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photo the the there cards pulled for the weekly reading 30th November to 6th December 2020

Oracle care reading 30th Nov – 6th Dec 2020

photo the the there cards pulled for the weekly reading 30th November to 6th December 2020

Mon 30th – Tue 1st : Healing

Ok so the 30th Nov packs a wallop and the need for healing is not lost at all – neither is the moon at the top of this card.
As most of you will be aware we have the start of eclipse season 30th Nov – kicking off with a lunar full moon eclipse in Gemini. Added to this we have several alignments involving Chiron the wounded healer in Aries. And possible influx of solar storm that is due to hit around the same time.
Not the best mix of energies unless you are used/skilled at working with them – and some of you will. We are all different when it comes to energy.
Now this may be double dutch to some and crystal clear to others.
I am not the best person to even attempt to explain this as it’s not my strength. What I can tell you I have gleaned from the person I resonate with – The Sky Priestess. You can find her on her website and You Tube channel. She has a live video entitled Sanity is the new Sexy – go have a watch as she goes into detail about this eclipse.
There is no need to re-invent the wheel when others explain this beautifully. Go with who YOU resonate with!
What this card and what I’m aware of for the eclipse is the need to rest, to retreat and to heal. To listen to your body and spirit and pay attention.
With activity around Chiron this is more of personal healing and deep wounds rather than Collective. Allow what needs to come up to do so, you don’t need to go looking for it. It will come up when the time is right. Acknowledge it, see it, ask what if anything you need to do to help it/you move forwards and then carry on.
The bat shit crazy energy potential is more likely to play out within the Collective – detach, don’t engage.
Rest, rest, rest.
Give yourself the time you need to come back into alignment with yourself . Step back from electronic communication. Those of you who spotted glitches this week won’t be too invested in social media right now anyway.
Get back to nature, the seasons, the cycles and the flow of Gaia.

Wed 2nd – Thur 3rd : Awakening

You can probably already get a feel for the flow this week just from the cards. In all honesty you can trust your own translation to the cards rather than mine. Consider it part of your discernment or self empowerment. To trust your own instincts first, or to question what is presented to you.
Indeed I actively encourage this. It shows others the way when you walk your talk and starts or nudges them on their path toward self empowerment.
The mix of red and green speaks of the heart opening, the truth coming forwards and it being rooted into your energy.
If awakening doesn’t resonate replace with awareness in it’s place.
Those “ah ha!” moments may begin to flow as pennies start to drop.
Go with them, feel and sense into things and they will start to unfold. What no longer resonates can fall away to be replaced by the new more in sync (for now) energies/vibrations/beliefs.
It may be that talents you have kept hidden or possibly didn’t know existed will start coming up to the surface. Or even confirmations of what you’ve been aware of in the background really is correct.


For some reason when I look at this card I see peacock feathers – I know the colours are not the same but I just get a very clear peacock in my minds eye. This will be relevant for someone.

Fri 4th – Sun 6th : Rebirth

Sensing the theme this week? Rest, awaken, be reborn……
I love the picture on the card of the butterfly ferrets – you can be anything you CHOOSE to be. Regardless of what others think, believe or expect. Break the mould if need be but be unapologetically you.
For some this is the marker of having done a LOT of work and stepping out blinking in the light to where you find yourself. Tentatively ready to try out your new wings and see where they take you.
Others will have the impulse to hit the ground running – just be cautious, these energies need to shift a bit more first otherwise you may have an Iccarus moment …..
One step at a time folks.
Being reborn, remade, renewed takes time and patience.
So be patient. You’ll find your feet. Trust the process.


Start of the week – energetically we have a shit tonne of external energies going on. Best advice my team have given me is look inwards. Rest and retreat if need be. Allow it to pass by. Observe. Do your best not to engage as it may spiral.
Mid week – while still feeling the energies of the eclipse and full moon some of you may start to feel a form of awakening or increased awareness. Still question it – if it feels right great, if it doesn’t then step back. Be a way-shower for others around you just by using your discernment
End of the week – some of you may feel a little bit wobbly on your (energetic) feet. That’s ok as we shift it takes a little bit of getting used to. Let your system adjust then you can take flight. Take flight too soon and you may crash and burn. The temptation may be there but your have the will power to wait just a little longer. You’ll thank yourself later

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three cards drawn for the weekly reading 23rd to 29th November 2020

Oracle card reading 23rd – 29th Nov 2020

photo of the three cards drawn for the weekly reading 23rd to 29th November 2020

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : Lantern Fairy – Clarity

A guiding light in the darkness. And this time it’s one that will help rather than have the potential to hinder.
A few of you have been seeking clarity on a situation/challenge etc and the answer is either coming to you. Or you will finally acknowledge what has been sat in front of you for some time.
We have the ability to block and not see whats under our noses at times.
I’m speaking to those of you who have boundaries/shields in place at an energetic level. You may want to sense check them and make sure they are still in alignment with where you are right now.
These are older boundaries we may have placed up at the very start. And with the work not progressing may actually be BLOCKING the ability to see, sense and sense check other things.
So have a look. Sense check the wording and intent and if need be take them down and start again.
Words hold power so keep it simple and truthful. And check in on them over time as you shift and change.
Those seeking clarity it may be a subtle shift for you or a gentle nudge in a different direction. It may not be a crash , bang, wallop situation. It doesn’t always have to be. Subtle can be gentler on the system (and the nerves!)
Go with your gut and you’ll know what feels right for you.

Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Snake Princess – Pathway

And a card that does pop up a fair bit in these readings. For me this is all about your own path and power, or self empowerment.
The snake while freaking me out (I struggle with snake ) shows a time of shedding skins, growth and knowledge. A vilified being/scapegoat and for that I pay attention. It may be that you will be shown situations where blame has been cast, unjustly. And it may permit you a time to do something about it. Or simply to observe for now.
We are also reminded as the snake moves that straight lines are not always the path we walk. In fact a straight line is a rare thing. We take the winding weaving road – which turns back on itself , splits direction and can take us back to where we started. And that is simply as it is meant to be.
We learn, we grow, we change direction. We adapt to what is presented to us.
For some others this is a nod to starting to stand in your own shoes, your own power and using that voice of yours – be it rusty or otherwise.
The apple she is holding is the key to YOUR OWN self – your self empowerment. Allowing your own guidance to come forwards. Knowledge and understanding of self is a big thing.
There is nothing wrong with this. Indeed its the natural step once you really start to understand or at least embrace what makes you tick. So keep going.
People may try and talk you down, say things about you etc but that is a reflection of them. Step back and let them find their own path – you keep travelling down yours. In time who knows your paths may once again cross.

Fri 27th – Sun 29th : The Elder – Guidance

I love this card as it’s a contradiction in energies. At once stern and comforting.
For some you have guidance coming – and it may be from an elder. Try not to dismiss it as they can be golden. Remember those that have been on their path a tad longer than you do have guidance and counsel to share. As do you…….
And those that are for you to learn/hear won’t be forced.
It will flow. A mutual give and take. Mutual respect for experience and perspective.
This whole week is all about flow – nothing forced, pushed or coerced. Each card shows a gift – be it light, knowledge, or guidance.
What you choose to do with them is up to you.
This may also be a nod for some others towards learning and studying. You have guides/teams etc who will support you – but you have to ask first.
Those niggles you get are a form of communication. So if you stray off your path you may get a ticking off (thats what my lot do) so listen to what comes up.
You may be the elder for someone else – I’ll let that one sink in


Start of the week – for those seeking clarity it may well be filtering through. Possibly a solution thats been starting you in the face for a while – but you had shut it off. Sense check your energetic boundaries and if it feels right take them down and build new ones in line with who you are now – not when you first constructed them. Choose your words wisely to ensure nothing gets blocked that will stunt your growth.
Mid week – time to ensure you are truly on your path and haven’t veered off. Step into your own shoes and energy and take the driving seat back. This knowledge and self awareness are key.
End of the week – guidance is coming and it may be from an unexpected source. Be open to listening without judgement. If it resonates allow it, if it doesn’t then let it float on past. Mutual respect for the differences we have will go a long way.

Decks used:

Oracle of Shadows and Light
The Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Oracle of the DragonFae
all by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of three cards drawn for 16th to 22nd November 2020

Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd Nov 2020

photo of three cards drawn for 16th to 22nd November 2020
Still a pretty clear message this week if you simply want to connect to the cards and bypass my translation.

Mon 16th – Tue 17th – Illumination

At the start of the week we are given candle light and illumination. To bring to light that which has been hidden or shadowed or buried.
It is another opportunity to see the truth of what you have been told, what you believe, or have been presented. Now is the time for clear thinking, of research and finding your OWN truth.
Now you can read into this translation if you wish – but the main thread is to find what is and feels true to you.
Some people get a bit twitchy around the thought or idea of shadow believing it to be bad or scary. It isn’t. It’s simply something you either haven’t looked at or simply don’t yet understand. The dark and scary is a script that’s been handed down. Especially in the spiritual field. I could say more but this is neither the time nor the place.
We are all a balance of light and shadow. One does not exist without the other. Light and shadow are aspects of who you are.
When they are out of balance that’s when things can get complicated.
Not all that says it is light is so.
Not all that says it’s shadow is so.
You have to pick the threads apart for yourself.
To seek what is your truth.
By all means seek assistance but know someone who is a true facilitator will give you the tools to do the work yourself They won’t do it for you, nor should this be your expectation.
Take responsibility for yourself first. Then look at what pops up.
You can ask Source, your Higher Self, Guides and whatnot to help add light so you can see clearly. But don’t ask for so much it blinds you.
Theres a balancing act to this.


For some others you may have been pooh-poohing your own ideas etc in favour of someone else’s voice.
Knock it off. Listen to your own inner guidance and pay attention.
The solution may have been in front of you the entire time but you wrote it off as silliness or imagination.
Wed 18th – Thur 19th – Breaking dawn
When this card first popped up I immediately was drawn to the violet flame and a nod towards energy clearing. If you feel it’s time to start letting some things/situations/people go then do it if it feels right.
Often times we can hold onto things that really start holding us back. In truth is this holding on serving any real purpose?
If not can you drop this weight?
You can – so if you are saying no question where this is truly sitting. Is it even your own voice you are hearing? Change is inevitable and clinging on too tight may mean you risk stagnation and getting stuck.
You can work with the violet lame to help release what needs to go.
The card itself is a gentle (yes really) reminder that every dawn is the chance to start again. Fresh ideas, fresh starts, new direction. The potential is in every sunrise.
So again something you have been asking for or seeking is breaking through like the rays at dawn. Be open to seeing them and welcoming them in. Try not to be in such a rush that you miss the colour and light breaking.
Yes you are exhausted but let this light and newness be a balm to the spirit. If you can physically get up to welcome the sunrise then do it – or if that is simply not possible then watch a sunset knowing the wheel turns and a new day will dawn once more.

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd – The grid

I love the explosion of colour, light and movement with this card. And truthfully you will get more simply looking at the card and I advise doing so.
This is a reminder of all connection in all things.
In particular our connection with the Gaia. And for some this may be not quite what it was, or even missing.
It’s time to reconnect. To listen to her guidance. To watch the seasons and the lessons they bring. Connecting direct with her yourself.
If you can take some time out simply to observe. Be it in a woodland, at the beach, in your garden, on a walk. Whatever. Cloud gaze and see the messages in the shapes. Listen to the birds and let their wisdom go inwards.
Pay attention to the ground you walk on and lift any litter you see. Get your hands in the soil. See the leaves falling, or watch for new shoots depending which hemisphere you live in. Caring for the local wildlife is another way – it can be as simple as popping out a seed feeder. It doesn’t have to be a big complicated thing.
We are given so much guidance and confirmation on an hourly basis but do we fully listen?
Only you can answer that.
The earth gird(s) itself is a massive multi-faceted thing and we are PART of it.
Remember this.


Start of the week – time to dig a lot deeper than surface level. Put the work in and find what you feel to be true. Bring illumination to this and let the shadow be see – face on. See it and then you can do something about it.
Mid week – work with the violet flame to help release anything you have ready to move on at an energetic level. So much has been brought up this year and some small fragments may still be there. Flush them out. For some others this is a gentle reminder that every dawn is a new day with new opportunity. Let that wonder come back in.
End of the week – for most if not all of us it’s time to reconnect fully with this planet we live on. To watch and listen to all around us and connect back in. Too many of us have been unplugged. There is so much wisdom being offered if we are open enough to receive it.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meikljohn-Free
Oracle of Shadows & Light – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
cards pulled for the oracle reading 9th to 15th November 2020

Oracle card reading 9th – 15th Nov 2020

cards pulled for the oracle reading 9th to 15th November 2020

Mon 9th – Tue 10th : Self reliance

Ok so we have a big energy week coming up and we’re being given a heads-up. What you choose to do with it is quite frankly up to you. Theres a repeating theme – and it runs through the full week. I’m not pulling any punches as I write this.
Start of the week is all about self reliance. Understanding that your sense of freedom, independence, autonomy etc is down to one person. You.
And its time to remember/realise this.
Artemis illustrated here was/is the Greek goddess of the hunt. And we are being reminded of stripping things back to basics, ripping out all the bells and whistles and remembering/discovering what is actually important to us. Now what we THINK is, as a lot is all smoke and mirrors.
We are being encouraged to become the hunter (energetically not literally). Of being silent and stealthy. Of observing all around you before making any decisions or commitments of your time, energy or patience.
Be still.
You are more resilient than perhaps you give yourself credit for. But that realisation is coming forwards. Take responsibility for your actions, reactions, beliefs and feelings. They don’t belong to an outside source, person, organisation – they belong to you, and you alone. Take that power back and truly step into yourself once more.
The view in front of you will change when you realise the people, content, story you have been following was never yours and you perhaps got swept along in the current. Try your best not to get angry or upset when the penny drops – instead what can you take from the experience? Flip it on it’s head.
Lord knows we’ve had plenty of opportunity this year. So work with it.
Take the learning and move forwards.

Wed 11th – Thur 12th : Wisdom

All strong cards this week and this is no exception as it falls on the 11:11 portal energies.
With so much upheaval , discordant energies, people working through shadow, the collective turmoil – it’s tempting to look for external guidance.
Now may not be the time. The people you trust or are interested in speaking to may not be the best choice. Instead listen to your OWN inner guidance.
To give your inner voice a change to be heard.
And for those of you working with energy if you haven’t got boundaries/energetic protection up and established then this is a serious call to sort that out – pronto. Seriously get it done.
There is a massive wave of false light and it’s easy to get ensnared – I speak as one who knows and came through the other side. But I’d rather help prevent others doing the same if all honesty.
If something feels hinky – step back.
When your gut goes squiffy – step back.
Where someone you follow suddenly changes track, says things that don’t resonate or just feels “off” – step back.
The guidance you’re looking for may get mistranslated by external sources. 
That’s not to say all facilitators should be avoided – simply to do your due diligence first. If they felt right 6 months ago do they feel right now? When you followed them a while back but stepped back is that still the case? For someone new have you checked out their earlier work?
That my friends is due diligence.
Do the work first and it’ll save a potential shed load of fixing later.
Go inwards in the first instance – listen to your gut. It knows you best.

Fri 13th – Sun 15th : DISCERNMENT

Catching the theme this week yet? This is all about doing the ground work, questioning what comes up and LOOKING BEFORE YOU LEAP. I’m stressing that one as it’s important and is coming up again and again.
We have MASSIVE energies on the 15th (Sunday) which is New Moon but we also have a whole host of other alignments which are pulling zero punches. I can’t share them direct as the source I use is a paid for one. But others will be sharing closer to the time. You don’t want to be messing about with stuff you don’t understand this weekend.
So to the card itself which couldn’t be any blinking clearer – yes she is holding a beacon but where exactly is she guiding you? To the sea and safety or to the rocks and ruin?
Just because something seems bright and shiny does not mean that it is.
And the reverse is true – just because it looks encased in shadow doesn’t mean it is.
You have to dig a bit deeper at he end of the week – using everything you’ve done up to that point. See past any glamour, story, narrative, glitter and see the truth beneath.
it may not be palatable but at least it will be honest.
If an opportunity or a solution is presented to you – wait and sense check it first. It might not be as perfect as it looks. Time is something we have in abundance right now so use it wisely.
If it all gets a bit too much – the get outside, go for a walk, be in nature and let her heal and soothe your soul. She has much to teach is you will only listen.


I’ll repeat the caution again here about following others blindly. Get those blinkers kicked into touch and see clearly what you are following. Is it in alignment with your path? If yes great, if not you might want to get off the boat now.
Also think when on social media as there are many people in turmoil and doing the best they can to process and have their voice heard. So before you post, comment or vent ask yourself very carefully if this helps/is helpful. Or is it just an opportunity to wade in?
Think before you leap, post or comment


Now I did have another couple of cards which popped up for the end of the week but didn’t quite fit the energy. But I’m going to mention them briefly as they are relevant for some of you through the week.
The first was – do not give up hope. As with the first card it may be time to stop relying on others for your comfort etc. Self reliance and self belief is the way. Look at what you have and work with it.
The second was – I am Kali – from death comes rebirth. This is powerful stuff and a reminder that to bring n the new we have to be prepared to let go of the old. To transmute out the stagnant and allow flow to return


Start of the week – For many is not all it’s time to step up and take responsibility for our actions/reactions/feelings. To realise we control more of our lives than we are “told”. Observe carefully and see the truth emerge.
Mid week – And it’s time to seek the answers within rather than seek counsel. There are so many things going on at the same time across various timelines that translation may be complicated for someone else. So listen to your gut and let it guide you this week.
End of the week – We have a whopper of an energetic end to the week and not all of it is the best available. So take the time to research, do your due diligence BEFORE you leap into anything. This also goes for social media – think before you post/comment as you may only be adding fuel to a fire that’s already burning out of control.
Extra cards –
Try not to give up hope. Self reliance and self belief will get you through
And from death comes rebirth – let the old go do the new can come in.

Decks used :

Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of Shadows and Light – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three cards drawn for the weekly reading 26th October to 1st November 2020

Oracle card reading 26th Oct – 1st Nov 2020

photo of the three cards drawn for the weekly reading 26th October to 1st November 2020

Mon 26th – Tue 27th : A loyal Guardian – protector

Starting the week with a reminder to watch your energy. And to protect it.
If you’re not sure how or are drained and have nothing left to give then it’s time to ask for help.
Your Higher Self, team, guardians and whatnot ARE there but you have to ask for their intervention to help you. So make sure and ask. Don’t view it as a weakness view at a strength of knowing when to ask for help, support, guidance – this is all growth.
For some others this help may come through as a person with either a solution to something or an alternative viewpoint that will give you an “ah ha!” moment. if you have been feeling off kilter, threatened or on edge your gut is telling you something.
Whatever or whomever is raising this feeling may not be in your best interests to be around right now. And this includes energies.
So if something is presenting itself to you as benevolent, helpful and kind but you’re JUST NOT FEELING IT – disengage immediately and get those boundaries sorted.
Anything attempting to attach, trip or muck about with your energy will get a very clear back off signal. Even those that are ancestral bullshit (see my post from last week) just because it’s “there ” doesn’t mean you have to accept it.
If it helps to see your boundaries as a guard dog then do it – and ask you hear it barking when something is amiss, and know it may attack whatever gets too close for comfort ……..just an idea.
and for the final flourish some of you may move into guardian/protector role – for someone being picked on , bullied, or having their voice squashed. Before you step in ensure YOUR energies and boundaries are as they should be – look before you leap in all guns blazing.

Wed 28th – Thur 29th : Foresight

Following swiftly on is a nod back to the look before you leap comment I just made. Foresight is very very very important right now – has been all year in fairness.
So before jumping into ANYTHING tale a moment to think it through, to feel into it. To get a better understanding in case your perception is off, blocked or blinkered in some way. Pulling your head out of your arse is always a good start. Read the small print and ask for your gut feel first.
The card is showing tea leaves which was and still is a powerful divination tool – of seeing the bigger picture and gaining insight of something that may have been eluding you.
Watch for patterns or repeating cycles.
Again I say be careful with ancestral or bloodline work – not all is bright and shiny – some is downright nasty and not something to invited back in. If working with a facilitator on this make sure they know what they are doing and don’t make things worse by being out of their depth.

Fri 30th – Sun 1st Nov : Counsel of crystals

And for the end of the week we link back in with Mama Gaia.
This card is nudging us towards connecting with the crystal realm – either direct or etherically.
For those who are drawn to or already work wit crystals keep going. See which is calling to you – you may see a pattern forming. Or a group of crystals that suddenly ask you to work with them together.
I as you know work with them – a lot. And they are a deeply entrenched part of my day to day life. But they weren’t always. It was a gradual shift and many years ago I would have scoffed at the idea.
So if these are new to you and you fear ridicule you need to step past that. To shake off convention and follow the path that presents itself to you – not to someone else.
You do not have to fit in simply for the sake of it.
Be brave and do what feels right to you.
If none of the above resonates there is another thread showing itself as I type . And that is to connect with nature. To feel into the shift in seasons. To get outside and just be in nature. Connecting back to the land, sea and sky.
Feed the birds and animals in your local area, sit next to a tree, go walk on the beach front, of find your local woods. Whatever resonates then do that as they are speaking to you even if you do’t realise it.


Start of the week – time to protect your energy, time and health. Ensure your boundaries are intact and being honoured. If you feel under attack, threatened or unsafe in any way then step the hell back. If you need help then ask. And for others you may pick up the protector role for someone/thing but only do so if you are in a good energy first.

Mid-week – foresight is the way. Before you leap into anything feet first take a moment to sense check. Make sure your understanding of the situation is correct before you jump in – as you may have apoloiges to make afterwards if you don’t. If doing ANY form of ancestral of bloodline work make sure and sense check the crap out of anything coming forwards – not all of it is something you want to connect to. Be very very very sure first.
End of the week – connect back to nature. For some this will be through the crystal realm , for others it will be in physical nature. This is all about reconnection, rest and regeneration.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Diviniation of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three cards pulled for the weekly reading 19th to 25th October 2020

Oracle card reading 19th – 25th Oct 2020

photo of the three cards pulled for the weekly reading 19th to 25th October 2020

Mon 19th – Tue 20th : Nectar of life

The start of the week is to remember the sweetness of life. The things that bring you joy – as for many this has been pushed down the queue in importance.
But it IS important. It’s what brings the balance in – especially this year.
In the Northern hemisphere we are in autumn which is all about the abundance of the harvest – the fruits of the labour through the year. Setting larders, getting ready for the slow down of winter.
In the Southern hemisphere it’s spring – the newness of life, the growth and speeding up as you look towards summer. Find the spring in your step (apologies for the pun), as you start to get more daylight and more life around you.
And for some it’s the pay off of the hard work you’ve done. So slow down, enjoy the simple things and find your joy once more.
For some others this may be a nod towards looking after the wildlife around you – be it placing feed out for the birds, planting specific flowers for the insects , picking up litter that you see when out and about …….all these little things help remind us of the deeper connection at play.

Wed 21st – Thur 22nd : The golden phoenix

Now this is a card that pops up routinely and it’s not lost on me that its popped up while we are in a retrograde phase. It’s simply an opportunity to sense check what you thought you had worked through.
Be it another strand or another layer. It may even be a test to see if your reaction has changed.
Oddly when this card popped up I was very aware of Griffin energy as well as phoenix – so a nod towards shifters , and recognising not all is as it seems on paper or at face value.
Question it.
You may find what is coming back to you has changed enough that you are happy to welcome it back in. If thats the case then great – but again a caution – sense check it first.
This card is all about transformation – either the ending of a cycle or the start of a new one. You will know which it is for you.

Fri 23rd – Sun 25th : Doves

Some of you may have spotted that each of this weeks cards have winged messengers – the bee, the Phoenix and the Dove.
For me (maybe not everyone) this is a nod to starting to see the bigger picture from a higher perspective – and by that I mean a birds eye view.
When we remove ourselves from the narrow gaze we can give ourselves we start to see other details that were lost to us.
Now at first glance this card is a riot of colour and may jar the eye somewhat. But when you focus outwards you can see the two doves and the sense of movement.
This is echoing the phoenix energy and reminding us that the new comes from the old. As one cycle ends another begins.
Life is a cycle, change is inevitable and when you embrace the flow (where you can) you may end up not where you expected but where you need to be.
Doves are by nature peaceful and gentle birds – allow that energy in or at least make space for it.
The help you need is there, you can ask for it. But do your best not to demand it – that’s an energy you don’t want to be playing with right now, or ever.


Start of the week – an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the small things that bring you happiness. This is an abundant energy so sit with it, be in the flow and just BE. If you feel guided to something for your local wildlife then do it – it’s all part of the connection.
Mid week – a time to reflect on what is popping up for you. Especially if you thought it had been dealt with. Have you missed some small detail? Is it a chance to lift another layer or two? Or is it safe to bring it back into your life/energy/awareness? Sense check it all and you will get the gut reaction/confirmation you need to translate it all.
End of the week – allow space in your life for peace and calmness. Accept that all things have a cycle – some end to allow new ones to begin. See the flow and if you struggle a little look at the seasons and how they flow from one to the next. Nature can and will guide you if you let her .

Decks used :

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the three cards picked for the weekly reading 12th to 18th October 2020

Oracle card reading 12th – 18th October 2020

photo of the three cards picked for the weekly reading 12th to 18th October 2020

Mon 12th – Tue 13th : Bats in the Belfry

This is one hell of a card and for some you have proved those who said you couldn’t 100% wrong. It’s been a bit of a slog but you did it. Now folk may not have seen the steep ascent you had to make or the blood, sweat and tears it took to do it…but stand at the top of that Belfry (belltower) and allow yourself a pat on the back.
The ability you’ve had to navigate through the darkness and trust the guidance system – aka your discernment. Going against the flow and essentially finding your own damn way.
Some people may have said you were daft or even batty – they simply couldn’t understand what you had been saying. And that’s ok you understood it perfectly. It’s all about translation.
Bats in the UK are actually rare, endangered and protected – not feared. Remember that.
The ability to hang upside down for a bit while the work went topsy turvy – no bad thing really in hindsight was it?
You have proved that you can do whatever you set out to do. And that anyone can achieve what they want so long as they are prepared to keep going.
Enjoy the view from up there for a bit – you may even now be given the gift of flight so you can go that bit further. Yes I’m speaking in code – those who can translate it will.

Wed 14th – Thur 15th : Gifted

Seeing a theme this week?? This card falls over mercury going fully retrograde on the 14th. An energy I LOVE working with as it’s wonderful for getting to the bare bones of things. Of assessing the small print and taking to to make sure all is as it should be.
I don’t fall in with the scapegoating that goes on with all the things you “shouldn’t do”. I cry bullshit on that. Go with what YOU get direct and realise this idea was simply someones personal translation – doesn’t make it true for everyone.
I digress this card is VERY balanced. And it’s showing you the gifts that you have – even of they haven’t quite surfaced as yet. They are there just under the surface. Or you are doubting yourself and questioning if you have anything to offer.
As I mentioned above everyone picks up and sees things differently. Thats the main gift we all have. The ability to see the exact same thing in front of you but from a different perspective. They all blend together to show the much bigger picture.
Rather than comparing yourself to others – and we all do it at various stages. Realise the differences are what unite and connect. Without them life would be oh so very bland.
for those who have been nudged to share them in some way but are stopping themselves – consider this a kick up the rear end. And yes I’m including myself in that as I’m procrastinating, yet again.

Fri 16th – Sun 18th : Sharing your Wisdom

And just after Mercury retro we have New Moon on the 16th – so a fairly potent week.
I love that there is a dragon on this card – as when dragons appear in decks unexpectedly I pay attention. As my team are getting my attention.
Combine this with new moon and the card meaning of sharing wisdom I’m getting a very clear message – which I have to work hard to NOT ignore this time. As it’s spelt out very clearly.
This not only for me – it’s for many people who are ready to share some of the wisdom they hold. I had to hold back for some reasons which feel they have now passed.
This is not done to gain fame or fortune but simply to allow those ready to listen to hear through your experience. You don’t have to scream and shout to be heard – come from a calm centred space and simply be you.
However this facilitates itself for you be open to it.


Start of the week : well done for scaling those heights and doing what others said you couldn’t. Enjoy the view for a while. You may soon be given wings to go that bit further.
Mid week – mixing in with the final mercury retrograde for 2020 we have a reminder that we all have gifts. So if you’ve been doubting trust they are there. They may soon surface! We all have different skills and capabilities and its the blending together that’s important.
End of the week – falling with new moon now and a chance to release that which no longer serves and to allow space for that which does. For some (and I include myself ) it may be time to share your knowledge/wisdom/experience in some way. Those who are ready to listen will find you. Be open to it but try not to go fame hunting with it – stay grounded and you.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Foxfire the Kitsune oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of 3 cards pulled for the weekly reading 5th to 11th October 2020

Oracle card reading 5th – 11t October 2020

photo of 3 cards pulled for the weekly reading 5th to 11th October 2020

Mon 5th – Tue 6th : Becoming braver

This card is very much the theme for the year. In stepping up and becoming braver, asking questions, using your discernment, getting stronger and gaining fresh perspective. Be they first hand or from trusted sources.
And this is only set to grow – we are being encouraged to go that bit deeper.
If something has been feeling a bit “off” or not quite resonating then question it. And go with your gut reaction – as so much is not as it would appear at the surface. Increase your own personal knowledge – in a way that works for you.
But do it.
For some others this about you picking yourself back up after the challenges/set backs and realising how far you have come. In hindsight you will see how far they have pushed you but how tough you truly are. If you can’t quite see it just yet – that’s ok. You will in time.
And keeping this short and sweet this week – for some others if you’ve been battering your head off a brick wall then stop. Take a breath.
Constantly looking or working at something the same way you always have isn’t going to yield anything new. You need a new fresh approach. So sit back and observe instead
Does a new option. way or person step forwards? Perhaps try something completely new to address whatever this is . Can’t do any harm at this rate considering the old way isn’t working.

Wed 7th – Thur 8th : You must choose

Now this is a card that does pop up fairly frequently and but can startle at times.
It’s not meant to – it’s meant to bring your awareness to inaction. Yes we can take time to sense check and check the small print – and I actively encourage that PARTICULARLY this year. But when you’ve been round the houses and can’t make a choice either way – well that leads to frustration, stagnation and resentment.
So I hate to say it but a choice – either way – is needed.
And if you happen to make the “wrong” choice so be it – at least you’ve taken a step forwards. You can always change your mind later. Now as I’m typing I’m seeing this decision or choice as a minor challenge not a change of career or a house move – those require time and lots of sense checking.
So don’t panic. You are of course completely free to disregard my translation and work direct with the cards yourself. In fact I would encourage that. My translation is only that – one translation. If you get something different go with that.

Fri 9th – 11th : Web of Life 

The web of all life. The connections we made, drop and remove. It is all relevant.
When see spider totems I always see the web they spin and can re-spin if it becomes damaged. Or abandon altogether and start a brand new one.
There’s a lesson in that for all of us.
How many relationships/friendships/situations do we keep in our lives even when we know they are not right.
What are you fearful of letting go? Truly. Ask yourself and you may surprise yourself. Sometimes it can be the fear of the unknown, a sense of commitment, a sense of duty, or emotional blackmail.
When you realise fully that you are responsible for your own choices, decisions and feelings you may start to see a shift. You may (will) begin to see the threads that are no longer working and in truth would serve better to remove.
So be the architect of your own life and destiny. Re-spin that web and see where it takes you. Don’t be scared to swap the shape, pattern and threads as you see fit.


Start of the week – be brave, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. You can do this. You have the strength and the experience. Believe in yourself. If things seem a bit off then dig deep, research, feel into it and expand your knowledge base. No-one can stop you doing that.
Mid week – for some of you its time to make a choice. One way or the other – this constant back and forth is pissing you off, increasing resentment and generally being a bad mix fro your energies. So pick a direction and get things moving – you can always change course later. for some others you may be helping someone get unstuck.
End of the week – time to look at all your threads of connection to others. Which are no longer working or broken? Is it better to dissolve or strengthen them? Do what feels right at a gut level/ It doesn’t have to be done in a cruel or thoughtless way it can be done from a kinder space if done from the heart. You’ll feel what I mean by that when you read it again.

Decks used:

Alice the wonderland oracle
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Oracle of the DragonFae
– all by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photos of cards pulled for weekly reading 28th September to 4th October 2020

Oracle card reading 28th Sept – 4th Oct 2020

photos of cards pulled for weekly reading 28th September to 4th October 2020

Mon 28th – Tue 29th : Investigate

Or in simpler terms – discernment & due diligence. Taking things at face value right now may not serve you in the long run. So dig into the details and research for YOURSELF. You have the ability – we all do, but we can forget this.
Taking other peoples words for it, or blindly accepting someone else’s narrative rather than your own is handing over your own voice. Do the leg work and find out the details. You will be able to find them and likely not scratching the surface that hard in all honesty.
This energy is about questioning anything that makes you go “hmmmmmmmm” or “bullshit” or “you know this doesn’t feel right”. Trust your gut reaction to what you are told, shown or read. It’s simply that persons perspective and may not be in alignment with yours. Get to learn , understand and recognise yours.
Hold off jumping into anything until it feels right. If it feels off take a bit more time. This entire year we have had this message for discernment on repeat loop. And there is a reason for that. This year is about expansion : of your energies, your perspective and the bigger picture.
Not all of it is palatable but by god it’s needed at a personal level.
Whatever is being presented check the fine details hidden in small print at the end of the contract – make sure you know all the in’s and out’s before committing.
And know if you do commit to it things can change in a heart beat

Wed 30th – Mon 1st : Caretaker

This is an interesting card as it sits right over the FIRST full moon of the month – yup we have a blue moon at the end of the month on Halloween…that meme that’s been floating around is indeed correct.
Anyway this first full moon we are being asked to look at where we may be performing a role of sacrifice for someone else. What I mean by that is where we are handing over so much care, time and energy to someone else that we have none left for ourselves. That we put ourselves in a space/position of lack over others.
Now I can speak of this one direct as it happened to me a couple of years ago – I got hooked into giving up all my time for someone else. To the detriment of my own health.
This was not a person I was responsible for. I don’t include children in this analogy so please don’t add them into this mix.
Stepping away was not easy but it was essential. Many of are taught that others come first, and place yourself first is selfish. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it so many times : self care is not selfish. This is control language. It’s not true.
If you have been giving, giving, giving then who is supporting you What message are you sending out?
Step back, take time and get your energy levels back up. This is vital for your physical, mental, emotional and energetic well being.
It’s time to give to yourself.

Fri 2nd – Sun 4th : Precision

And we come full circle again and are remind to look carefully at the detail.
Precision is key so take the time.
For some you may get confirmation in numbers or patterns that keep popping up. Pay attention to them as help and guidance come in various forms. If it catches your attention listen to it.
What does it highlight and where does it shift your gaze/attention.
Trust your gut again and look before you leap.
For some this many be a direct nod towards numerology itself and looking into what it says about your life etc. This isn’t for everyone but I mention it only as it’s one that is relevant to me.

Extra card for the full week – Violet Flame

This is another week that we have an extra card that popped up. ANd given the double reminder on details and discernment it feels relevant to mention it.
When we start digging into things or our own beliefs etc it’s helpful to clear out what no longer resonates. for me this is done vis dissolving and transmutation. But it’s not second nature to everyone.
If you feel a bit stuck, or can sense things aren’t quite moving on invite in the Violet Flame and ask if it can support you through this transmutation process.
The help is there but you have to ask.
It’s a powerful tool 


Start of the week – discernment, discernment, discernment . Try not to take anything at face value and dig into the details yourself. Investigate, ask questions, research – you’ll understand why later. It pays to look before you leap this week.
Mid week – time to assess where you are handing over so much care to others at the cost of your own health – not including children in this. While it is seen as good or worthy to help others – and we have a natural pull to do so – it shouldn’t come at the cost of your resources. Take a step back for a bit and give to yourself for a while – self care is NOT selfish.
End of the week – Details are key. Similar to the start of the week take time to read the fine print before committing. Details. details, details. You may kick yourself if you don’t. Listen to your gut.
Extra card for the week – is you need help to dissolve, transmute or shift energies/ideas/beliefs then ask the Violet flame to support and teach you. It’s a powerful tool if you are so drawn.

Decks used :

Alice the Wonderland oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Dragon Ascension Therapies
photo of the cards drawn for the weekly reading 21st to 27th September 2020

Oracle card reading 21st – 27th Sept 2020

photo of the cards drawn for the weekly reading 21st to 27th September 2020

Mon 21st – Tue 22nd : A time to say good bye

There are a few cards that when viewed at the surface can cause people to panic. This can be one of those cards.
To me this is simply the ending of a cycle or pattern. Now when taken in conjunction with the astro alignments for Monday things may get a bit heavy. In fact take this as a serious caution that the potential for things kicking off ….is, well, off the charts.
For many you are going to see something shift – rather unexpectedly for some of you, and what you have seen coming for the rest. To help balance this view it as the ended of a cycle and the start of new one.
It feels like a lesson or opportunity for us to understand/learn/remember what letting go ACTUALLY means.
Look at it, understand what it truly is and then move on. Wallowing will only lead to stagnation.
If I can offer any constructive advice it is to not engage with others storm/drama, not to engage with your own drama and observe. Getting pulled into any fights really won’t do you any favours.


For a more literal interpretation on Tuesday we have Equinox – the Northern hemisphere moves from Summer to Autumn, and the Southern hemisphere moves from Winter to Spring. This shifting in seasons brings a shifting of energies.
In the north we move into the harvest, to gather what we have sown. To start the settling process as we begin to slow down and relax. To fill the larder for the winter…..
In the south you will start to see the quickening of nature, new life, new growth and the speeding up once more.

Wed 23rd – Thur 24th : Rejuvenation

Well this flows for the full week in all honesty. Time to really let your energies rest and repair.
We have all collectively been through the wars in 2020 so far – and it’s not over yet. Yes I’ve said it.
So take the time this week to rest, to go inwards if you feel the call. The card will spiral inwards if this is the message for you.
To those seeing it spiral outwards (raises hand) you are coming out the other side of deep healing and rest. ready to start again.
You can go into this phase as often as YOU need – not when others tell you to.
The colours on this card show me rejuvenation of the throat (blue) , the heart (pink and green) and the solar plexus (yellow at the very centre).
You may see something different and if that is the case go with what YOU get.

Fri 25th – Sun 27th : Choices & Take action

Now the main photo shows the first card that I drew which is Choices – and it does flow with the rest of the week.
This is where you may be feeling stuck, all the doors in front of you are barred and you feel stuck in some way. The doors aren’t going to open unless you have the key. And to gain the key you may have to change or adapt.
If we look at Alice (not a book I know well but I get the premise) she had to shrink down or expand out to fit in her new surroundings. You can do the same.
Well all have choices and we all have free will – some of us may have forgotten that along the way. Now is the time to reclaim that part of yourself.
The choices may feel like a challenge or a test but they are yours to make. So do what in your gut is the best choice for you.
The second photo sits with the end of the week but has a slightly different flavour to the same energy. We pulled the Morrighan card all about taking action.
Now this kind of contradicts what I have said for this week so far – but not when I break down what I’m being shown. This is you making choices.
And being brave about it as my attention drawn to her sword in the card. Of breaking down and dissolving out what does you no favours, letting go of relationships that no longer work. Stepping away from the things that makes you stand up and shout “bollocks to that!”
But I’m also being shown some of us being told to put our money where our mouth is and stop paying lip service to whatever it is we’ve been havering about.
To put up or shut up……….only a handful of folk will get the message, it’s not for everyone.


Start of the week ; if something is ending let it. It may be a situation/person that actually isn’t doing you any favours. Understand this time round what letting go truly means. It’s a cycle only. Understand it for what it is. And a caution stay out of drama – your or anyone else’s. Let the energies of the 21st/22nd move on first it’s too explosive.
Mid week – time for some R&R for many. If feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or bone tired take some self care time. Proper self care. Do what you need to do to find your balance. Some others are coming out of this phase ready to move forwards again.
End of the week – I’ll sum it up best as I can . You have choices to make and your own direction to forge. So do what makes sense at a gut level. It may mean changes on your part but adaption is sometimes the key.
For others time to be brave and do something over what you have been faffing/procrastinating for too damn long.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies