking to work with you this week. See if any catch your attention and connect with them. You may find yourself moving them around your home/space (I did this myself yesterday and have 3 in my bedroom which is highly unusual). Ask if any are changing the work they are doing with you or if they wish to help teach you about boundaries.
But ultimately be aware of what is going on around you. All is not as it seems.
Feel into things.
Use your discernment.
Respect your boundaries and the boundaries of others.
Or get your fingers burned – it’s your choice.
Extra card drawn for 11th to 17th January 2021

Extra card for the week : All must have prizes!

Now it’s unusual for me to have an extra card but this is the second week in a row.
Time to listen.
There are energies at play that are looking for vulnerable spots. And one of those spots can be when we over-extend ourselves.
So many of us have the drive to keep everyone happy all the time. To people please at the expense of our own happiness, mental health and physical health. Now is not the time. And this is good old fashioned control programming. Or what I call utter horse crap.
Help someone if you can, but only as far as you can. No further.
If you can feel people clamouring for your attention, energy etc ask yourself why you are about to give it. Do you have anything left to give?
If you let yourself become so drained that you are spent this is precisely where these energies can attach, pull you in or highjack your energy. I know that sounds dramatic but if something is constantly wearing you down you can reach a “sod it” moment. And then you become like the Dodo in the card.
Those who are facilitators – I will say this in code – be very aware of what is being drawn to you this week.
This card is also hinting towards judgement. So there may be times where we slip into it or are judged by others.
If you judge, it happens. See it for what it is, do the needful and move on. If you are judged, yes it may be painful or bring something to the surface, but ultimately it is sod all to do with you. It’s all about the person doing the judging. So don’t absorb or take it on as yours.
It’s another way for energies, thought patterns, narratives etc to get in.
Eyes open folks
That way you can see things heading your way before blind impact.


Again these cards may flow across the full week rather than specific days – so take what resonates and bin the rest .
Start of the week – take care of new ideas/creations/energies that you have around you right now. They require a bit of tlc before you let the wider world know. For those with kids in their lives pay attention to what they are saying, feeling, doing as they are clear channels.
Mid week (new moon) – focus. Be clear on your intentions and thoughts. This energy is potent and you can manifest things into being very quickly. If concentrating on what is “going wrong” you may well bring more in. So be clear. Dissolve out any narrative, timelines etc that simply are not for you. Concentrate instead on where you DO want to go.
End of the week – Boundaries. Have them, maintain them, respect them. Protect your energies and protect the energies of others. That’s as blunt as I can say it.
Over the full week – be aware that energies are trying to attach to vulnerable spots. If you drain yourself helping everyone at the expense of yourself – then you leave yourself open. If you have an urge to people please – question it. Is it even yours? Don’t become like a Dodo . Facilitators take heed.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divine guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Alice the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of cards drawn for 4th to 10th January 2021

Oracle card reading 4th – 10th Jan 2021

photo of cards drawn for 4th to 10th January 2021

Mon 4th – Tue 5th : Infinite Possibilities

Now as you may have spotted Im working with 3 decks of cards I adore as I felt the need for splashes of colour and movement.
At the start of the week we are being reminded that we are very much at a magical portal of energy. There are infinite possibilities in all things. It’s very fluid. A caution to really focus at where you place your attention as you may just manifest it into being.
So are you concentrating on what you don’t like, is making you angry or just won’t change? Or are you focussing on what you want to bring in, want to change or make better for more?
Which do you feel is a better use of your time and effort? You 100% have free will so this is not meant to chastise etc simply to take stock of where you are right now.
At the centre of the card you will see the infinity loop symbol (or figure 8 for those that this is more relevant to) which is the pattern I see when connecting to Source and Gaia at the same time. As above so below. The whole card is balanced.
Balance, equality, alignment and flow.
Those who work with colour this mix of green and purple is deeply relaxing – and for other you may see this as working with the heart and third eye (or throat if you see purple there instead). All powerful spaces to work with and from.
So be truthful with yourself.
This is the perfect time to allow yourself to dream a little without placing the limits on yourself. Dare to dream big and then, rather than worrying about the journey, see the end destination. The rest will resolve itself if this is what you are MEANT to be doing/arriving at.
Also being told to go with the flow at the start of the week rather than fighting against it – in terms of energy.

Wed 6th – Thur 7th : Healing with Intention

And then we move to the spiral. And as with many cards with this pattern depending on where you are it will spiral inwards or outwards.
Those seeing it spiral inwards this is a time to revisit self care. To take some time out to put yourself first. To rest, be creative, read, switch off from electronic devices, connect with nature…..or whatever else brings you peace.
Here in the Northern hemisphere we are firmly in the winter season – the hibernation vibration is strong. If you need to retreat for a while then give yourself permission to do so.
If you are an energy worker/healer then you can use your gifts for yourself. It’s very easy to forget to do this – so consider this a nudge in that direction.
Those seeing the spiral move outwards you may be starting to come out of a period of deep self care and rest. As your energies start to unfurl and open back up. Allowing you to step forwards once more and help others.
Be gentle with yourself if this is the case.
Burning out will help no-one – pace yourself.

Fri 8th – Sun 10th : Faith

I love the energy of this card as I get Phoenix and fire energies. But the gentler aspects not the highly agitated ones that I typically work with *wry smile*
So I see an ending of cycles and the start of new ones.
This card itself is very calm and reminds me of a still body of water and the perfect reflections – almost like the beach at sunset (which is relevant for me personally as I live on a south west facing coastline so spectacular sunsets in the card colours are very familiar).
This is about trusting the cycles as the end. Letting them move on and for new ones to start.
Trusting that the sun will rise again the next morning.
Knowing that you can trust in your own inner guidance when you are open to listening.
What this doesn’t mean blind trust/faith – no this is trust with discernment thrown in for very good measure.
It’s all too easy to say we have faith/trust when things are going well. But when things start to fall apart or not as hoped that faith can waver. Instead remember that if something is meant to be it will flw. If not it will falter. Perhaps what you had hoped for wasn’t really meant for you. And by stopping now you create space for what IS coming in for you.
Take a different perspective when things aren’t working out as you had hoped and see if something else pops up instead. Inspiration can strike seemingly out of nowhere – but is actually your Higher Self speaking to you direct.
Meditation and self care may help bring back that sense of balance – especially if irritation, frustration and anger abound.
Trust in yourself – you have the ability to turn things round, change your mind or your beliefs and make different choices. This is one of those things that may make more sense in hindsight.
photo of an extra card for the week 4th to 10th January 2021

Extra card for the week : Deeper Look

When I was pulling the first card this other popped up. While it didn;t quite fit at the start if the week it’s a good oversight for the full week.
the image itself reminds me of looking through a microscope at a thread. And this is indeed what the card is asking you to do.
To look more deeply at what is presented t you – be it people, information, energies etc.
Go beneath the surface and feel into it. You will find your truth. It may be uncomfortable at times but growth can be.
For some others it may be that some of those around you are starting to question, starting to research or simply not take things at surface value. Help them if they need guidance. Those challenging long held beliefs may need support through it as what they thought they knew to be true crumbles away.
You may be acting as a lighthouse or way-shower for them simply by being you.


Start of the week – energy flows where attention goes. Be careful what you focus your thoughts on as you may find the energies are potent enough to amplify things. If you can focus on what you want to bring forwards rather than on what you don’t want to continue. You can dream and dream big – as you may just get a snippet of where you are headed.

Mid week – time for some self care and rest for many. To remember if you are a healer/energy worker you can use your skill on yourself. For those coming out of hibernation a caution not to burn yourself out – as then you can’t help anyone.

End of the week – trust yourself and Source to do what is the best for you at any given time. It can be hard when things aren’t going to plan to lose that trust in yourself. Just remember a good old Scots saying of “whats for you won’t go by you” . Or that is you are meant to have/do something then you will. If it’s not meant for you it simply won’t flow. Let it go if that is the case.
An extra for the full week – dig a bit deeper. Look beneath the surface. Research, investigate, use your discernment. If something feels off it probably is. Pull the strands apart and you will discover the truth. It may be for some that you will act as a guide for some starting this process for themselves. It can be very confusing when something you though was true ……isn’t. Be gentle and compassionate and help them navigate it all.

Decks used :

Divine Guidance, Path of the Soul, Return of Spirit
All by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of 3 cards pulled for 28th December to 3rd January

Oracle card reading 28th Dec 2020 – 3rd Jan 2021

photo of 3 cards pulled for 28th December to 3rd January

Mon 28th – Tue 29th : Attunement

Now for me this is not about going to someone to be attuned to a modality/energy this is about what comes to you direct.
To trust your intuition/discernment/gut instinct. And to see beyond what is presented to the truth within. If it feels right, and upon deeper digging continues to feel right, then carry on.
If at any point you get a niggle that something isn’t quite what it seems then step back. Ask for more clarification – it won’t hurt.
You don’t NEED to get others to attune you to specific energies – you can do it yourself. And I get the irony given what I can and do teach. But that’s the whole point – as we evolve, remember what we can do , these things happen organically.
Some may find during specific lunar stages, eclipse, alignments or even solar storms that the information streams in. Again if this is right for you – you will know.
So if you are at a stage right now where your connection to things are changing, or you are picking up more than you have before. Then sense check it. You may have been getting direct downloads, upgrades, shifts and only now seeing them bear fruit – so to speak.
For some others you may be feeling a bit out of place or out of step with others. Thats ok. This is a vibrational shift. It will settle and when it does you will see who/what no longer fits and when you let them go to create space the new will come in.
This is a period of listening to your inner voice and giving it space to be heard.

Wed 30th – Thur 31st : Shifting

Flows rather nicely this one doesn’t it? And falls on the preparation of the the Gregorian calendar shift from one year to the next. Rather fitting don’t you feel?
For some you have already been through a rather large shift and are on your way out the other side. As it settles, the dust falls and you can start to see the new features/horizon. Things around you may feel shiny and new. Enjoy that transition! See where your new energy and perspective can take you. Set intentions of what you wish to bring in and forwards.
For some others you are now in a period of shift. And it can be smooth sailing OR choppy waters. Just be aware that it’s not a set destination and you can change course f it feels the right thing to do – or it stops you smashing on hidden rocks.
Give yourself a break as you navigate through – and if possible cut off sources of overstimulation or distraction while you do this work. As for some these may be HUGE life changes, and for some others smaller but no less complicated.
For some others this is a heads-up that a shift or change is coming in for you very very shortly. So be aware, pay attention to what comes up and use the opportunity to move through and forwards.
Help will be there of needed – possibly in an unexpected form.
The card itself is full of colour and movement – work with it. Rather than against it if you can.
And be ready for the step fully into the new energies of 2021.

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd : Orca Magic

And breathe deep. Feel into the energies, the potential and the excitement (yes really) that are at your finger tips. Some have already stepped into this and are holding the vibration for those coming in now.
And the orca energy of the card is for me all about intelligence, knowing and ancient wisdom. Learning to see and appreciate those you think a bit differently from you, or see things from another perspective.
Embracing the differences to create a bigger picture than you can see just by yourself.
With this nudge you may have parts of yourself revealed that had been hidden. This may be the ability to access your own Akashic records – if again this is in line with your path.
You may have wisdom imparted again from unexpected sources, or direct from your higher self. Listen. Use your discernment. Absorb that which resonates and question/discard the rest.
In a literal translation some may find listening to whale song, or watching footage helps to connect back into self and back to Gaia and all her creatures. Remembering we are all connected.
Embrace time in nature – even if only for a minute or two. Feel that connection and allow it to flow through you.


Start of the week – for some this may be the precursor to vibration/energetic shifts. These will come to you direct rather than through another person. Engage your discernment and if it feels right it will be. If it doesn’t then just step back for a bit and do some more digging before committing time or energy to anything. Clear out space of things/people/energies that no longer fit.
Mid week – the precipice of moving from 2020 to 2021 energies for those who follow the Gregorian calendar. Those who celebrated Solstice as their new year will already be in this space. Be aware of your emotion. feelings, energies being in flux/flow. Many are coming out of a shift, many are IN a shift, and others will soon be experiencing a shift. It is as it should be for each person. This is a final opportunity to shed what you do not wish to carry into 2021.
End of the week – work with the energies of potential and sow the seeds for the coming year(s). Reconnect with nature and yourself and listen to the inner wisdom. Appreciate the wisdom and voice of others – and as you do this you may be gifted with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
Photo of the cards drawn for the weekly reading 21st to 27th December 2020

Oracle card reading 21st – 27th Dec 2020

Photo of the cards drawn for the weekly reading 21st to 27th December 2020

Mon 21st – Tue 22nd : Heed wise counsel

Ok so finally it has arrived. Solstice and the conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter on the 21st. This is big powerful energy. And for many (myself included) this is the move into the next year. Not the 31st which is a very bleak cold energy.
Some others see this as the shift in seasons and the shortest day after which the light begins to return (depending which hemisphere you are in if Southern it’s the longest day).
Now we have been told all year to use our discernment and listen to our inner voice. This HAS NOT CHANGED. It is still time to seek knowledge and truth even if the journey is difficult, painful or downright exhausting. All that work is starting to pay off. And you set the tone for those around you.
You will be privy to some information/confirmation from different sources over the start of the week (well the whole week in truth) and you need to sort the wheat from the chaff. So sense into it. If it feels right it will be , if it doesn’t feel right then challenge it.
Look to your elders and ask “what would my grandfather/grandmother /whoever pops to mind have done?”. In time you will become that person to someone else ……..So what legacy do you wish to leave? Sit with that one.
Take the time to listen to what comes forwards as wisdom can come from unexpected places.
The energies inbound are huge so treat them with respect. If you feel guided to take space for yourself to mark them then do so. My gut sense is keeping me away from any “global style” work right now and I will honour that.
Connect with the land where you live. Concentrate there first as it can often time be overlooked for far off places. You have your feet literally on that ground. Let those who are elsewhere connect where they are. It all links up energetically anyway.
For some other this wise counsel will come from YOU and your higher self. Give it space to be heard.
What you seed now will grow roots in the next 12 months (and 20 years) so be focussed, authentic and it will flow.

Wed 23rd – Thur 24th : Mermaid in a Koi pond – Become the dragon

Now this is a card that does come up many times through the year.
This is a period of transformation and transmutation of energies, narrative, voices you have taken on that are NOT YOURS. These have been programmed in, projected in or picked up through a sense of “it’s the done thing”.
And in taking them on you can lose the essence of who you are.
This is now a time to set all that is not yours aside, to come out of hiding and let yourself start to come forwards again.
Take ownership of your energy.
Take responsibility for what you think, feel and believe.
Step back into your own shoes, give yourself a wee shake and find that truth of yours.
Make sure your boundaries are in place, in good working order and ready to get going.
This has very much been a 12 month stint of projected crap after projected crap. So lets shake it all off …….
The card itself references a Japanese belief that Koi are unformed dragons. Lets give them a bigger pool of fresh water and allow that transformation to take place. Become the dragon (self empowered being) you are here to be.
We are still in the Solstice window so work with the energy as it’s potent power stuff.

Fri 25th – Sun 27th : Curiouser & Curiouser

And finally we hit the 25th . In many ways it’s been a long haul to get here and in others it’s blink and you miss it. You can take the time to have a look back and see what has taken place.
But don’t wallow in it as you only encourage that to step back in again. And you’ve done so much work to shift and clear that it would defeat the purpose.
But as Alice is showing I’m sure we can all agree it have been strange. That’s the polite version.
And we still have the potential for it to become even odder as those around us act a bit out of character, or those in power (or who we perceive to do so) act weird, or weirder if that’s even possible.
What is to be remembered is we have transitioned into the new energies of 2021 and for some it may feel unsteady. For others it will feel a blessed relief.
But that integration can take a little while. So if people are spinning out a bit don’t take it to heart. They are doing their best to adapt.
Instead focus on finding your balance first. Then you can help those still a bit wobbly.
These energies have the potential to drop unexpected turns of events. So again don’t be too surprised for swift changes of plans, 180o shifts or roadblocks lifting.
You still have he ability to question so use it. It can be the stabilising or anchoring point you need to navigate all this.
But always remember who you are. Be open to growth and change and you’ll find the core of yourself quickly.


Start of the week – huuuuge energies inbound for Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Treat them and yourself with respect. Where you place your attention is important and potent so be clear and concise. Listen to your discernment/gut. If guided to do any form of earth or collective work focus on where you are physically rather than where you are not…….
Mid week– a time of growth, transformation and taking responsibility for yourself. If you still have other peoples crap ringing in your ears it’s time to dump the lot. And find your own voice once more. Feel the relief of fully stepping into your own energy without anyone else permission etc. You are a self empowered being – own it.
End of the week – it’s been a wild ride and has the potential for more of the same. But remember there has been a big energy shift and people are adjusting – some quicker than others. Look to your own balance first – and only when stable help others with theirs.

Decks used :

Oracle of the DragonFae
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Alice the Wonderland Oracle
All by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three cards pulled for 14th to 20th December 2020

Oracle card reading 14th – 20th Dec 2020

photo of the three cards pulled for 14th to 20th December 2020

Mon 14th – Tue 15th : New Moon Fae

I swear this card popped out the deck all by itself I did not go looking for it. The reason I say this as it falls on New Moon. Which is at exact in the Uk at 16:16
Many of us have felt the energies for this one building for several days now and added to this we also have the Solar eclipse falling on the same day – it’s a lot to process.
This eclipsing of the light on the absence of the moon can stir up a fair few things. And this card is here to remind us that the shadows are not to be feared. They are simply an aspect of ourself that you don’t yet fully understand.
If you can feel parts of yourself you don’t like, don’t want to look at or even fear starting to show up be brave. Look at them. Acknowledge they exist and then you can start to move forwards. All some of them need is to be seen then they flash off.
Others may need a bit more work but you’ll know what to do.
And others , well they may need more intensive work. Take it layer by layer, step by step. And if you need support or guidance you’ll find the person(s) who will be able to assist. And you will work through it.
You will (trust me on this) start to feel more yourself and at peace. It may take a bit of time as you wade through but it gets quicker the more you do.


For some it is a reminder that the Collective shadow is alive and kicking BUT it’s being seen. By far more more than may be choosing not to – and that is a personal choice. Try not to attack or mock those who do not see things as you do – you wouldn’t like it so knock it off. You only add fuel to the division, which is what IT wants. Stop feeding it. 
But when seen it cannot be unseen and this is causing a shift, multiple shifts in truth as many old held beliefs, control systems etc start to crack and crumble. It’s part of a bigger process that will make a form of sense later. With hindsight……….as hindsight is 20:20 vision.
There’s a bigger truth in that statement than most people have twigged, yet.
For some others this is a nod to lunar patterns and which ones resonate for you. You don’t have to follow other peoples patterns or preferences. You work and connect how YOU work and connect. Be yourself. Not a faded carbon copy of someone else’s ideals.

Wed 16th – Thur 17th : Renewal

And the movement through the cards continues. From the sphere to the spiral.
Depending where you are right now you will see one of two things.
If requiring some down time, healing, rest you will see the spiral closing inwards on the card. Take the time you need. Switch off from external distractions and diversions. Connect with yourself, with nature, with like minded people. Feel into the flow of nature, the seasons and give yourself permission to step into that flow.
You will find yourself, your own voice and peace – you simply require to slooooooow down.
If you are coming out of a period of R&R you will see the spiral expanding outwards from the centre of the card. You are stepping out of your temporary cocoon, embracing and moving into your own energy. You are creating new connections, new ways of being and it’s an exciting time.
Enjoy it – create what you feel guided to create and makes your soul sing.
Whichever movement you sense or resonates listen to your bod first as it will guide you as to the first step.

Fri 18th – Sun 20th : Time

And as we hit the pre Solstice energies at the end of the week – and the pre conjunction energies I’m not surprised to see a nod to the Mayans.
Quetzalcoatl the feather serpent himself is showing me the shift from the spiral to the path that winds round the mountain rather than trying to climb over or break through it.
The Mayans knew and understood time, the heavens and all that entails (including the quantum realm) so deeply and profoundly. More so than they are given credit for.
What this card is showing to me – and this is a deeply personal card I might add – is the step between realms. The shift from one consciousness to the other. The void of all possibility.
Winter solstice is, for me, my new year. And this card is VERY much reflecting the move of energies. As one steps back and the other steps forwards. We have the opportunity at the end of this week to shed what we no longer wish to hold, or carry into the next year.

To set the intentions, goals etc of what we DO want to bring in.

You. Have. The . Time.
You. Can. MAKE/TAKE. The. Time
It truly is that important.
If you don’t take the opportunity given it’ll make things a tad more complicated down the road. Work with the energies rather than against them.
Most of this year we have been cautioned to look before we leap. And while that is still very much here we are also being told that if we wait for the “perfect” time we will never move. You will procrastinate and stay stuck…leading to stagnation.
It’s a very delicate balance – and one only YOU can judge for yourself when to step back and when to push forwards. Listen to your own guidance. By all means listen to others for a broader look at things (and I include my own words here) but ultimately be your own guide first.
Pushing forwards may be as simple as voicing your own intentions to yourself.
Keep them private if you prefer.
As you say it you start bringing in into being.
That’s why we say be careful where you place your attention and energies as in this potent point we can manifest and manifest quickly.
Whoever needs to hear this : the time is now.


Start of the week : try not to fear the shadow that is coming up. Be it yours or be it Collective. See it, acknowledge it and start to either integrate or move it on. The 14th is a potent day energy wise and can be very powerful to work with – if you feel guided to do so. If you don’t then simply observe what is shown to you instead – that is still as powerful a way to work.
Mid week : a time of renewal. For some to rest, heal and be at peace. For some other it’s time to come out of the cocoon and test those new wings of yours. The spiral that is life and energy.
End of the week: preparation for what is to come. You have time and you can make time for what is important to you. Look deep into your energies and ask what you can let dissolve away to make space. Ask what is coming forwards to make itself known so you can sense check and prepare to welcome in if it resonates. This is the path opening itself up – you choose the direction.

Decks used :

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of three cards drawn for 16th to 22nd November 2020

Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd Nov 2020

photo of three cards drawn for 16th to 22nd November 2020
Still a pretty clear message this week if you simply want to connect to the cards and bypass my translation.

Mon 16th – Tue 17th – Illumination

At the start of the week we are given candle light and illumination. To bring to light that which has been hidden or shadowed or buried.
It is another opportunity to see the truth of what you have been told, what you believe, or have been presented. Now is the time for clear thinking, of research and finding your OWN truth.
Now you can read into this translation if you wish – but the main thread is to find what is and feels true to you.
Some people get a bit twitchy around the thought or idea of shadow believing it to be bad or scary. It isn’t. It’s simply something you either haven’t looked at or simply don’t yet understand. The dark and scary is a script that’s been handed down. Especially in the spiritual field. I could say more but this is neither the time nor the place.
We are all a balance of light and shadow. One does not exist without the other. Light and shadow are aspects of who you are.
When they are out of balance that’s when things can get complicated.
Not all that says it is light is so.
Not all that says it’s shadow is so.
You have to pick the threads apart for yourself.
To seek what is your truth.
By all means seek assistance but know someone who is a true facilitator will give you the tools to do the work yourself They won’t do it for you, nor should this be your expectation.
Take responsibility for yourself first. Then look at what pops up.
You can ask Source, your Higher Self, Guides and whatnot to help add light so you can see clearly. But don’t ask for so much it blinds you.
Theres a balancing act to this.


For some others you may have been pooh-poohing your own ideas etc in favour of someone else’s voice.
Knock it off. Listen to your own inner guidance and pay attention.
The solution may have been in front of you the entire time but you wrote it off as silliness or imagination.
Wed 18th – Thur 19th – Breaking dawn
When this card first popped up I immediately was drawn to the violet flame and a nod towards energy clearing. If you feel it’s time to start letting some things/situations/people go then do it if it feels right.
Often times we can hold onto things that really start holding us back. In truth is this holding on serving any real purpose?
If not can you drop this weight?
You can – so if you are saying no question where this is truly sitting. Is it even your own voice you are hearing? Change is inevitable and clinging on too tight may mean you risk stagnation and getting stuck.
You can work with the violet lame to help release what needs to go.
The card itself is a gentle (yes really) reminder that every dawn is the chance to start again. Fresh ideas, fresh starts, new direction. The potential is in every sunrise.
So again something you have been asking for or seeking is breaking through like the rays at dawn. Be open to seeing them and welcoming them in. Try not to be in such a rush that you miss the colour and light breaking.
Yes you are exhausted but let this light and newness be a balm to the spirit. If you can physically get up to welcome the sunrise then do it – or if that is simply not possible then watch a sunset knowing the wheel turns and a new day will dawn once more.

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd – The grid

I love the explosion of colour, light and movement with this card. And truthfully you will get more simply looking at the card and I advise doing so.
This is a reminder of all connection in all things.
In particular our connection with the Gaia. And for some this may be not quite what it was, or even missing.
It’s time to reconnect. To listen to her guidance. To watch the seasons and the lessons they bring. Connecting direct with her yourself.
If you can take some time out simply to observe. Be it in a woodland, at the beach, in your garden, on a walk. Whatever. Cloud gaze and see the messages in the shapes. Listen to the birds and let their wisdom go inwards.
Pay attention to the ground you walk on and lift any litter you see. Get your hands in the soil. See the leaves falling, or watch for new shoots depending which hemisphere you live in. Caring for the local wildlife is another way – it can be as simple as popping out a seed feeder. It doesn’t have to be a big complicated thing.
We are given so much guidance and confirmation on an hourly basis but do we fully listen?
Only you can answer that.
The earth gird(s) itself is a massive multi-faceted thing and we are PART of it.
Remember this.


Start of the week – time to dig a lot deeper than surface level. Put the work in and find what you feel to be true. Bring illumination to this and let the shadow be see – face on. See it and then you can do something about it.
Mid week – work with the violet flame to help release anything you have ready to move on at an energetic level. So much has been brought up this year and some small fragments may still be there. Flush them out. For some others this is a gentle reminder that every dawn is a new day with new opportunity. Let that wonder come back in.
End of the week – for most if not all of us it’s time to reconnect fully with this planet we live on. To watch and listen to all around us and connect back in. Too many of us have been unplugged. There is so much wisdom being offered if we are open enough to receive it.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meikljohn-Free
Oracle of Shadows & Light – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies