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cards drawn for weekly oracle card reading - Dragon ascension therapies

Oracle card reading 11-17 April ’22

cards drawn for weekly oracle card reading - Dragon ascension therapies

Mon 11th – Tue 12th :

Dictionary ~ Communication

This is a good one – the start of the week is a nod to stop overthinking. Instead slow down, step back and let things be.
Whatever wisdom or confirmation you need will appear. But if you’re over analysing alllllll the things you might miss it.
Simplification is key here.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed especially right now. Go back to basics.
How many of use an actual dictionary or thesaurus these days? Do we all rely on tech rather than good fashioned paper? Perhaps time to revisit the extent of our reliance on each.
I’d also like to add in here pay attention to how you are communicating with others, and WHAT you are communicating. Or attempting to.
Many things can be taken out of context, misunderstood and more without the context of facial expressions.
So before you hit the keyboard, or pick up the phone : stop, breathe and re-read it in a neutral tone. Does this change things for you?
A bit of a stop before you leap moment.

Wed 13th – Thur 14th : All must have prizes! reversed 

Now this card popped up recently and it’s curious to see it again so soon. BUT it’s telling me something very interesting.
No longer are you prepared or forced to people please at the cost of your own sanity, resources or health.
This card in reverse (i.e. dealt upside down) has a very powerful message.
Where once you would keep the peace, ensure everyones feelings were unhurt…..you’ve turned a corner. Or at least have a different perspective.
You are more concerned with the truth – not the sugar coated version. The actual truth of things. Rather than keeping everyone happy. Which ultimately solves or resolves nothing.
People pleasing takes a massive back seat while you make the decisions you feel at a gut level are right for you.
Not what someone else tries to persuade you is the right one.
Now this may read a bit selfish but it isn’t. I say this all the time : self care is not selfish. Sometimes we have to put ourselves at the top of the list.
While in this space giving praise or energy or even attention to where its not warranted won’t happen.
Harsh but true.

Fri 15th – Sun 17th : Clarity

Something most of us are looking for on a day to day basis. And this one falls over Easter when people/families may be getting together.
You may find as you’ve stepped back a bit and let yourself make your own decisions. That clarity for some things does start to manifest itself.
For some it may manifest physically as a purge of sorts (me the last 4-5 weeks). And this clearing out of the old to make space for the new can be digestive in nature.
Sorry to be so blunt.
Whatever form it takes let it happen. The quicker you get out of your own way the quicker it will clear.
Think of it as clearing out the unwanted, stagnant stuff you’ve been carrying for too long. Time to let that sh1t out. A period of renewal if you will (and that sounds better).
Some of you may even find that enforced down time can bring in a wave of awareness that you may have missed otherwise.
extra card for the week - dragon energy

Extra for the week : Lady Lunas Magick

Interesting for this card to pop up as full moon hits (in the UK) on Sat 16th at 7.55pm.
This card is about finding and connecting to the phase of the moon that resonates for you. Many will be on the 16th as they can and do work with full moon.
But there are others who connect better at other stages through the cycle. For me it’s new moon as it links to the absence of reflected/false light.
See if you can find where in the lunar cycle you feel most connected and observe where in the cycle it feels uncomfortable. Theres a lot to learn when you delve into this.
As always be vigilant around the 15 – 17 as it can make people a bit distracted around you. Particularly when driving.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
oracle card reading - Dragon Ascension Therapies

Oracle cards 28 Mar – 3 Apr ’22

oracle card reading - Dragon Ascension Therapies
As always take what resonates and bin the rest. If this has popped up on your feed and you have no interest just scroll past -Facebook placed it in front of you, not me.

Mon 28th – Tue 29th :

Leave behind what is no longer You

You may notice a colour theme running through the main cards again this week despite being drawn from different decks. It’s all blue.
And for me that is linked to the throat, finding your voice, finding and speaking your truth.
At the start of the week we are asked to do some deep observation into ourselves. To determine what is US and what is simply a pattern we have fallen into. Or who we THINK we are without feeling it first.
It’ll make sense when you sit with that statement.
To be reborn or experience growth we may need to create space. And a good way to create space is let go of what no longer serves.
This may feel raw for some but it is necessary. To carry that burden around with you may prevent something that is more aligned with who you are becoming a chance to make itself known.
That space doesn’t have to filled straight away. You can enjoy the lightness it brings for a while first.
Remember to breathe and step back for a moment if things start to overwhelm.

Wed 30th – Thur 31st :

Follow your own good advice

And lets face it how many of us are great at giving advice or insight for others but hopeless at taking it *raises hand*
You can of course listen to the advice you give others and realise it for you at the same time. This is a good stepping stone for active listening – especially to yourself.
You do give yourself good advice but then disregard it. Only to regret it later. Lord knows it’s happened to me often enough.
Learn or remember to TRUST yourself, to listen. You know yourself better than anyone else ever will, or can. Listen to what comes up and listen to your gut.
Your discernment is your strongest tool available. If it feels right great, if it doesn’t then stop, assess and if needed park it for a while.
Others may not have your best interest at heart. And even those who do will view your situation/challenge through the lens of their own experience. Filter it through your discernment first before making any decisions.
And lastly only give advice to others when asked – unsolicited advice or guidance may not be well received. And if smarting from that flip the perspective and ask if you would be happy in their shoes?

Fri 1st – Sun 3rd :

You’ve attracted wonderful news

Always a curious card this one as many take it to be literal. This is a card about change but in a positive way.
But you may require hindsight to see the positivity as at the time it may feel anything but.
But lets take a step back first.
Change is afoot and it IS beneficial. All the work you have done to look at what is out of alignment, to work with and through the shadow aspects. To expand and develop. All of this changes your vibration.
And with that shift in vibration you can attract others things that are in resonance. If you feel a shift in energy, feeling alive or energised it may be what you have attracted in.
There may be a short period of integration that may lower your spirits or force you to take some down time. But after that period of time look back and you will see it for what it actually was.
Good fortune could be preventing you from doing something you thought you wanted. But actually would have been the absolute wrong thing for you at the time.
Blessings can come in odd looking wrapping…

Extra for the full week :

i-Ching ~ Change

oracle card translation - Dragon Ascension Therapies
And back to change for the full week.
Many people dislike change as it can feel forced and very disconcerting. But when you realise that change is one of the few constants in life it can tweak your perspective.
Change is good and prevents stagnation and rot.
Be open to change (with discernment of course) and learn to work with it rather than against it.
For some change may well be the thread for the full week. And it may be a relief when it comes in

Decks used:

Foxfire the Kitsune Oracle
Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Oracle of the ShapeShifters – all by Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Dragon Ascension Therapies
Cards pulled for 21-27 March 2022

Oracle card reading 21-27 March 2022

Cards pulled for 21-27 March 2022

Mon 21st – Tue 22nd : Web of all life

An interesting set of cards for the week with a colour running through again despite being from different decks. I can see red in the 3 main cards.
Start of the week we are in the Equinox window and it seems its a time to contemplate many things. One of which is our interconnection to all things. Even the things we wished didn’t or we don’t want to look at.
This card for me is all about communication – on all levels. So if drawn to take a look at who you communicate with on a day to day basis. Are these relationships still working? Do they feel the best fit for all involved? Are your spaces on social media energetically clean and clear or is something lurking that may require a bit of work?
The webs we weave are important but they can be amended, changed, taken down and weaved from scratch if need be.
You do have control over this.
For some others you may become aware of ancestral, historical or bloodline links coming through. As with all ancestral work yes honour those who came before you but use your discretion. You may have ancestors who are not interested in you moving forwards or clearing out old debris. Welcoming them in with open arms may not be the best plan right now.
Discernment is key.

Wed 23rd – Thur 24th : Balance

More red – which may be a nod to your root and/or earth star chakra centres. Which for me is all about being anchored and in alignment. Or being anchored while you become aligned to your own energy.
Balance is important and if your energies, emotions, health are out of whack it will show up in some way. Pay attention to what you are shown or feel. Listen to your body directly and ask about what is coming up for you. And what you can do to help things along.
Have a good look at your life and assess if anything again out of balance. Is one side of your life taking more than its fair share of your time and attention? If so does it feel right for you or would you prefer to make a change to give all sides equal time?
Only you can answer that one honestly.
Have you been working at a million miles an hour and you given yourself some down time? If not, why not?
This is what my team mean by balance. But we are aware it can look very different for other people.
Discover what balance means for you.

Fri 25th – Sun 27th : Painting the roses red

Red again – really is pointing me to the root and being anchored and grounded in times that can be a bit trying.
This card is a little different as it’s speaking of covering up problems or mistakes to avoid conflict or consequences.
Are you in a situation where you cover things up (in a sense) to avoid conflict? Are you in a situation where mistakes are punished or ridiculed and you feel it may be easier/safer to cover them up?
We have energies at play that are shedding so much light and illumination on things that what has been hidden will be seen. Think whistleblowers if it helps. You can see this playing out at a global level.
But it will be playing out at a personal level soon too.
Would it be less energy and effort to simply let the truth be seen? Again this is for you to sit with not me. I will have my own to look at.
extra card for the week

Extra for the week : Time to restore

And an extra for the week is a reminder to those who need it – to rest. Yes we have a push to keep going to force ourselves through. But rest is equally as important.
Allow yourself time to rest. To do nothing. Set down the tablet/phone and watch the world go by for half an hour instead. Connect to nature around you – even in a busy city you will find signs of life when you look for them.
Slow down, unwind and re-charge your batteries.

Decks used :

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Foxfire the Kitsune Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
oracle card for 7=13 March 2022 Dragon Ascension Therapies

Oracle cards 7-13 March ’22

oracle card for 7=13 March 2022 Dragon Ascension Therapies
I may make this a bit less in depth as typical as I’ve had a touch of a trying week 🙂

Mon 7th – Tue 8th : Sacred beetle armour

A reminder that we all have the ability to create energetic boundaries. And right now those feeling a little stretched, raw or just plain sore this might be a good time to assess what you have in place.
If you have anything in place that is.
To sense check what you have versus what you may need. As always keep it very simple.
A few may start to go into hermit mode or to step back for a bit to heal, to rest and to have a bit of space. If that’s you go right on and look after yourself. The energies have been erratic, we may have turned a corner but the healing still needs to happen.
For those coming out of that cocoon it may be that you will be helping someone with their boundaries in some way. Or being a guardian in some form – you may not know it at the time.

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : The time guardian

This is on point.
How many reading this are saying they have “no time”. Or that they feel like they have too much to do and no time to do it?
Or that time is going so slow and not moving fast enough. To the point you may feel you are being left behind.
This card is a reminder that you do have time. As time is a human construct – and it can be expanded or contracted if you step outside of the construct. Look at nature (or the seasons if that helps).
You can ask your higher self/team to help slow things down and stretch it out , or you can ask them to help contract things a bit.
There are practical things you can do such as prioritising tasks etc. Which needs done immediately and what has a longer end date. So to speak.
You may find when you start this a lot of the tasks either resolve themselves or get done in seconds. Procrastination with overwhelm can a mess make…. I speak from experience.
For me this week will be about prioritising tasks and adding dates for completion so it all gets sorted. Rather than being at the coos tail.
Those feeling time has slowed right down ask what you can constructively do with what you have been gifted. What can you bring in to use up some of that space?
And if you can turn it all on it’s head and see it for the gift it is. And embrace it so you can remember in times of stress or overwhelm what space feels like. So you can return to that moment.

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : All must have prizes

(this was dealt the other way up but photographed this way so you can see it properly)

Now as I said this was dealt the other way up which oddly gives it a more positive spin.
For those who perhaps have been trying to please everyone at the same time. Or to keep the peace, or spare feelings. You may find you have reached a point of enough is enough. It can be exhausting to make sure everyone is happy all of the time – despite having different needs.
Now is a time to be clear on what is right for YOU, rather than everyone else. To seek out truth and honesty. To use your discernment and cease playing peacekeeper role – unless you really are sure it’s the right fit for you at this time.
Clarity is key here.
Know your mind, your energy and your pathway.
Those attempting to knock you off course , well pay attention to the “what” and “why”.
Some truths may sting a bit but it can be done in a way that is neither hurtful or callous.
Extra card for 7-13 March 2022 Dragon Ascension Therapies

Extra for the week – Speak your truth

Tying in with the end of the week is to find your truth and your voice.
You don’t need to scream at the top of your voice to be heard. We are in a place right now where there’s a LOT of shouting. To the point people stop paying attention and look for something a bit calmer or quieter.
Whatever your truth happens to be it can be communicated clearly and calmly and feel authentic to those around you.
Simply put, be yourself without having to force it. The card itself is all about flow, the infinity loop. There are no sharp point or abrupt points.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters
Oracle of the DragonFae
Alice the Wonderland oracle – all by Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
oracle cards drawn for 28th February to 6th March 2022

Oracle card reading 28th Feb – 6th March ’22

oracle cards drawn for 28th February to 6th March 2022
*As always take what resonates and bin the rest. Or better yet see what comes up for you from the cards direct.*

Mon 28th Feb – Tue 1st Mar : Nature Communication

On the face of it this seems to be a gentle card about connecting with nature, getting outside and slowing down a touch. It might be for some of you – and if thats the case then please do carry on. You’ll feel the benefit.
But for many others it’s not.
This is about how you communicate with everything. And I should say this card was dealt upside down which makes us look that bit deeper into this one.
We’re being reminded not to make assumptions that as something/one is different from you that you can’t or won’t communicate with them . If someone/thing doesn’t speak your native language communication can still happen. It may take a bit more time, patience and energy but you do get there.
Perhaps you are cutting off your nose to spite your face as someone doesn’t have the same view of the world as you? Do you believe or expect everyone to believe what you believe?
I hate to break it to you – but they don’t. Nor should they we are all unique individuals.
I’ve see a lot of this in recent times. And while it’s very disappointing I can understand. It’s a safety mechanism of staying in our own safe space when everything feels like its upside down. An alternative viewpoint may trigger doubt and more and shake said safe space.
However embrace being open minded and open hearted where you can. To understand all have differing views and experience – they are ALL valid. You don’t have to agree with them but you can have a discussion. It may be painful but it can be done. And you don’t have to absorb their stance as yours.
Be someone worthy of communicating with.
Let that once marinate for a while.
If you have been aware of cutting people off or silencing them as they don’t follow your ideas and ideals ask yourself why you’ve done this. It it fear? Do your own beliefs not like to be challenged? Is it preconceived ideas about how someone or a being “should” be or behave and you feel uncomfortable when they don’t?
It could be something out of the blue. And yes I will be looking at this myself.
And if all else fails or it gets a bit too much I’ll stick with nature and let her take the lead for a while.

Wed 2nd – Thur 3rd : Transcendence

A reminder mid week that you are more than the sum of your day to day routine. More than your work, your routine, your wage. You are a mix of physical, energetic and emotion.
Allow these other aspects of yourself space to breath. To work in tandem. Allow your gifts and talents to make themselves known. To bring you joy.
We are linked to the earth but also to the heavens. And this card falls on the March New Moon. Giving us a direct link to the cosmos.
Take some time to stop, ponder, breathe and then move on.
Short and sweet for midweek.

Fri 4th – Sun 6th : You are a peaceful being

Really curious that this card has popped up for the end of the week and exceptionally key right now. I’m aware this card may push a few buttons – if it does ask yourself why before you lash out.
You may be able to see the Yin Yang sign in the centre of the card. And it’s all about balance. The balance of light AND shadow. You cannot have one without the other. And where you have balance between them you have peace.
It is about bringing this peace to your life. Having the ability to stop, breathe, reflect. To find that spot or place that helps you relax fully.
Try not to go looking for conflict or be in that space where you attract it towards you. And to those around you.
Being gentle, respectful, peaceful is sometimes called weak by those who do not fully understand. There is a massive amount of strength of choosing a peaceful path. And at times may not be easy.
But in those moments where you can feel it – embrace it and know you can find your way back to that point.
extra oracle card for 28th February to 6th March by Dragon Ascension Therapies

Extra for the week : Rejuventation

A reminder for the whole week that some of you may be feeling a little out of sorts or a bit flat.
Take some time where you can to stop, to rest, to do whatever you need to.
It may be the physical, energetic, emotional or mental side of yourself that requires a dose of TLC. Give yourself permission to do just that.
Revive your body, mind or spirits and then you can start again.

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Foxfire the Kitsune oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae – all by Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards drawn for 17th to 23rd January 2022
cards drawn for 17th to 23rd January 2022

Mon 17th – Tue 18th : Foresight

What strikes me first is this week all the cards have a similar colour/colour palette. For me this all about the solar plexus and abundance. Self awareness, self belief and more. Keep that in mind over each card.
Start of the week and with Jan full moon we have tea leaves – a marker of foresight or seeing into the future. A nod back down the ancestral lineage. And interestingly I’ve just submitted an article on my perspective around the ancestors. Taking this card as confirmation that what I’ve written – while it may challenge some people – was the right thing to have shared.
But it also very clearly says “look before you leap”. We still have some rather challenging energies around right now and they may encourage you to jump into something without looking first.
Perhaps not the best of ideas right now. Forewarned is forearmed. Take the time to do your due diligence, read the signs and take time before you make any choices right now.
Even better have a cup of tea/coffee and ruminate on things.
While there are times when jumping without a safety net is possible this isn’t one of them.
You of course have free will so if you do leap without looking be ready to accept the consequences of your own actions.
Can’t say you haven’t be advised.

Wed 19th – Thur 20th : Empowerment

And here we go into the guts of it all. This card very much represents the solar plexus. The seat of your own power, identity and much, much more.
Over time this can be closed down, silenced, depleted and forgotten. It’s time to embrace who you are. Warts and all. To see yourself in all your glory. Accepting the good and the not so good. Understanding you are a blend of it all.
To allow who you are to be seen and heard. It’s time to let yourself unfurl and take up your own space once more.
Let the solar plexus expand outwards. See it radiate in all it’s colour and form.
Self empowerment is a huge step and it can take a lot of courage. But once you start it picks up speed. Taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, beliefs and thoughts is a good place to start. Stand your ground if need be.
When you do this and walk your talk people pay attention and see how THEY can do the same.

Fri 21st – Sun 23rd : You are independent and free

Seeing the theme this week yet? Yet more golden tones in this one which again for me is linked to the solar plexus and your sense of self and self worth.
This is the time to really trust in yourself. You have the abilities to look after yourself. You don’t need someone riding in to save the day – you have had that ability within you all along. It’s time to believe it.
When you start to embrace your own empowerment the trust in your own abilities steps up as well. This is a process I know well and help others with – hence me getting a bit heated as I type.
For some this will be a getting back to basics moment. Stripping away the bells and whistles and asking what is actually important to you. And what is surplus to requirements, or even clutter.
Can you remove some of the distractions and clutter? And I know I’m speaking directly to myself in this also. Go into that space and see what comes up. You are far stronger and more resilient than you give yourself credit for.
Go remember who you are and what you can do.

Extra for the full week : Declare your autonomy

Extra card for the week

And we really underline the energy of the week.
Yet again we are shown self empowerment and stepping up to the plate. Now while the author or the deck has used the word sovereignty I prefer the word autonomy. For me it has a cleaner energy and more exactly describes what most people think the former means. There are other connotations to the former which I find uncomfortable.
Whichever word you feel most comfortable with – use that. Interestingly the full month of Jan is about word choice in the Arse Kick programme. It is not going unnoticed!
This is cementing in the energy of taking responsibility for your choices, decisions, thoughts, beliefs and more. Of being brutally honest with yourself and stopping handing your power over to others. Who would make decisions on your behalf that suit THEM not you.
To take your power back.
Stand in your own shoes and follow the path YOU lay in front of you. Not one which others have picked for you.
Step up and own your life.
It’s a big week with huge potential when you choose to se it as such. But only you can make that choice.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Alice the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
Cards drawn for 10th to 16th January 2022

Oracle cards 10-16 Jan 2022

Cards drawn for 10th to 16th January 2022

Mon 10th – Tue 11th : Be light of heart

Lets keep it relatively short and sweet for this week, as I can waffle on at times.
We’ve had this card fairly recently and it’s telling us to lighten up. So many things are heavy, depressing, divisive and non-sensical just now that it’s easy to fall into it. And to attract more. Falling even deeper into it all. Which is exhausting.
Instead we are being nudged to laugh, to find what makes us happy. Good food and good company to lift the spirits. Not to take ourselves or what is going on around us too seriously.
There’s a reason why the British (and others) have a very dark sense of humour. It’s to be able to laugh at really heavy times and take the power out of it. I have even found myself laughing at some news reports in the last few days as they are so utterly ridiculous. I choose not to give them any power but instead take the power away.
So lighten up, remember to laugh and embrace the joy when and where you find it.

Wed 12th – Thur 13th : Change is natural

As quoted by Heraclitus the Greek philosopher :
“Change is the only constant in life.”
Without change things would become stuck and stagnant. Growth would be impossible and things would feel just a tad bleak.
While some change can indeed by very painful it can also be liberating. Learn/remember to embrace change, to see the potential it gives. It is simply the end of one cycle and the start of a new one.
If it is painful take some time to integrate. To grieve for the change of what was but try not to get stuck in it. As that leads to complications.
There are no road maps, guide books or written instructions on how to deal with the changes you face at a personal level. Most times its trial and error. Grow from each one that comes along. Share your experience if it feels right as it may show a different way for someone else. Indeed you may hear or read something that resonates for you to try.
Yes you may make a few mistakes along the way – we all do.
You’ll find your feet.
Trust in yourself.

Fri 14th – Sun 16th : Follow your own good advice

Now this one was dealt upside down so I will give the two different spins on this card to cover all angles. It also falls on the first Mercury retrograde of 2022. For me this is a good positive energy to work with, for others it may be more complicated. See it as an opportunity to re-view, revise, re-asses and take stock.
Lets start with the card in reverse (i.e upside down)
Have you been avoiding your own advice and writing it off as fancy or stuff and nonsense?
Repeating the same thing to the same end, with the same result? Much to your complete and utter frustration.
Looking for someone to come in and fix things for you?
Seeing only doom and gloom around you?
I hate to break it to you but only you can stop that cycle. Time to take responsibility for your choices, actions and more. The clarity will come in when you make that first step. Listen to yourself and TRUST what comes through. Make decisions for yourself or someone else will impose their will and make the decision for you.
Break the chain you’ve placed yourself under.


For the card right way up it’s a similar message but perhaps a little less tough love in the delivery.
How often do you listen to the advice you give to others when asked? Many times the advice we give is also for us if we learn to listen clearly. Observe it, integrate it and then do the needful.
When you have a challenge that has you getting emotional or wishing to pull your hair out in frustration.
Take a breath.
Step back for a second or two and ask yourself what advice would I give to a close friend if they has this issue?
Then LISTEN to said advice.
You already know what you need to do in the situation – are you ready to do it?
Only you can answer that one.

Extra for the week : Confirmation

Extra card drawn for the week

The confirmation you’ve been looking for about a choice/decision/whatever it happens to be is there. It may not be in the form of a shooting star or a neon flashing bill board (for some it may be) but it is there.
Learn to look at the smallest of details and you’ll see it.
Stay in the flow of gratitude and you may just see it that much more clearly.

Decks used:

The Oracle of the DragonFae
Oracle of the ShapeShifters
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – all by Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards drawn for 3rd to 9th January 2022

Oracle card reading 3-9 Jan ’22

cards drawn for 3rd to 9th January 2022

Mon 3rd – Tue 4th : Voice

Finding it VERY interesting that this card has popped up. As after a catch up with the Arse Kicked by Dragons members a few days ago I’m aware of how many people are having throat/sinus issues right now. It feels like a form of Clearing – both personally and Collective.
But some of us are being stopped from using their voice in some way.
And for me this is about being able to USE your voice, your truth and be heard, or to stand up for yourself if needed.
Lets just say the challenging energies we had for most of 2021 are still about. They are good for showcasing where you may be vulnerable. And that’s not a bad thing as it gives an area to concentrate on. As you know many voices have been shouted down, suppressed and silenced completely for centuries. And this can no longer be accepted or endured and that energy/vibration has outlived it’s use.
It’s time for all voices to be given space to be heard – even if you don’t agree with them. We all have the right to express our truth.
If you are one who has been made to silence yourself it’s time to dust off those vocal cords and say no to that. To take back your own power and reconnect with your voice and your truth. It may be rocky to begin with but it will come back. Stand in your truth, back yourself and do what you know is right for you.

And while some may feel like yelling at the top of their lungs (understandably in certain cases) do your best not to stay in that space. Let it out, vent if needed then come back to a point of balance. Sometimes it can be easier to be heard when calm and not shouting.
If you’ve been able to use your voice and truth and not be shut down (or be bothered by those who would as you realised it’s about them not you) then keep going. You may be in a position to speak up for those who can’t right now.
For those who’ve had a sore throat, infections, sinus issues etc tune in to your body and ask why. It may be an energetic purge or it could be a push for you to slow down and rest. Only you will know for sure.
And a note speaking your truth doesn’t have to be physical speech it can be the written word, music and more.
The word voice can trip us up at times.

Wed 5th – Thur 6th : Balance

Fab card this as when you look closely you can see the Yin Yang symbol in the centre. It’s subtle but it’s there.
This echoes the sentiment from the first card – to find or establish your own point of balance.
To know what works for you to become present, to be able to breathe and to be able to brush off the energies of others/situations that you may have picked up along the way.
2021 was a year of challenges, butting heads and (sadly) mass division. 2022 is a fresh start to find balance, community and inclusion.Of appreciating and accepting people have differing opinions and viewpoints and thats ok. Indeed it’s what makes life interesting.
Embrace the differences and lets bring balance back. I would say that seems to be one of the words coming up for me for the next 12 months and I will be working with this as we go.
I’m being shown the root and earth star chakras with this card so for some it may be further work required with grounding/anchoring. Check these areas and see if all is as it should be.
Sit with the card and see what it brings up for you direct.

Fri 7th – Sun 9th : Dreaming

Interestingly this is a card about the dream state. And in particular to pay attention if you have dream recall. I don’t but an old trick I learned from my previous job when I was so stressed that I had very broken sleep. Keep a notebook by your bedside and when you wake quickly note it down and go back to sleep. That way you don’t keep turning it over in your mind.
You may find patterns or themes running through. This may be what you are being asked to look at. Those of you who journey in sleep state also pay attention to the visions and messages you receive.
Oddly for me I also get deep personal work with this as green for me is all about the heart.
There is a fluidity to this one and I would suggest going with the flow over the weekend if possible. As it may be a smoother ride than fighting against the current. Give yourself a bit of a break.

Extra card for the week : Mortality

extra card for 3rd to 9th January 2022

A beautiful reminder to us all that life is brief but it is beautiful. Live in the present as much as possible rather than in the past or the future.
There will be times where you are sad, scared or feel broken but try not to let them define you as you won’t always feel this way.
Live your life fully.
Embrace it.
Be joyful as you experience every facet available to you.
We are here to live not simply exist.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit,
Divine Guidance,
Path of the Soul – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards pulled for the weekly reading 29th November to 5th December 2021

Oracle card reading 29th Nov – 5th Dec ’21

cards pulled for the weekly reading 29th November to 5th December 2021
a heads-up that some of this may read a bit blunter than usual. Go with it if you can and take what resonates. My team are a bit spicy today ……

Mon 29th – Tue 30th Nov : Orca magic

Now this is an interesting card as I popped it back into the deck and it popped right back out again.
The secondary meaning on the cards refers to the Akashic libraries – if this is work you do or familiar with I’ll leave that with you. I’m not going to go into this one as not my area of expertise 🙂
The reference to the orcas is a link to the earth, her work and day to day running. Take some time to acknowledge the planet you live on as without her you wouldn’t be here.
But also remember she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and has been around far longer than us. And will outlive us. So while it can be tempting to panic and say she’s in decline, or at risk etc ask yourself this.


Is she?
Or is she sorting things out at a level we can’t quite comprehend and we’ve forgotten who runs the show?
That’s one to sit with folks and mull over. See what my words bring up for you and if triggered by them ask yourself why.
It may not be for the reasons you first think. Always look beneath the surface of things. And for reference as not many here are aware of this I have an Environmental Sciences back ground so I do very much care.
The other thing coming through is for you – despite the weather – to get outside and connect. Sitting on your backside with technology in your home is one thing. Getting outside breathing the air and SEEING nature is another. And it is a great leveller.
Be near water if you can for this as it’s a great cleanser. Salt water even more so with the link to the orcas in the card. Get out and smell the seaweed! Be reminded of the power of the planet.
For some others this may be a nudge towards galactic energies and directions. Again will leave you with this.

Wed 1st – Tue 2nd : Set your course

Or as I’m seeing this card – set your intentions.
This card pops up for the two days preceding new moon and the total lunar eclipse on the 4th. It’s the perfect energy and moment to look at where you are going, what you want in your life and letting go of what serves no purpose.
If journalling or story boarding is something that resonates what is the trend or theme that keeps coming up for you? Have you looked at it? Is it something you can tackle head on? Is it something that you would prefer did not follow you into 2022?
Like I said perfect window of time to sort through all of this and more. Have a clear path in your minds eye and follow it. Especially as we head towards Winter/Summer solstice.
Setting intentions is a good practice to have. But a word of advice. Keep them simple and straight to the point. The more direct they are the less likely they can be misunderstood.
To those who are shouting that they have no idea what they are here to do or which direction to go you are far from alone. As I said recently focus in a different way. Look at what you DON’T want to do , follow or head towards. The more you strip out the distractions and diversions the more opportunity there is for the clarity to come forwards.
And failing that you can always change your mind if what you started isn’t going quite where you had hoped or anticipated.
Or you can light a candle or two and ask for the right help and right guidance to come forwards in a from you can recognise. Take action and claim responsibility for yourself.

Fri 3rd – Sun 5th : Be light of heart

Or as my team shouted “lighten up!”.
This is about maintaining a sense of humour, a lightness of being and not taking yourself overly seriously.
A lot of people right now are very unhappy, under immense strain and finding it hard to find any light around situations. Embrace the inner Brit and find a sense of the ridiculous – twisted or otherwise to keep you sane.
The ability to laugh at yourself, the situations and more takes a lot of the sting and power out of things.
And I don’t mean mocking others – thats a path you don’t wan’t to be going down right now. As it’ll rebound on you with some force later. You have been warned.
I mean the ability to take the pi$$ out of yourself, to help others find their laughter and smile again. Even when things feel a bit hopeless or overwhelming.
This is a card about optimism and helping others see it in you first and then in themselves. That twinkle in your eye can be healing to those who have forgotten how to laugh.
Share the things you find funny – not mean or hurtful . Simply funny. Lighten your load and theirs by giving them something else to see, feel or hear.
If it feels right watch a film or series that always made you howl with laughter and simply enjoy it. For me it’s Fawlty Towers, Monty Python and Dead Pool.
This new moon/lunar eclipse combo on the 4th will be heavy for some and easy for others. So go with the flow. Cut yourself some slack and find what makes you laugh.
extra card for the week

Extra for the week : Shifting

A good reminder for the week that the energies are constantly shifting. As are ours. So what may feel right one day may feel odd the next.
Flow with it where you can.
Be aware that those around you are going through the same process and to be kind where you can.
Everything is a moving target and shifting goal posts this week. Observe if possible before acting.
Be open to new possibilities, flexible and willing to effect change where it is needed. Being stuck or inflexible may cause you to break in some way.
If shifting doesn’t resonate use the word “flow” for the week and it may make more sense.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters
Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae – all by Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards drawn for the oracle reading 22nd to 28th November 2021

Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th Nov 2021

cards drawn for the oracle reading 22nd to 28th November 2021

Mon 22nd – Tue 23rd

As always pay attention when dragon energy shows up randomly in a deck you weren’t anticipating it. Particularly when the colour on the card is the colour that energy shows to you on a daily basis. It’s quite a marker and this is a repeating pattern through the year, and particularly till Solstice.
If someone or something is attempting to tell you how to be, how to live your life, or what to think/feel/believe you HAVE to question it. Whether it’s coming from a good place or not.
Only YOU can decide what you think/feel /believe and the decisions you make around how you live your life.
So get in touch with your truth and live it.
Understand your voice and use it.
Anyone/thing (and as always I include myself in that list) attempting to tell you that you are “wrong” or that their way is the “right” one needs to be looked at under a microscope. Why are they so interested or invested in your choices and decisions?
These voices may not be quite what they appear and it’s worth doing your due diligence as to whether you pay it attention or tell it to sling it’s hook.
Discernment is and remains key.
When in doubt ask yourself what YOU think or feel about a certain situation/challenge first. And go with your gut instinct. It won’t steer you wrong – the other influences well, they just might.
If needed you can use a bit of dragon fire at your back to get the point across if required to get rid of something along the way.
When you come from your truth, your heart you cannot be lead astray.
And conversely if you are the one telling someone how to be or act you will be given the opportunity to see what you are doing and to cease.

Wed 24th – Thur 25th : Work

Now at first glance you may think this refers the work you do to pay your bills. Nope. We are talking about the work you are here to do – your reason for incarnating this time round.
Now it’s a difficult question and can drive us round the bend. Looking for clarity round this can take years.
Instead ask what are you drawn to doing . What keeps catching your attention? It can come as a flash of inspiration, an “I’ve had enough!” moment or something a little less obvious.
It will start to flow if you step back a little and trust that it will make itself known when its time. Do your self work, wade through the shadow as it comes up and the way will become clearer with the other distractions being cleared out.
I have an idea what my role is BUT it’s ever evolving as I shift and change. Be prepared for it to flex and flow as you grow and remember. It’s not a fixed target – it’s a far bigger picture.
Focus within and the answer may reveal itself there.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Renewal

Oddly this card jumped out the deck earlier on but it made it’s way to the end of the week instead.
The spiral is the important focus of the card. And for now this is about healing, resting and recuperation.
It’s a heavy week off the back of the eclipse building to the next one on the 4th Dec and some of us need a bit of down time to integrate. Especially if you found the full moon/lunar eclipse combo a bit too much (raises hand!).
If you need to slow down and rest then do that. If you see others racing ahead let them be. We are all on different parts of our energy spiral. When we have energy we can use it, when we don’t we can take time to re-charge first or face burn out.
Find gratitude where you can for what you have around you, the people, the energies. All of it. This is the space I went into during the eclipse and it kept me sane. And it’s what I can focus on till Solstice.
When you are in that space you can see situations and more in a different light. And can go some way to either laying them to rest or starting to heal.
If you have had to make your voice heard and your line in the sand marked then a bit of R&R may be useful.
For some others you are on the way out of this and getting going again – embrace the energy and work with it while it is available to you.
extra card drawn for the week

Extra card for the week – Change of Mind

A powerful card and reminder. You can change your mind about anything as and when it is needed.
As can everyone.
It may be you who are changing direction, a belief or a thought . Or it could be someone around you having a moment of realisation.
Whichever it is cut yourself or them some slack. Changes such as these can be sudden, out of the blue and difficult to navigate. They take time, energy and effort.
But it is the path to self empowerment and autonomy when you understand yourself that more deeply. When you can take responsibility for what is yours rather than pointing a finger of blame outwards. Thats where the change can come in.
I look back to who I used to be versus who I am now and no longer recognise the “old me”. And nor should I. Change is the only constant in life and working with it rather than against it can open up so many more doors than you might realise.
See the image on the card as a butterfly opening it’s wings and starting to fly. Allow yourself the space to do so . Or if it’s someone else step out of the way so you don’t block their flight path.

Decks used :

Path of the Soul
Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies