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Blog on sovereign versus autonomous

Words have power

Well it’s finally time to get this written as it’s been bugging me for some time now. I’ve been putting it off for a while as it may trigger/piss off a few folk. But needs must as my team won’t let it go. It’ll possibly sound like a mini venting session
You’ll either resonate, or you won’t. And that is as it SHOULD be.
It’s very much a case of use your discernment on this one.

Word choice.

They really do hold power and energy – and when you use the “wrong” word it can change the context in ways you may not anticipate.
You’ll notice there are a couple of dictionary definition screen shots attached to this. I have mentioned this before as I know I say go look it up – but how many people actually have?
I’ve saved you the job.
Those of you who have been here for a while are aware that my team are red hot on word choice and if use the “wrong” or lets say incorrect one I know all about it.
Sometimes it’s a slip of the tongue but other times it’s hidden programming kicking in.
The one I’m mentioning here has become a bit of a buzz world in the spiritual/holistic/alternative/energy fields. And when something gets bandied about a lot I’m made to look at it in almost forensic detail.

“So what’s all the fuss McGregor don’t they mean the same thing?”

Well no they don’t.
It’s the energy that goes with it. And what is being pulled in without being realised.
I used to do it myself so casting zero judgement. Even if I do wince a bit when I hear it. But that’s my reaction and I’ll own it.
When I made the change myself I could see how extensive the use has been/is.

Sovereign v’s autonomous

Seems a small thing doesn’t it. To say and set intentions that you are a sovereign being.
But have you ever looked into the meaning of that word?
Dictionary definition of the word sovereign
Have you seen it’s linked to royalty, government and even currency /money up until very recently? If you live in the UK you are likely sick to the back teeth of the word as it was used to death over the last 5 years.
To me this word is pulling in too many directions and has energetically been overtaken/sullied. It doesn’t truly relate to you having power over yourself and your choices. And may pull in a vibration that you concede to someone/something else having power over you.
Not so great when you see that energy playing out.

“Ok so what do I use then?”

So is there a cleaner word that means what you may THINK sovereign means?
Let’s look at autonomous – far fewer entries in the dictionary wouldn’t you agree. No links to old power structures, and energetically a hell of a lot cleaner.
Dictionary definition of the word autonomous
Both dictionary definitions can be found online here.

Sit with it.

If this is ringing a bell try swapping the words and see what comes up.
Feel into the energy of both and find out for yourself which sits with you more comfortably.
If you have the ability to work with sovereign vibration at its highest possible level then you carry on. As your experience and perspective are 100% valid and true, as are everyones.
It may be that due to the links to the power structures I simply cannot use the former word as I’m here to break those connections down for myself. *shrugs*
Words do have power.
Grab a dictionary and do some digging.
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Blog post about observations and experiences over the last 2 months

To mask or not to mask – who could have anticipated such a divisive question.

**TRIGGER WARNING – some of what I write here may trigger you. If that happens take responsibility for your own feelings. I do not accept or take on your triggers, they are yours to look at **


Ok lets get to it. And to start with let me state front and centre this is not a blog about my beliefs – this is a blog about my experiences and observations, and a bit about the energy I’m witnessing. I can only speak on certain aspects from a stand point of being in the UK as that’s where I live. Other countries guidance, rules etc I can’t and won’t comment as:

I. Don’t. Live. There.

Clear? Good.

2020 has been a complex year and as it continues more and more is being thrown into the pot. To simmer and then come to a rolling boil. We understood this was a massive year. But very few could see the extent of that statement. Hindsight being 20:20 vision will show us more clarity when we look back.

So why am I writing this blog?

In all honesty I couldn’t sit on it any longer. Each and every time I log onto social media it is presented to me in seconds and I’m kind of done now. I have been observing this for the last 2 months and am now concerned with the direction it appears to be moving in. I am trusting some of you will read this and view current happenings from a slightly different perspective – so the timeline can be amended or crashed.It also means my team will STOP presenting it to me as I will have spoken up.

I’m also going to give you some context in some areas.

I am not here to be educated or be shown evidence – I have done my own due diligence and I highly recommend you all do yours. This is part of your discernment and finding what it true for you – not what is currently true for the narrative.

What’s been playing out.

Where to start? Ok at the very beginning of lockdown in the UK – early/mid April. I started to become aware of a very unpleasant energy that was starting to attach to something. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen a video I did on my page group about timelines. I mentioned people calling the police on their neighbours for “not following the rules” and it was growing. Luckily it ran out of steam and I know the police up here in Scotland essentially asked folk to knock it off.

This was through the fear being generated – but also a cyclic energy that was taking the opportunity to cause dissent. That whole thread has crashed and burned. And I warned what could happen if we carried on down that one.

Great it was gone.

Sadly that energy has attached to something small but has grown very rapidly into one of the most divisive energies I have seen this year. In fact, in a long time.

Face coverings or face masks.

Now some context and a lot of it.

I have tried with some non-surgical face coverings and the result for me on a personal level was horrific. What a lot of people do not know about me, as I don’t advertise it, is that I do in certain situations have pretty intense claustrophobia. Which can induce panic attacks and difficulty breathing.

Now for those who feel I am being dramatic. I’m not. My family and some very close friends have seen it. Large crowds (I used to have panic attacks in Glasgow city centre), lifts and escalators can trigger them. And for the most part I have managed to get them under control.

And it now appears having my nose and mouth covered also trigger it.

This is precisely what happened. I managed 15 seconds before the panic attack set in. And it took a further 30 minutes for me to be able to breathe properly again. Added to that it takes a day or so for your body to fully recover.

If you have never experienced one – and I truly trust you don’t as they are hideous – you tend to write it off as anxiety. They are very different beasts.

So when some people say they can’t breathe in a face covering kindly believe them. Don’t automatically judge they are lying, or they can push through and get used to it. THAT causes the anxiety to rise – to the point where even seeing a photo of one or hearing the word can be overwhelming.

Now I had some very well meaning people attempt to tell me about how to get them fitted, having to wear them for work etc.

So some more context for you.

I more than understand PPE (personal protective equipment) which theses face coverings are not. They do not pass muster or tests for that definition.

For 16 years I worked in a business that required I wear a combination of any of the following PPE on a daily basis:

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Gauntlets
  • Labcoat – I had about 3-4 on rotation
  • Goggles
  • Ear plugs
  • Ear Defenders
  • Steel toe-capped footwear
  • Hard hat
  • High visibility bibs/clothing

I worked in a lab for 8 years so trust me I know. Even when I moved to a different site and worked in the office – if I ever had to go through the bottling plant certain PPE was required by law (Health and Safety Act). I know only too well how uncomfortable they are when worn for a full day – disposable gloves were my nemesis. The alcohol hand sanitiser I also loathed as it stripped my skin and irritated it. The head aches I would get from having to wear goggles for hours on end.

I get it. Those of you who have to wear any of the above I understand how difficult it is to adapt to them. It takes time, practice and a lot of patience.

The only thing I didn’t have to wear was a face mask. Why? The lab I worked in had specialised fume cupboards with safety screens to allow us to work with the chemicals safely. So I didn’t know till a few weeks ago they were an issue for me.

I also know you have to get the right size and know how to wear them correctly. Otherwise they are useless. So a shout out to those wearing face coverings but keep your nose uncovered. You’d be as well not bothering.

Now I’ve given you that context lets move on.

Face coverings in the time of Covid

Again let me state I can only give you my observations and experience from within the UK or specifically Scotland as that’s where I live. But you’ll be able to read the thread of this wherever you are.

Now the science behind face coverings is not cut and dried. For every testimonial you get from a someone working in healthcare saying they are a good idea for the general public, you get an opposing testimonial from another healthcare professional saying why they are not a good idea for the general public. Even the WHO have contradicted themselves with this one. Go see the footage for yourself regarding asymptomatic transmission in regards to data from Track and Trace systems – with it being , and I quote, “very rare”. They then went on to back track the next again day – but listen to it. It was not misunderstood or misrepresented.

As I’ve looked at it it’s very balanced – as in “proof” one way and then the other. And for the last month or so I have been saying people should decide for themselves what is best for THEM on a personal basis. If they make you feel safer, more secure and calmer to go out and about then by all means use them.

I understand and respect your decision based on your personal experience.

However that understanding and respect for peoples choices is not passed back. How do I know this? From the muttering, mumbling and dirty looks I have been given while physically distancing to get in to the supermarket while being unmasked. And it’s coming from a certain age demographic. Which in itself is interesting.

Again I understand your own personal reasons for your choices but I would be grateful for this to be spread a bit wider. To understand some people choose not to wear them due to THEIR view point and experiences. And to understand that some people CAN’T wear them. And are actually exempt.

Thats the kicker.

Lets drill this down a bit more shall we. Now this is UK specific only BUT I suggest you look at your own countries government guidance and read the small print. As much is guidance, not law.

Currently in Scotland it’s compulsory to wear them on public transport. And the guidance/reommendation is to wear them in confined areas such as shops from Monday 29th June. Now when I read the guidance notice on the official website I can see very clearly those who are exempt. But very few people go and read the FULL guidance.

If you are in England it’s central government – if Wales, N Ireland or Scotland as this is all health care which is devolved powers you have guidance direct from your devolved Parliament.

The guidance is slightly different – I had a bit of a heated discussion with someone about this at the beginning as they didn’t believe it was different guidance for each country. It is.

People don’t realise there are groups of people who are being advised not to wear face coverings. So please cease with the judgement and go look for yourselves.

I have had to purchase a lanyard that I can wear while out showing I’m exempt. And I shouldn’t have to do this. To be made to feel ostracised and singled out. Again those of you who can pick up on this energy know exactly where this last sat in history.

So into the energies we go

What I am seeing growing and playing out is the judgement of others without context.

Of assuming it’s one size fits all.

Regardless of what you think or believe this energy is very front and centre. To keep people fighting with each other to distract from everything else that’s happening. More and more people are feeding into this and it’s growing at an alarming rate.

I have looked down this timeline and trust me you REALLY don’t want it. Be careful what civil rights you are happy to hand over. Those shouting for it to be made mandatory everywhere you need to be careful. This is a twisted little energy and it’s gotten a foot hold.

Instead stop feeding it.

Do what feels right for you and realise virtue signalling “I”m showing I care for others by wearing this”, judgement “just wear it it’s simple” or the other side of the coin “you are all fear mongered sheep”,  and everything else is not helping. It’s adding to this division and the chasm is getting wider.

Lets look to understand people have different perspective, experience and beliefs. And ALL are valid.

It’s time to stop silencing people – that’s censorship and another slippery slope.

I understand on an energetic level why my body rejected the face covering so violently. My energy work is to help people find their voice, to speak their truth and live their life as they choose. Being physically silenced or shut down goes against everything I do.


What can we do instead?

  • Look at what we are sharing, projecting and living.
  • Are you being authentic or are you pushing a current narrative?
  • If looking to educate are you pushing one side or offering both so people can decide for themselves?
  • Are you allowing your fears to run your life?
  • Are you blinding sharing things without research
  • Be willing to change your views based on information.
  • Most importantly realising everyone is unique and no-one will have the exact same beliefs as you. So will not behave as you do, or as you wish them to.


This time is about pushing a lot of shadow to the surface. And this is part of it. An old energy trying it’s best to cling on and be taken forwards. Lets do what we can to remove this and say we will no longer fight one another. That is the most constructive thing we can do to dissolve out this highly divisive energy. Over face coverings of all things……



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photo of a chess board for a blog on discernment

Discernment is key right now

I just wanted to touch again on engaging your powers of discernment, your gut instinct.

There’s a lot going on right now in terms of energy, in terms of global events and in terms of misdirection. I’ve aware of quite a few ripples playing about just now but it’s not always easy to navigate. I put my hand up to that myself. And today I’m really feeling it.

When something feels to good to be true, or feels slightly off , or rubs you the wrong way take a moment and feel into it. Ask your gut for a response. Is it something you should do or not? What is your instant response to that question?

This is your discernment speaking. And it’s the most powerful tool any of us possess.

Trust what you get coming in direct – from yourself, your team/guides, you’re Higher Self even. Rather from external sources.

Manipulation is everywhere

When you feel you are being influenced or even manipulated in one direction over an other by someone else take a moment to question why that would be. Go with what YOU get right now not what someone else tells you.

These energies are potent and it’s easy to get distracted – I say this without judgement as I had a moment myself this last week that I had to question and dissolve. I had been manipulated via my empathy. And thats ok – it was spotted and removed. Lesson noted.

In all things right now do what is right for you – and go as you are guided.

On a personal note

I have had quite a few things rumbling up to the surface over the past few weeks. And plenty has been unpleasant at best . But I’m working through it.

I know something working on me even as I type this so my apologies if that is felt – it’s not meant to be.

But just proves I’m human too


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photo of a rose for a blog about looking beneath the surface to find the truth

Look beneath the surface and the truth unfurls

A quick reminder as we can easily forget that small steps are still forwards motion.

If you feel overwhelmed, apathy, compassion fatigue or a sense of helplessness with all that is happening globally take a moment – find a point of stillness within and realise what you are feeling is a programme:

To make you feel those things.
Disempowering you.
Shutting you down.
Stopping you doing the work you are here to do.

Step beyond it.

Be grateful.
Do your thing, your work, what you are drawn/guided to do.
Not what you are told or manipulated to feel, do or how to work.
Use your powers of discernment.

Work from your heart not from a place of reaction, fear, panic or guilt. If you work from the latter you amplify those vibrations.

See beyond the surface and feel into things first and stop giving your power away.

Even if in your eyes what you are doing is tiny – it creates a bigger impact than you realise. And many people doing small things creates a cumulative effect.

So keep going.

Yes I may give you tough love at times but I can’t sugar coat my words , nor will I insult you by trying to.

Dragon Ascension Therapies

State your truth

Image credit goes to Heart Touching Fun on Facebook


This fab meme popped up on my feed this morning and I wanted to share it with you as it made me laugh but also as it’s becoming more accurate by the day. It was published by Heart Touching Fun on Facebook.

Those of you who have been here for a while , some since the beginning, will have spotted I’m getting blunter and blunter. Particularly in the last few months. Those of you who are newer give it time 😉

So why are you getting blunter?

The reason for this I believe is in part due to me standing firmly in my own power, facing and dealing with my shadow aspects as they become revealed and working through what is being presented to me by my “team”. But as I do i have noticed my tolerance of certain things is diminishing : including those looking for hand holding, those attempting to push their work onto others, ego wrapped up in “spirituality” and the glaring double standards of judgement this brings – I have been very vocal on the latter and will continue to be as it crops up.

Now kindly do not accidentally or deliberately misinterpret my words here.

I am 100% committed to helping others along the way. Of shining a light on things where needed. Of giving you the tools, the nudge, or in some cases the kick up the arse you need to do your own work. That’s the crux – we ALL have our own work to do. I and other energy workers are not here to do it for you.

We are here to support.
We are here to be OF service not IN service.
That difference is key.

Light and fluffy I am not.

I have stated repeatedly I am neither light nor fluffy as the work I do does not sit comfortably with this. And in truth that’s not me. I am anti-fluff, anti-faff, blunt almost to the point of rudeness as it seems to be what’s needed. This from someone who as little as 4 years ago wouldn’t have said boo to a goose.

But I’ve changed along the way as I’ve done and continue to do my work.

I will challenge folk along the way – and for some that’s perfect and for others it’s too much. And this is where I say to everyone learn to trust and work with your own powers of discernment. Of deciding who you listen to, follow, unfollow, walk away from. as we do our own work we change and what may have been right for us once can stop. Trust yourself enough to move on. I actually applaud those who listen to themselves, who realise what doesn’t resonate and continue with their own self empowerment. Truly.

I’d be a complete hypocrite if I didn’t. Given how many people, pages, energies etc I’ve walked away from as they just didn’t feel right any more. I’m trusting my own inner guidance and it’s steered me well so far. Yes I’ve made a few mistakes along the way but without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now. So I’ve made my peace with it.

Decide who’s right for you.

So for those looking for someone who is love & light this most likely isn’t the page for you. You will find others that resonate for you that are a perfect fit for where you are.

For those who like energies that little bit heavier, don’t mind being challenged or called on your crap, don’tmind a vein of sarcasm or darker humour buckle in and enjoy the ride. Until you’re ready to move on to whatever you resonate with next.

I’ll continue to be unapologetically me, you continue to be unapologetically you.


Picture to go with blog post on Space Weather and why we pay attention

Space weather – full moon to solar storms

Space weather be it full moon, shifting/retrograde planets or solar storms ….why pay attention? Why care?

Why do you share space weather updates?

Because for me space weather updates are markers and minders. I take note of the big ones that are significant to myself such as eclipses, equinox, new moon and larger solar flares.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it so many times. I’m a bit different from most and my reactions to these are not the “norm”.

Many people follow the lunar cycle and find they can’t sleep at full moon, have small rituals, charge their crystals etc. Which is absolutely perfect for them. Not so much for me.

I sleep through full moon. In truth I get knocked out.

I don’t resonate with lunar energy – at least not currently . So I’m taken out of my own way at full moon. I actually get really deep sleep the night before, the night of and the night after full moon.

Like clockwork.

Full moon knocks you out? Why?

As far as I’m aware that’s because I work with solar energy not lunar energy.  I can and do however work with new moon.

Yes I get to work with the ball of fire at the centre of our little universe and what he/she dictates at any given time. Be it solar flares, solar winds or voids of solar weather that lets everything else through. These are what I work with. Some people find it a bit odd that I work with so much fire given I’m a fixed earth sign. I say this is a lesson in expectations and not having them.

I don’t conform 

For me the solar flare and solar wind “warnings” are actually a minder that the energies are about to be supercharged for a bit. And that’s just fine by me. I may get a headache or two but I’m ok with that. Truly I am. I don’t get upset that communications may go awry or internet may be patchy . It’s fully out of my control anyway.

I’m a bit too busy with whatever’s coming through at that time.

Like I said I’m a bit different.

And that’s never more apparent when it comes to certain retrograde planets.

Now I’m aware a lot of said of this across social media.

But why?

Because many people (including myself) believe the alignment of the planets and how they shift can have an effect on individual energies. This has been the case for centuries.

A retrograde planet is where a planet in relation to earth looks as if it’s moving backwards. It isn’t in actual fact going backwards. It’s simply our view from this planet as she moves through her own rotational cycle round the sun. If you were standing on Saturn you’d see the earth go retrograde at times. It’s all relative.

Right now we have Jupiter going retrograde and there is a flurry of information out there. Some is great and leads you to seek other information , and others, well, maybe not so much.

You use your discernment for which is right for you, if at all.

The Mercury Retrograde grand debate

There will be another flurry this month as around the 22nd Mercury goes retrograde.

Now this one can be a bit contentious because it’s seen as a less than desirable retrograde. We get all sorts of suggestions not to sign contracts, not to start any negotiations, to do nothing important etc etc. Mercury the planet of communication when in retrograde is believed to cause communications problems.

Not for me. Like I said, I’m different.

I am never more productive or on the ball than during a mercury retrograde. I do all the things people suggest you don’t do……and it’s not steered me wrong so far. And this is in part to do with where mercury is on my natal chart (my birth chart) .

I get a little bit frustrated/irritated/lets face it triggered when I see all the “warnings” popping up.

For some it is a challenging energy, and for some others like myself it’s a fantastic positive energy to really get your teeth into. To launch those projects, sign those contracts and get motoring while some others go quiet.

What I don’t like, and I’ve said this before, is the spiritual scapegoating that goes on.

“Aaaargh! Somethings fallen through!”
“It’s Mercury retrograde”

“Aargh my car won’t start!”
“It’s mercury retrograde”

And so on…….


Challenging, annoying and bad things happen when it’s NOT mercury retrograde ….. Please stop passing the buck and projecting the blame onto a planet. Deal with what comes up instead.

There are people out there who I follow that are on the ball. Well, for me they are, they won’t be for everyone.

And that’s the point of this whole rambling.
You have to tune in via a discernment filter – a big one.

Discernment time!

What resonates for one person is complete nonsense to the next.
And that’s fine.
I go against the tide for a lot of this – but that’s me.
I have a different view and perspective of things due to my team and what works through me.

Yes I will post things that people raise eyebrows at or say is nonsense and my response is this :


“You are trusting your own discernment.
I applaud that.
I am trusting mine and posting what I’m nudged to post.
If you don’t agree go within and find what’s right for you.
You will find it very quickly. “


Non-judgement is key

But be kind and try not falling into judgement.
We all have different views, different aspects of the same thing that we tune into. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But try not to force your view down someone’s throat.
It’s not nice and you might do it to the wrong person and really regret it later.

So when it comes to space weather I’m still going to share it. But only when it’s something that resonates direct.

Not because everyone is sharing it.


Some sources that I use and trust:

  • The Pele Report via Paradigm Shift – broadcast via YouTube weekly click here for the link. Kaypacha translates things in a way that makes sense to me.
  • Spaceweather.com which you can find here or via FaceBook
  • Aurorawatch uk which you can find on their website here or again via FaceBook
  • Solar Ham which you can find via their website here or via FaceBook

For more on discernment feel free to see some older blogs here , here and for what I’ve written about mercury retrograde before.


Picture to go with blog post on Space Weather and why we pay attention
Space weather – from full moon to retrograde planets and why we care.
Pic for the discernment in current energies blog 28th Feb 2018

Discernment – it’s important.

I feel like I’d like to re-state something I keep repeating and that’s about trusting your discernment. But in a way that doesn’t inadvertently hurt anyone in the process.

Discernment – it’s your biggest and best tool

I have said many, many times before this is the most powerful tool you posses. You know yourself better than anyone else. If you trust your gut instincts and use your discernment you won’t regret it.

So what do I mean about using it in such a way as not to hurt anyone?
Quite simply being respectful of others views, opinions, beliefs and experiences.

No two people are the same, no two people experience the same thing in the same situation. So to write off others beliefs and views based on THEIR experience can feel blunt and painful. Yes thats still a process to ask why do i feel hurt by that response and where is it stemming from. But there’s a line between being blunt and being rude.

I’m well known for being blunt. That’s me and it’s not going to change anytime soon and most people who know me seem to appreciate this. I will rip off the plaster and it will sting but you wouldn’t have asked me if you hadn’t wanted that insight.

If I go too far

If I’m ever unintentionally rude to someone I get called on it by my team. Pretty much instantly and I deal with it there and then. That’s on me not the other person no matter how triggered I’ve been by something they’ve said or written. My response is just that, mine. No-one else. I make a choice to behave or react in a certain way and that’s on me. I’m not going to cast on someone elses head. I will not play the victim when I have free will and CHOOSE to react.

And I’ll repeat this too – this page and what I write, speak and share is part of my work, on sorting my own energies out. Its simply part of the process for me.

No-one else, just me.

And I don’t share ALL of it, I can’t I don’t have permission. I share enough that those who need to see/understand it do. And it can spark deeper thought and investigation into things for others . It’s how it works for me. I read something, get a spark and go do my own work, thanking where the spark came from.

But if it resonates for someone else or sparks something thats great. It’s part of my role to be a challenger but also a way-shower of sorts. That’s what this pages and my groups are about – of not hiding, of standing in my power but also having solid boundaries and respecting them. Those it doesn’t resonate for have the option to scroll past, comment or if it’s too much leave the space. These are your choices not mine and they are always there.

Being compassionate is a choice

I acknowledge and accept that people are always going to have different viewpoints and beliefs. This is the norm after all of being human. It’s learning to respect the differences and appreciate that EVERYONE has a voice that deserves to be heard. If you don’t agree thats fine – agree to disagree and move on. I don’t have an issue with folk not agreeing with me. Hell there are times when I don’t agree with something I’ve said – vibrations shift and believes and perceptions move too. Who’s to say something I don’t agree with now I might agree with later.

I’m constantly learning and remembering who I am and what I’m here to do.

We all are.

How boring or flat would life be if we all thought, believed and experienced the same thing? I will always give people the space to express themselves and their beliefs. As I like to treat people the way I would like to be treated in return. But I will stop the conversation when it falls over into rudeness. You can tell the difference in energy immediately. And thats a boundary thing, either professional or personal.

Don’t forget I’m an empath so I can feel the energy behind what has been written and it jumps off the screen immediately….even if hidden under other wording. And I trust my discernment on this when it happens.

What kind of example would I be showing if I didn’t?

Try looking at it another way

Place 100 people in a room who work with dragon energy and they will all connect differently. They will all connect with different aspects of the energies depending on how they work, what they hold etc no 2 people in that room will experience the same thing.

So work and develop your discernment , be open to people having a different viewpoint and be humble enough to recognise no one person holds all the answers.

You are here to do your work first and foremost – so go do it. And be kind to others as it takes guts to put yourself out there…….

By jings I think I did it!!

I did a short live feed on this today and I THINK I’ve managed to sort it so you can see and hear it here. I have added subtitles make sure and click the CC button on the video itself.



Pic for the discernment in current energies blog 28th Feb 2018

pic for "fuel to fire" blog

Spiritual awareness is not a f**king competition

It really, really isn’t. But it seems to be for some folk. Pop your hand up if you’ve been in groups on social media where people start to get argumentative, aggressive, downright rude and falling into a form of spiritual bullying along the lines of “I’m more spiritually aware than you”……A one-upmanship competition to be on top and worshiped or seen as an expert ……. Spiritual awareness it’s not a f**king competition folks.

I can see all sorts of hands popping up , mine included.

Now this is not an easy one to write as there are all sorts of layers and levels to this and how it manifests. I’ve left plenty of groups on FB for this very thing….I don’t comment I just observe for a while and when it really gets too much I leave. No drama no fuss.

This can’t be said of everyone. And in truth my tolerance for this is wearing thin.

Ok, so where are you coming from on this one?

Quite simply I’m against bullying of ANY form especially any I’ve experience myself.

It’s all very exciting when we start out and become aware of spiritual and energetic stuff going on. That first opening of the door can cause quite a rush and an overwhelming urge to know more, more, more and as quickly as possible. That enthusiasm is perfectly normal and quite fun to witness as it takes people back to childhood.

What’s not so nice is when these same people after a period of time start to question in a slightly more aggressive manner and it feels they are actually spoiling for a fight. They disagree with everything but rather than allow others to have their own views and opinions they keep trying to get their viewpoint across above all others.

This my dears is a form of bullying – healthy debate is all well and good but it’s easy to fall over this and it becomes personal, rude and completely beyond the pale.

This is where I have a line drawn in the sand and I will and do call folk on it.

Why bother?

Because I’ve had it done to me.

I’ve had the “I’m more spiritually advanced because of a, b and c” thrown at me. Which utterly undermined my confidence, my ability to trust my own experiences and to fall into a trap of almost putting someone on a pedestal as they must know more and better than me. After all who am I to question…..

THIS IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BOLLOCKS – no one who is aware would ever talk down to someone starting out, tell them they aren’t advanced and superimpose their views and beliefs on others.

We all have our own path to tread and no one can navigate it but us. What we experience, feel and learn is unique to ourselves. What works for someone will not work for everyone and who are we to question anyone else when we are working on ourselves at the same time. We know the headf**kery that are shifts and integrations – they are hard enough to navigate at the best of times.

Try and not fall into the language trap of “advanced” or “masters” or any other word that suggests a tier system. We are all on different pages of the same book – some read it in a linear fashion, some jump to different chapters, some even go to the end to read that first . There’s no right or wrong in this simply what’s right for YOU.

Don’t let/give permission to anyone belittle or talk down your experiences or feelings ESPECIALLY if it’s something they haven’t experienced direct for themselves. This is the bit that I’ll confess winds me up.

Just because you don’t agree with something someone says or does doesn’t make it wrong – it just makes it different.

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But you don’t allow posting about/from certain people in your groups, isn’t that a contradiction?

No it isn’t.

These are energies that do not resonate with me in any form and I’ve found over time when they are mentioned they cause fights in my spaces. This is based on my own experience – no-one elses.  I’ve gone against my own gut instinct before leaving posts up and things have blown up very quickly. I realise now they had to be seen as masks were falling and it was a form of confirmation of this.

To keep my own spaces in good health, balanced and a safe place to be able to have a HEALTHY debate I do police it. It’s a thing called Boundaries – and you know how I bang on about that all the time.

It’s a personal and professional boundary and by stating it it becomes respected …which goes two ways I might add.


I respect that people have different experiences, resonate with different people and energies – and if that includes people I don’t resonate with that’s fine. It’s none of my business who people have high regard for , follow , read or promote.

Each to their own and all that.

What I won’t do is judge folk based on their beliefs or experiences, who the hell am I to dictate about anything. I’m still learning and always will be learning.

I have my connection to my team and specific energies which aren’t for everyone.

I may even connect with aspects of these energies that others feel uncomfortable with , don’t trust, don’t like etc etc.

There’s nothing wrong with that – I’m here to do what I’ve been asked to do and I’m getting on with it.

If folks disagree with me along the way so be it.

Do your own thing

If you’re doing your own work and things are coming forwards and the groups you’re in just aren’t striking the right balance for you anymore here’s a top tip:

Start your own

Get your own voice out there.
Gather your own tribe
Look after them
Protect your space

And maybe then you’ll have an understanding of what I’m talking about and why I’m strict about certain things.

It’s called learning based on personal experience.

It’s an ever evolving thing!

Nothing is set in stone so drop the arrogance accept that people will have different opinions to you , it’s called the spice of life.

And above all stop the bullying as you’ll find pretty quick there are some folk out there who will call you on it publicly.

And with time and hindsight you may even realise what you were doing in the first place.

Like I said spiritually awareness isn’t a competition – it’s a personal path.

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Getting triggered…it happens

Getting triggered happens to us all at some stage. The main thing is not to beat yourself up.

Care for an example?

For me it happened yesterday. But rather than react I took a step back and decided to process it instead.

Here’s a direct transcript of what I wrote on my FB page at the time. It’s part of my process to share.

An interesting one this as I’m still processing and shedding even as I type.

I saw a shared post pop up on my newsfeed today which has completely pissed me off. It’s likely to be re-shared a lot as it seems clever and all the rest of it. To me came across as highly judgemental of peoples choice to what they do and don’t focus their attention on.

I’m not going to repeat or show said post as 1. it serves no purpose (other than my initial reaction) and 2. I hid it as honestly if I saw it again i would simply react – and not well I might add.

Which is not a good idea this week as some odd energies flying around. Today in particular …feels like the collective right now.

Instead I am sitting with it and asking WHY it’s triggered such a strong reaction. It’s in part conformation of why at the age I am (42) I have made a conscious step away from something I see as not relevant, all smoke and mirrors and not going to be carried forwards for too much longer.

I decide what my focus is, no-one else. If I choose to not feed energy to something that is is my choice. It’s not your choice. You have your own to make. Which I respect …..something that gets overlooked a LOT on social media.

Words have power – never forget that.

And once seen cannot be unseen.

So at this time when we are revisiting, remembering etc these things can be flashed into our awareness as a test of sorts to see if we have changed. I have in a sense that I did not respond, hid the post. So I wouldn’t be tempted to go back to it and scrolled past where at another time I would have jumped in feet first and regretted it later. So forward movement.

Sometimes taking that breath, that little step back to going observation is a fecking good thing.photo of local clouds


Away to sit with this a bit longer . So I don’t punch my computer or tablet screen any time soon……….

And before anyone asks I am actually fine just processing

Like I always say I’m still human and will share the not-so-great stuff when it happens.”

Today is a much better day. Energy wise creativity is flowing and I’m setting my intents for the next 3 years.

Some interesting stuff on the horizon is all I will say at this point 😉

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Overdoing the energetic clearing

This little snippet was brought to me by my team this morning. About not overdoing your energetic clearing.

“I see you talk about Clearing quite a lot. What is this exactly?”

Essentially exactly what it says – clearing out my energetic system of things , vibrations, downloads etc that serve no purpose. As in they aren’t mine, are old and outdated, have moved on. There a whole list of what they could be and why they might be better off not being in my system thanks very much.

When you start to look at your energy system – and I mean REALLY look deep into your system and sense check it you start to get little feelings about what pops up.

An example – and yes one of mine

You’re always feeling angry.
There’s no obvious reason for feeling this way – things are going well, no major issues you can see, everyone around you is fine.
You go for massage, reiki, whatever usually helps you to relax but it just not working.
So you decide to take things into your own hands and work out what the hell is going on.
So you sense check your energy system – those trained in reiki or other modalities are trained to do self-care first before working with others. But lets face it how many of us FORGET we have this little tool kit? I did…..for 7 years but have come back to it full force.
You work with your energy system and start to sense some things out of balance so you do whats needed to bring it back into balance.
You may also get shown or sense where it has stemmed from so you can go to the source and work from there.

Great everything feels better but again the anger creeps back in.

So you do some more and repeat the whole process….and again…..and again.

Its like peeling an onion when you do this kind of work – each layer exposes another one for work/release.
The more you do the more you find to release.

Now here’s the thing – you can overdo this.


It’s very tempting and, in my experience, very easy to dig deeper and deeper and deeper……….

While this sounds a great idea – and for some people it will be, I’m not ruling that out in anyway – its exhaustingly intense stuff.

As in bone weary, “ will it never end!” exhausting.

Here’s the rub

You know that saying that “energy flows where attention goes”
It’s true

The more you focus on looking for and finding things that are out of balance the more you will find.
There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, its excellent work and I commend you if you have been doing this. It’s what I help facilitate for others and I understand how complex it all is.

But have you given yourself a bit of a break?
Have you stepped back after clearing a layer out and simply let things settle for a bit? To see how your energy system shifts and flexes and grows?

I have found – again with bitter experience, if I overdo it I become next to useless and can’t help anyone.
Or I’m pulling up things to be cleared out that it’s not time for me to be pulling out. Does that makes sense?

“No, not really”

Ok lets put it another way.
Say for example I have some shadow work to do, to acknowledge work through and release.
I on a personal level wish to do the work so I understand what has been going on but if I pull it out too quickly will I learn anything from this?
Possibly not.
So I don’t go looking for it – I used to.
I have learned to now go with the flow and allow these things to come up as they are meant to.
If nothing else it helps keep me sane.

“So how do you do it then?”

It’s all about balance – about doing the work but not 24/7

– I’ll sense check frequently to truly understand my own energy and if something feels off will look into it, feel round it and get a gut sense of what it is.
– I won’t jump right in unless I get a sense that it’s what’s needed immediately.
– I’ll ask others that I trust to do a quick sense check around me in case I’m mis-reading the situation which I’ll confess I do from time to time. No-one is perfect and the human part isn’t something to dismiss.
– then and only when I feel ready do I go in to move things on – I get a nudge when its time

I have been given new ways of working to do this by my team and I bless them for it.
I can’t share them as yet as I’ve still integrating them in but I will say it is possible to delegate things back to your higher self when it gets overwhelming. To be able to function and go about the day to day things.


Keep going but take a break

photo of Clearing blog post

So yes keep doing the Clearing work but cut yourself some slack.

Take a step back once you’ve done some and see what comes forwards – let you’re newly exposed energy settle for a bit first.

Thats what my team showed me this morning and asked me to pass on :

“Overdo it and you’ll simply find more, which will in time overwhelm you.
Take it a step at a time and learn from what comes up and how you work.
Develop new ways of working , we will guide you through it should you need the help.
Don’t try and sprint before you can even crawl. You’ll only attract more towards you.
Things will get done when they get done.”