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photo of the 3 cards pulled for the reading 13th to 19th January 2020

Oracle card reading 13th – 19th Jan 2020

photo of the 3 cards pulled for the reading 13th to 19th January 2020


Mon 13th – Tue 14th : Snake Princess

Ok so we have another week of looking deep into your own energies. This first card for me is always about a shift – either you are going into one or you are on the way out of one.

The shedding of the snake skin – letting go of what you have outgrown or is restricting you. Of growing into your new skin and expanding into it – breathing a sigh of relief as you do.

The snake itself can be a marker for kundalini or the spiral of life itself – it means something different to each person. See what it brings up for you.

It can also be a marker of deep old held wisdom coming back up to the surface. And this is something I am seeing happening at a larger level. Old modalities, ways of being and knowledge are being seen and heard once more.

But stripping out the bells and whistles that have been added along the way as a form of distraction and in some cases ego.

This ancient wisdom is as true now as it ever was – listen to what comes forwards. Does it sit comfortably with you?
If yes dig deeper, if no dig deeper.

Wed 15th – Thur 16th : The richness Within

Again we are reminded that we hold so much creativity, ideas and more within that we lock away. Sometimes out of fear – fear of ridicule, fear of rejection, fear of going against the grain and whatnot.

But if we were to let some of this out, to expand our own selves what could that change in your life? Would you feel more like yourself? Would you consider trying?

So many answers to the questions we ask can be found within. Take the time, if you can, to go inwards. To ask your own self and listen to what comes back. To give yourself permission to be yourself in however that wishes to manifest.

But ultimately be yourself.

Fri 17th – Sun 19th : Mermaid in a Koi Pond

Expansion, belief in who you are and stepping fully into your own shoes.

This card comes up many times through the year and we are at that stage again it would seem. The Japanese believe the Koi is a Dragon unformed- the transition before becoming a whole dragon.

To step into who you are at heart – even if it makes you a bit wobbly. It feels better dropping the masks you wear for others, of for yourself to fit in. Exhausting stuff isn’t it? So why not let it go instead?

When we start to find our voice it can be difficult – we can make little mistakes here and there (or so we believe). But rather than shutting your voice down learn from the experiences. Take the lesson and build on it. You have experienced it for a reason so don’t let it go to waste.

We live in highly polarising times right now – so if you can live, be and speak from your place of truth you may encourage others to do so as well. And the ripples outwards faster than you an anticipate.


Start of the week – shift time folks. Either you’re going into one or you’ve come out of one. Shedding the skin that no longer fits and expanding into the new one.

Mid week – you have so much creativity just under the surface that you keep locked away. Have a go at letting some of it out. It’s time to be you.

End of the week – a repeat of what has been said so far. Of stepping into your own shoes, finding your own voice and being authentically you. It may make you wobble, you may not quite get the balance right straight away but you will get there.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish


Now I have a confession to make the energies today have made it very difficult to get this one written. Things are volatile across a number of areas and the distraction is high. If you find yourself getting torn, getting angry or upset before you say or do anything take a breath. Remember not everyone will have the same viewpoint or experience that you have. It doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong – simply that they are different.

Everyone has stuff to process right now and not all of it is particularly pleasant when the realisations start to hit. I know I’ve had a few of my own this week so I get it. Step back if need be.

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading for 30th December 2019 to 5th January 2020

Oracle card reading 30th Dec 2019 – 5th Jan 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading for 30th December 2019 to 5th January 2020

Mon 30th – Tue 31st : Call forth the waves

Now this may be a bit of an odd one for a few of you as we come to the last two days of the current decade. To knowingly call in disruption to the smooth waters you find yourself navigating.

In truth its taking the opportunity to break up any stagnant energies, ideas and patterning in your system. To challenge your own long held beliefs. Are they TRULY in alignment with where you wish and can see yourself going.

If the answer is no then use the waves, the movement to break them loose and then dissolve the lot.

The waves bring motion, movement, and thats no bad thing. The power that can be unleashed when you connect with action over inaction is immense.

Break the status quo as you are reminded things never stay as they are. Change is constant. So what happens when you INVITE change in rather than have it happen to you?

For some others of you it may be a heads-up to keep yourself to yourself for a couple of days and let peoples drama roll past you.

Wed 1st – Tue 2nd : Astrology / Destiny

Curious card to pop up for the first days on the next decade don’t you think. I’ll be honest here there was another card that popped up at the same time from the first deck which was acceptance. And the energy to both is similar so I’m technically reading them in combination. And I’m afraid its a bit of tough love as to how I’m reading them.

This is another card nudging/if not flat out shoving you towards action. Of being shown or feeling at a gut level where you are heading next and taking the FIRST STEPS TOWARDS IT. And no setting an intention is not enough. What are you going to do to start the process.

It’s a bit of a kick in the rear in some ways and an acknowledgement that there is more to you that you currently play out. We all have something we are here to do. We don’t always remember straight away but we do get nudged/pushed in the right direction – and what we can leave behind.


Accept the here and now. Accept if you are procrastinating or getting in your own damn way. Be brutally honest with yourself right now .

Don’t concentrate on what you feel you lack, or what you are leaving. Accept that it is what it is and open to the flow instead. This is forward motion.

The astrology part for some of you may be a hint to have your chart interpreted or to learn to do it yourself. To get a deeper understanding of what astrologically blends together to form who you are right now.

In fact as I sit and re-read this section I’m being told many of you are being guided to go deeper into research of certain areas (pops own damn hand up) Do it. It will make sense further down the line.

Fri 3rd – Sun 5th : Clarity

And following on from the last sentence. Something I get asked a lot is what is Clarity. How do we find it? How can we understand it.

That my friends is a £64 million question.

For me clarity is a gut feel about a situation/person/question. If I have a physical response then I’m getting the confirmation I need at that point in time.

Start to listen to your own intuition and use your discernment. As they are the strongest guides you have. It’s your higher self talking.

Is there a situation or person who is perhaps not being truthful or giving full disclosure? Feel into it and ask your gut. And listen to it. The more you do this the quicker the responses become.

If you need to withdraw for a bit to do this then by all means withdraw for a bit. It may even be a time to assess and reset personal boundaries.

I have been told over, and over, and over again that 2020 is ALL about clarity. About having a wider view of the bigger picture. Indeed I’ve been told by my team that it’s about 20:20 vision.

So what has been hidden won’t be staying like that for much longer…….


Start of the week (end of 2019) – time to shake up the status quo you’re sitting in. Take the opportunity to embrace action and invite in change. It’s powerful energy so working with it rather than against it is a big step. Be brave.
A few others of you may feel the energies are a tad to choppy as it is so will keep heads down and do your work as others drama plays out in the back ground.

Mid week (start of 2020) – one of two directions mid week. If you have been feeling something is missing then look deep into your energy and ask – “what aspect is missing?” and see what comes up. Don’t overthink it just note what comes up. Then can you do anything about it to change the flow?? What actions can you take now to get the ball rolling.

Let go of what you have been clinging to and open up space. be open to change and see where it takes you. Stop concentrating on what you believe is lacking.

Oh yes there was another part. If guided to start doing research into something – do it.

End of the week – if you are unsure about a person/situation as yourself a series of questions about them/it at a gut level. What do you feel – note it down. Your own self will tell you loudly and clearly what you already know at a subconscious level. If you need to address and reset personal boundaries I would advise you go for it.

Decks used:

Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish
divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the Dragon Fae – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

Photo of the 3 card spread for the oracle card reading 23rd to 29th December 2019

Oracle card reading 23rd – 29th Dec 2019

Photo of the 3 card spread for the oracle card reading 23rd to 29th December 2019

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : Renewal

The first thing that strikes you with this card is the spiral. And its a reminder that life is a spiral not a straight line. Thats why we have ups and downs, revisit what we thought had passed ….depending where on that spiral we actually are at any given time.

The renewal can be at a cellular level, physical level or in many cases energetic level. For some you are at that stage of renewal of some sort in your life after specific work, shifts, integration etc.

For some others you are heading into this stage for a while – for much needed R&R or simply space to BE.

Which ever it is allow what comes up to do so – give it space to breathe and do the needful to move it on or integrate it inwards.

For some others it may be a nod to look at current relationships in your life and determine if any need some work, require a bit of rebuilding or if possibly it’s time to let go. As we evolve and change those around us either come on the journey or stay where they are.

Feel into what I’ve channeled here and the truth will surface for you. It may be painful but it’s simply fear of change – when in truth change is the only constant in life. When you let connections that have played out their time it can be freeing for you AND that person to let go. And make space for the new .

Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Contact

And flowing beautifully from the first card we have Contact. Which may herald new people or contacts coming into your life in some way.

It may be personal, it may be work related, it may be something other.. But it may very well be linked to the start of the week – possibly a conversation you’ve been putting off or a discussion you know needs to happen and to gently nudge it forwards.

I’m aware Christmas (if you celebrate it) possibly isn’t ideal but on the other hand maybe it’s the exact best time to do it. Bearing in mind we have a very powerful new moon on the 26th combined with a solar eclipse it’s another opportunity to really look at stagnant energies and connections.

Do the needful folks – it can be done in a kind way it doesn’t have to be harsh on hurtful. Pop the compassion hat on and come from that space. Releasing stagnation is good for all concerned.

It’s not all “bad” news here – for many this may signify a very positive connection stepping forwards. So be mindful of the energy of those around you and be honest with yourself. Is this energy you feel comfortable with and WANT around you at this time?

It may be for some that YOU are that contact for someone else.

Pay attention to any synchronicity or “coincidences” at this time as you may see the detail in the small stuff.

Fri 27th – Sun 29th : Expansion

I love this card – I really do. Not only is it filled with colour it’s filled with so much movement.

And for me this is about your own personal expansion – not physical 😉 but energetic. Of having the strength and courage to shine that light of yours that bit brighter. To not hide it away from the world.

But to say this is me and this is what I can do. At this very end cycle of the current decade look back at what you have achieved – I can bet it’s far more than you give yourself credit for.

And the beauty is the process does not stop. We keep changing and growing – so let it. Give yourself the permission to not stay stuck, to challenge the status quo, to challenge what you thought you believed. To allow yourself to change you mind, views and opinions.

If you feel inspired to start anything new or build connections/community/safe space then do it. Be brave, but be you.

By doing so you may just be a wayshower for someone else on the cusp of doing something brave.


Start of the week – if you feel the urge to rest or slow down then take it. You may be integrating shifts you aren’t even aware of. You may also be taking time to really look at all your relationships – family, friends, work etc – and seeing if anything feels out of synch. If there are only you can decide if it can be salvaged, repaired on allowed to dissolve away.

Mid week – there may be new or unexpected connections coming in for you. Allow yourself space to sense check them and if they feel right then carry on. If they don’t then take a bit of time asking where the resistance is sitting and if it’s yours. Sometimes we can get blocked from the very things that are perfect for us.
Again and this mirrors the first card – if there are connections in your life that are stagnating now is the time to do something about it. Work with the powerful New Moon energies on the 26th – they will guide you.

End of the week – those new people coming in or the unexpected things happening? It’s all part of a bigger plan. This is the time for you to step into your own shoes, your own energy and show who you are. Be brave. It may just shine a light for someone else ready to take a similar step in the near future

Decks used:

Return of Spirit
Path of the Soul
Divine Guidance
All 3 decks by Cheryl Lee Harnish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 oracle cards drawn for the weekly reading for 9th to 15th December 2019

Oracle card reading 9th – 15th December 2019

photo of the 3 oracle cards drawn for the weekly reading for 9th to 15th December 2019

Mon 9th – Tue 10th : Chumara

Now this is an interesting card to pop up this week and we rocket faster towards full moon and solstice. About looking at the web of interaction you have around you – and how that stretches out even further.

We are all connected and this is a good opportunity to sense check your own connections. Are they as they should be? Are any needing repaired? Would any threads be better served being taken down and re-spun elsewhere?

Only you can answer this one.

It may for some of you be another opportunity to let go of the ideas, beliefs and expectations of others – that hold you bak and prevent you being your true authentic self.

Allow them to shed so that the new/remembered can come forwards in their place. Let go of all the no longer serves before we head into 2020 – as trust me we have MANY opportunities to repeat this shedding and release in the last remaining weeks.

For a few others (raises hand) you may find yourself attending to ancestral and time line work – again to shed, lighten and heal what has gone before. Of drawing a line in the sand and saying this goes no further.

Know that the work you do for yourself you do for all.

Wed 11th – Thur 12th : New Direction

Now this is very apt as it falls over the Full Moon on the 12th (also some others things happening in the UK where I’m based so the date isn’t lost on me ). For those who work with full moon energy its the final one for 2019 and will be potent. Coinciding with the 12:12 portal .

Look deep into your energy and whatever has served its time let it go, allow it to be fully dissolved and returned to Source.

Theres a repeating pattern of release this month and it’s a good one to work with.

You may find something new coming in very quickly to take it’s place – or seeing new directions, challenges, projects, people. Go with it if it feels right.

That spiral pattern on the card is also a nod to opening up to your inner self. Of letting it blossom and grow. Being seen rather than hidden.

Alternatively are you being shown a habit or pattern that you have? Have you tried to change it – to see what happens if you do something a bit different.

Make space for the new and trust me you’ll find it.

Fri 13th – Sun 15th : The Blue Lady

You may not be able to read it on the photo but the secondary meaning of this card is ” nothing is impossible”.

And it’s so spot on. Even if all around you are saying your dreams/goals are fanciful, unobtainable or crazy. Understand they are speaking from their own perspective and don’t have your vision or visibility of the bigger picture.. Or they may be speaking from a place of fear within themselves – have compassion for this and them. They have their own experiences and conditioning that have brought them to that place.

But allow your wings to spread and do what your gut tells you is right for you at this time.

You don’t have to be forceful or aggressive you can do this is a calm balanced gentle manner. If you need help to do this ask and you will find it – sometimes in unexpected places.

For those in a place of fear rather than scorn offer support. Understand that not everyone has the same understanding at the same time – and when breaking down old programming it can be daunting. Compassion at this time will be highly beneficial to all.

Send that energy out to the Collective if you feel so guided. – it needs it.


Start of the week – a time to look at your connections and interactions with others. Are they all healthy or do some require a level of attention? Only you can answer this and do the needful. Let go of anything that pops up that you’ve been holding onto. Rather than carrying it forward any further.

Mid week – new direction, new energy and possibly a new way of being. Whatever it is allow it to unfurl and integrate. Work with the full moon or 12:12 portal energies to really let go of what may be holding you back – it’s the final full moon of the current decade …..

End of the week – your dreams and goals are just that – yours. If you have someone telling you it can’t be done, will be impossible etc remember they may be reacting out of fear based on their own experiences – be kind. You don’t have to take it on but you can acknowledge them. However you go with feels right in your gut for you – it can be done gently and without aggression. And its a kinder way to be right now – the Collective and all within it could use some compassion.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 cards dealt for the oracle card reading for 25th November to 1st December 2019

Oracle card reading 25th Nov – 1st Dec 2019

photo of the 3 cards dealt for the oracle card reading for 25th November to 1st December 2019

A bit different this week as I’m not assigning the cards to specific days of the week. I can see the cards flowing about and shifting through the full week. So I’ll simply read them in the order they popped up.

Quetzalcoatl and the Priestess of time

You can hopefully spot for the imagery that this has a real aztec feel . And given Quetzalcoatl is very much front and centre in the Mayan tradition you can sense the link to time lines, dimensional shifts and more.

What this card is telling me is that a few people may find themselves at a cross roads or even an impasse. Despite whatever delays, procrastination, time taken to observe you have engaged in NOW really is the time for action.

I have been seeing and watching this play out in my personal and business life (all good I hasten to add). And while some may feel a bit left of field for those around me – to me they make perfect sense.

This is the bit to hold onto this week – what makes sense to you may look crazy to the next person. And thats ok. Truly. It’s simply we are moving from our own perspective at this point. If they or you can shift perspective and see things from someone else’s point of view you may have an “ah ha!” moment.

For those who have been havering, bumping their gums or generally digging their heels in about something. You may find you have no more options – you have to make a choice either way right now. Pick one – otherwise you are going to entrench yourself in stagnation. You can change your mind later if need be but make a MOVE.

For some others if you have been taking your time, using your discernment and generally looking before you leap you may discover you have all the information you need to take that next step. In whichever direction feels right. So do it.

In truth there is no “right time” there is the present and what you choose to do in that moment. So be present and do the needful.

We have seen some fascinating times in 2019 and it’s not slowing down yet – so we may see more thing playing out in the bigger field. And it’s how it’s meant to be

Scrying Mirror – Projection

SO this is a very interesting thing to take note of this week. We have New Moon on Tuesday and its the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves. But in order to do that you have to recognise that many of the things triggering you are YOURS. Not someone elses.

If we don;t have that trigger point within it wouldn’t activate. So when you feel yourself going over take a moment and ask what about the situation is really the underlying issue. You may be shocked to realise it has zero to do with what triggered and instead goes that much deeper.

If you can see or sense what Im saying you may find things will shift that much faster.

But if you point of look for an external “cause” you will be projection your crap onto someone or something that doesn’t deserve it (I’m not even going to mention the tonne of crap Mercury gets blamed for). So be very careful if/when reacting as it may get bounced straight back to you.

Instead be honest with yourself.

Crystal Ball – clarity

And we have the other side that runs through this week – the seeking of clarity. I add a caution to this – unless you are (excuse the pun) crystal clear on your intentions you will get exactly what you asked for.

So again we are being guided to really be specific with wording, thoughts and actions – as they all ripple outwards.

Think about it – if your car windscreen is dirty or has streaks you risk seriously reduced visibility or even a head on collision. But if you keep it clean you get to see more of what’s actually going on around you.

If you get a bit stuck that’s ok – reach out to someone you trust who can give you a nudge or a different perspective. But please don’t hound them – they have their own stuff to deal with too.

The clarity can be with hindsight but you will get it.


A curious week as we have a fair amount of movement and shifts. If you’ve been avoiding making a decision about something or have been taking your time to mull things over this week may be the time to take the next step. Just go for it, we all do the best we can with the information we have to hand at the time.

We may find ourselves letting go of more personal/ancestral baggage and that’s a good thing. As we edge closer and closer to the next decade how good does it feel to know you are leaving a whole load of crap behind rather than dragging it with you?

Be clear in your intentions this week as the possibility to start projecting (or picking up on others projections) is fairly high.

Look within first before you start pointing the finger elsewhere.

It may be an intense week for some and a motivated week for others.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 card spread for the oracle card reading 11th to 17th November 2019

Oracle card reading 11th – 17th Nov 2019

photo of 3 card spread for the oracle card reading 11th to 17th November 2019
Oracle card reading 11th – 17th Nov 2019



Mon 11th – Tue 12th : Integrity

Now this is a VERY interesting card to fall on these two days as we have some interesting goings on in the heavens. Monday we see Mercury transit across the sun and Tue is full moon in Taurus. So some hefty energies all in all.

And with this comes the reminder to search for integrity – both yours and in others. It’s easy to pay lip service to something but another to actually STAND in your integrity.

Be deeply honest with yourself right now – what you see, hear and feel is important. So go deep into them and ask yourself does it feel comfortable or does it feel a bit “off”. If the former keep going, if the latter dive a bit deeper and see where this is stemming from.

We have so many opportunities right now to really look shadow aspects in the face and do something about it. It may be seeing it is enough – or a bit more work may be required.

So much around us and in the collective is being seen to be inauthentic – and thats the nudge. If it doesn’t feel right or niggles away at you take it for the sign that it is.

Wed 13th – Thur 14th : Faith

This is such a great card as it’s a reminder to trust in yourself. To have faith/trust/belief that you are doing what you are meant to be doing, going in the direction that is right for you etc.

That deep trust for self , right at the very core of your being, radiates outwards in all aspects of your life. If you are scoffing at reading this – perhaps you have disconnected with faith in your own feelings, knowings and understandings.

Have you tried taking a small step back to assess? Sometimes being right in the thick of it all can blind us to the fine detail.

Believe in yourself even if it feels a bit wobbly right now. That faith grows. It can be very testing when things aren’t quite going as you had hoped – but if you trust that it’s as it should be (the meaning may be revealed with hindsight) you may feel it all start to flow in a way you can translate.

Fri 15th – Sun 17th : Watch and Listen Carefully

Ok pretty clear that message isn’t it? To pay attention to what you are seeing or hearing – or what is being presented to you. Many a thing can be hidden behind a shiny distracting surface.

Use your powers of discernment to determine if it’s true/right for you/all story etc . If you need to take time before making a decision then take the time. Feel into things, weight them up. You’ll likely thank yourself for it later.

The energies are moving at such a rate right now that a bit of caution isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you feel a need to step back, pause or take a bit of time out then do it.

Trust your gut folks.


Start of the week – blimey do we have a shed load of opportunity to look at our shadow aspects. Before you go into melt down (I’m one to talk) take a moment to feel into things first. If you are being honest with yourself and those around you it’ll flow a bit more easily. If you are fibbing to yourself or sticking your head in the sand it’s only going to get sticky. So embrace your honesty, your integrity and keep going.

Mid week – Have a bit of trust and belief in yourself. It’s all too easy to listen to the inner critic rather than the inner cheer leader – so lets try turning it on its head shall we. Believe or TRUST that you are doing the absolute best that you can at the time – know you can change your mind when new information becomes available.

End of the week – pay attention to what you see and hear. For some this is a slight caution to take time before starting anything new. Feel into it and listen to your gut – if it feels ok then carry on. If it feels a bit “off” take some time to dig a little deeper. It’ easy to get distracted by fancy words and shiny wrappers – but they can cover many different things.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of 3 cards used for the reading 21st to 27t October 2019

Oracle card reading 21st – 27th Oct 2019

photo of 3 cards used for the reading 21st to 27t October 2019
Oracle card reading 21st – 27th Oct 2019


Mon 21st – Tue 22nd : The Golden Phoenix

Curious to see this one pop up as we get this one quite a bit in these readings. But why? Because we are being given so many opportunities this year to really look into energies, situations etc and let go of what isn’t working – to make space for what’s coming in.

This is the Phoenix cycle : death and rebirth. The letting go of what is dragging you down, not working, or simply sitting stagnating and from the ashes something new comes forwards.

The spiral of life so to speak. And it’s in constant motion so work with it.

With the fast approaching Mercury retrograde on 31st Oct (don’t panic it’s a positive thing folks) we will be given even more changes to revisit, re-asses, look back. This is the head start …..

If you find something popping up that you thought you had dealt with it may be you have another layer or so to go. And while it can frustrate at times see it for the gift that it is. The ability to shed more of what really isn’t you or for you anymore. That’s the positive to strive for.

It may be that it’s popped back up to point you in another direction and that’s good too.

Wed 23rd – Thur 24th : Rebirth

Seeing a theme this week perchance? The shock of the colour may jolt you and that’s possibly , for some, whats needed right now. A little jolt to catch your attention.

After the shedding at the start of the week it’s straight into the rebirth stage. It can be as simple as a new idea or it can be as involved as a complete change of job, energies, people. It’s whatever it needs to be for you at that time.

It looks and feels different for everyone.

But recognise it for what it is. Something new. Something to be embraced. Something to move forwards.

But now is not really the time to go sprinting towards whatever it is. Instead take some time to allow it to settle, to understand it in more depth. Go slooooooooowly.

For a few of you it may signal a short retreat inwards, away from social media, away from your nearest and dearest. Some space and time in silence and contemplation.

As ever we say go as guided.

Fri 25th – Sun 27th : Time to rest

And to focus your attention we have another pretty blunt statement that it’s time to rest.

Let the shedding and newness integrate. Allow yourself time and space to find your balance after the shifts – as they can be a little unsettling at times. It takes a little time to settle out. So GIFT yourself this as part of your self care.

This card also, for the UK, falls slap bang on the end of summer time when the clocks go back an hour. So in a physical sense you may find you need a little extra rest to adjust (I know I always do)

Rest means different things to different people – so if for you it means reading a book, taking a walk, catching up with friends…….do what works for you.

It’s a transitional time right now and this is just a reminder that once you do all the hard work rest time is a good idea for your soul and spirits.


Start of the week – you may be given the opportunity to revisit something you thought was dealt with. Perhaps not – you may have a few layers to go yet. So work through it, do the needful and let it go with grace. All you’re doing is creating space for what’s coming in.

Mid week – new ideas, new energies, new directions……new life from the ashes. This is all part of the phoenix cycle which when you work with it can move at quite a speed. So take time to let it all settle before you do the next thing……you’ll thank yourself for it.

End of the week – we all need R&R at times. Use the end of the week to recharge your batteries and to take some time out for yourself. To adjust and rebalance after the shifts and changes of direction this week.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifter – Lucy Cavendish
Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish


Dragon Ascension Therapies

Photo of 3 card spread for oracle reading 23rd to 29th September 2019

Oracle card reading 23rd – 29th September 2019

Photo of 3 card spread for oracle reading 23rd to 29th September 2019

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : Chenguang – be light of heart

Well here we find our selves on Autumn (Northern Hemisphere ) or Spring (southern hemisphere) equinox and we’re being told very clearly to lighten up. Not to be so serious and loosen the sphincter a tad.

To realise you can approach even the serious things in life with a light hear and touch of humour – it doesn’t diminish the task at hand ….but it helps you get through it.

Find the joy in your life – a meal with loved ones, a chat with some youngsters, seeing the change in seasons within nature, connecting with what makes you tick.

All the small things that make you smile – pay attention to them. When things start to feel heavy or overwhelming remember what brought a smile to your face and revisit them. Recall your sense of humour – watch films or programmes that bring it back to the surface, or the books tat just make you giggle.

Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time – a bit of lightness can make a world of difference.

So mark the equinox if you feel so inclined and find the light and lightness within and without …and ENJOY it.

Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Abundance

So you’ve found your sense of humour and your smile again – this can open the door on the flow of abundance. Not simply in terms of money. Yes that is one aspect and for some you may see an increase or change of flow in this.

But abundance in all it’s forms – be grateful for what you have not what you don’t have. As you will attract more of what you concentrate on.

If you have been putting in the ground work towards something you may see the hard work beginning to pay off in some way. It’s a positive card if you choose to embrace it and while it may not be the big lottery win you’ve been looking for it may in emotional, energetic or physical terms be just as big.

Gratitude can unlock the floodgates to abundance 0 even if you’ve been have a bit of a crap time of it. Show the universe what you are happy and grateful for and it’ll send more your way. If you choose to accept it – free will and all that .

Fri 27th – Sun 29th : Follow the signs

Another positive card to round the week off – nice to see a lift in this isn’t it?

So you’ve been asking for signs but have you been paying attention to them when they pop up? Or have you been waving them off as imagination or flights of fancy?

If you keep discounting them they’ll stop coming forwards.

if you can sense the synchronicity, pattern or theme then what is it actually showing you? Follow them and see where they lead. Yes it may change your plans and where you thought you were going. But when you can trust yourself to truly go with the flow it works blummin’ fast.

Just because someone else can’t see the signs or confirmations doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Try and not let someone else’s fears/beliefs rule your life.


Start of the week – lighten up a bit will you? Or if you have been recently then keep going. Life can be too serious at times and a sense of humour can keep you balanced. Find the joy in your life, embrace it. When you do it ripples outwards.

Mid week – find gratitude for all you have in your life – eve if it’s been a bit shit recently. By being grateful for what you have, not focussing on what you believe you “lack” you send a clear message to them upstairs – and they may send more of what you focus on So does that help steer your direction? Thought so.

end of the week – pay attention to the signs you’ve been asking for. Them only make sense o you – but thats the point. They have been sent FOR you not for everyone else. If it makes sense then see where it leads you. If it doesn’t make sense ask for greater clarification or leave it well alone. Free will has a part to play.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Foxfire – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo o the 3 card spread for 16th to 22nd september 2019

Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd September 2019

photo o the 3 card spread for 16th to 22nd september 2019
Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd September 2019

This is another one of those readings I’m not allocating cards to specific days as it all rubles around the full week. I’ll read them in the order they were drawn.

The unending sadness of looking back:

Now this is interesting as on the surface it’s quite sad, retrospective and heavy. And for it has the potential to be just that. Many time we look back on things we have regrets about, are angry about or simply have no closure for. And they can hurt, but they can also drain you.

What’s also interesting is that in the card itself she’s holding a trilobite. A fossil, one of the oldest lifeforms on earth (as we know at this time). So here’s where we are actually being guided. To look at what comes up and unpick to see if it’s yours or if it’s something more in line with ancestral energies. Of finding or discovering patterns to what’s being dredged up or repeated. This may well be a huge opportunity to acknowledge, do the needful and let it rest.

Of not looking backwards and staying stuck there. What do I mean? Reliving something so deeply you get a bit stuck. Looking for a way back to those times, to work out what went wrong, to find at better argument etc etc etc. Instead lets try something new.

Of seeing it for what it was . Taking the anger, irritation, sadness out of the equation and what are you being shown? Is it something you can carry with you or is it something you can build from and move forwards rather than circling back??

I have already had this playing out the past few days with flashbacks to old jobs and people and heard my internal voice using the words “idiot” and “stupid” in reference to myself. And these are words I don’t use. I’m aware this is a chance for me to release something I thought had already been dealt with. But a little piece is still there. So some work to do rather than hang onto it.

The same with the ancestral work that pops up . I’ve worked on the parental line, now to focus on the maternal one. It all comes down to what we are presented with at the time…..but to move forwards.


And then we have the translation portion of whats coming up. I hold my hand up to being able to mis-translate what is plonked in front of me many a time. But eventually I “get it”. Sometimes having done a bit of work I would have missed if I HADN’T gotten it a bit muddled the first time.

There’s always a reason.

So if you are finding things confused, guddled, upside down it is possible to get a bit of help untangling it all.

Yes you can figure it out on your own But it can be exhausting stuff at times. If you find yourself drawn to a facilitator of some kind (a healer, a channeller, an energy worker ) do a bit of research and if you’re still guided then ask for help/guidance/a step for a hint of what’s going on. And they may even see a view you hadn’t even considered.

I don’t mean go to them with the expectation they can fix it all for you – no, that’s not their job. But to shine a light from an outside perspective and help you see whats playing out around you. I have people in my life who I go to (and pay for their time) to do just this for me. Especially when my energy reserves are a bit drained.

For some others this is a reminder before you kick off there’s always 3 sides to every story Yours, theirs and what actually happened. Try and look at the broader picture this week and not react immediately. A steady , considered approach may be no bad thing.

The golden phoenix

Seeing the reason for not assigning days to cards? This is very similar to the first two combined.

This is a marker of the phoenix cycle in general. Of things flaring back to life you thought had finished…..and in keeping time wise as we have Autumn Equinox approaching rapidly. So a grand opportunity to release what no longer serves and welcome in the new.

For some (and I’ll contradict myself a little here) it may be something from the past coming forwards in way that you can finally step away. Of seeing something you perhaps missed before that explains everything.

Or gift you an opportunity to repeat/end a cycle in such a way as it’s ended.

It’s how you look and view what’s cast back up. As ultimately only you can decide how you react to it all. It’s not all bad as these can give you a chance to change the script and write it yourself …….

It can also be the other side of the Phoenix cycle. Of new life, new ideas and new beginnings born out of the ashes of what has come to pass. Embrace it if you feel it – it’s a highly potent and creative energy if you choose to work with it.


A bit of a busy week in terms of energy when you look at it.

A chance to let rest those things from the past that have caused hurt or harm. Or even of looking at it fully and acknowledging it for what it was. Rather than holding onto it like a hot poker burning your hand.

Of stepping into some ancestral work if it calls to you.

Learning/remembering to see the bigger picture not just from your own perspective when things have the potential to off (raises hand to make a mental note of this one) .

If you feel stuck and need to seek a bit of help or support then go where you are guided. But don’t have any expectations about someone fixing it all for you. This is simply to get a bit of direction or confirmation of what you already already know.

We also have a huge energetic potential heading towards equinox to work with the phoenix energy . To burn away what’s done and creative something new from the ashes. It’s your choice. But a caution from someone who embraces it – it’s highly potent and VERY fast working

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Dragon Ascension Therapies

photo of the 3 card spread for 9th to 15th September 2019

Oracle card reading 9th – 15th September 2019

photo of the 3 card spread for 9th to 15th September 2019
Oracle card reading 9th – 15th Sept 2019

Mon 9th – Tue 10th : Apalala – You are a Peaceful being.

Interesting reading this week as it feels a touch gentler than those of late. And with that I had a small sigh of relief when the cards popped up.

The first is an exceptionally gentle card – reminding you that at heart most of us are peaceful in nature, or wish to be. And to remind us that we can find that space within ourselves when all around drama is playing out.

It’s an invitation to seek out peace, or peaceful ways to bring about change – either in our personal lives or on a larger global scale. Staying in a space of fighting or feeling the need to fight is exhausting and may over time drain you. Find a place of compassion – first for self, then for others.

Often we find ourselves surrounded by people stuck in this cycle of fight or flight and it can force us into a form of hiding or shielding – thats ok. But when we find ourselves in the presence of those more in alignment with who we are (either physically or electronically) it can encourage us to let the defences soften , or even let people in. They are there when you allow yourself to “see” them.

It may be that you are that person for someone else starting to look beyond where they have placed themselves. Have patience and compassion through this process. As its a complicated time for all concerned.

Find peace on a daily basis – those things that bring you joy. I spoke of this last night that this is all part of finding your authentic self and voice – of finding who you are at the core. And it may be far softer than you realise.

Wed 11th – Thur 12th : Divine Guidance

Our link to the Divine, to Source or whatever term you resonate with is always there. You don’t have to go through another person or modality to find it. It is a direct link that we can forget.

You are being held and guided right now even of you can’t or don’t believe it. Trust in what you are being shown by yourself or your team (my generic term for my guides guardians, higher self and whatnot).

Start to see and interpret the confirmations and guidance that is coming to you. Or if struggling to understand ask for them to be shown to you in a way thats easier for you to translate – you will get them.

It can be chance conversations, a book or magazine article that appears out of nowhere , a television programme or film, even a “random” post on your social media feed. It’s different for everyone. But it will strike a chord in you to pay attention.

Fri 13th – Sun 15th : Your Imaginary Friend

I love this card as for me it links back to finding out who you are – linking back to the start of the week. Many times we switch things off or bury them as children as we start to go though the education system.

As we get older some of these things start to resurface and hold importance once more.

And example to explain what I mean – I started out in photography when I was around 11. But switched it off when I went to secondary school – same with art as I had to choose between art and science. Science won.

In my late 30’s to now the photography has come back in and is a form of creativity I have always had within. But only now am I expressing it as an adult. It has importance for me through colour and form.

You may find things you had set aside coming back up. Acknowledge them – ask if they are relevant to you now and embrace what you tell yourself or feel at a gut level. It may even be a memento or keepsake that pops up when clearing a room or visiting a relative.

For some it may be a person from your past who pops up – again what does it bring up for you? It is something to take forwards or is it perhaps something to work through and dissolve out.


Start of the week – seek peace in your life at some level. Finding the space to breathe, to be, to relax into is a special thing. By knowing that energy is within or around you it becomes easier over time to step into it when all around you goes to pot – or plays out some scripted drama. By being at peace within (if only for a moment or two) it spreads outwards.

Mid week – you are an important cog in the bigger wheel , we all are. But we can have that realisation eroded away over time. You have a direct connection to Source that you can access at any time. You don’t need to have someone do it for you or through a specific modality. They can help guide you yes, but try and not rely fully on them. They may simply be a stepping stone for you to reconnect the dots. The guidance and confirmation you seek are all around you if you choose to open your eyes, ears and heart to it.

End of the week – you may find long held wishes coming up to the surface. Ideas you had as a child. Things you closed down or hid away as you had other responsibilities. Let them come up and see what they bring with you – it allows you to connect with a part of yourself that ay have been quiet for some time. Be it a memento, keepsake, idea, or even a person – it will make sense to you when it appears.

Decks used:

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish

Dragon Ascension Therapies