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Spiritual judgement, shaming and bullying. Yes it’s a thing

Photo for spiritual bullying blog post

  Spiritual judgement, shaming and bullying? Surely you must be joking? Shouldn’t that be the one place where this doesn’t happen? In an ideal world abso-bloody-lutely! The assumption that being spiritual means you rise above and break free from this kind of thing. However this is very much alive and kicking in the spiritual world …

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Space weather – full moon to solar storms

Picture to go with blog post on Space Weather and why we pay attention

Space weather be it full moon, shifting/retrograde planets or solar storms ….why pay attention? Why care? Why do you share space weather updates? Because for me space weather updates are markers and minders. I take note of the big ones that are significant to myself such as eclipses, equinox, new moon and larger solar flares. …

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